The Longinus (神滅具ロンギヌス, Ronginusu) also known as Tools that Destroy God are the thirteen original top-tier Sacred Gears with enough power to kill Gods, as well as five additional Sacred Gears that evolved to the same level. 


This class of Sacred Gears is specifically named after the True Longinus, the first and most powerful, and unlike other Sacred Gear, that has more than one of the same type, the Longinus are utterly and completely unique, and only one of each may exist at a time. Azazel has stated that all Longinus is just a combination of one ability with another. Essentially, they combine powerful abilities that aren’t supposed to be combined[1]. All of the Longinus are considered the strongest Sacred Gears in their respective categories such as Dimension Lost being considered the ultimate barrier-type Sacred Gear[2][3] or Annihilation Maker being considered the ultimate creation-type Sacred Gear.[4][5]

According to Azazel, the Longinus are highly scalable and expandable Sacred Gears, especially after attaining the Balance Breaker, their power would significantly increase, and the abilities that they could manipulate also increased. Azazel had hypothesized said that Longinus absorbs their wielder’s abilities and creativity, and then becomes a vessel for their realization.[6]

All thirteen original Longinus have appeared in the series. In addition, 5 new Longinus were born after the Evil Dragon War due to the abnormality on the Sacred Gear system, and the Sacred Gears' ability for growth and change.

Original Longinus

The first 13 Original Longinus made by the God of the Bible.

True Longinus

True Longinus Up-Close.png
The True Longinus (黄昏の聖槍トウルー・ロンギヌス, Tōrū Ronginusu), also known as the Holy Spear, the Spear of Destiny, or the Holy Spear of the Setting Sun. It is the first and most powerful Longinus, as it is the same spear that St. Longinus used to stab Jesus Christ, as well as one of the Three Holy Relics. It is currently wielded by Cao Cao, the leader of the Hero Faction.

Zenith Tempest

Zenith Tempest (煌天雷獄ゼニス・テンペスト, Zenisu Tenpesuto) also known as the Prison of Bright Heavenly Thunder, is the second-strongest Longinus. It has the ability to control the weather and its elemental attributes. It is currently in the possession of Dulio Gesualdo, the most powerful exorcist who was reincarnated into an Angel as Michael's Joker and the leader of the Brave Saints.

Annihilation Maker

Leonardo’s creation from the Annihilation Maker.jpeg
Annihilation Maker (魔獣創造アナイアレイション・メーカー, Anaiareishon Mēkā), also known as the Creation of the Demonic Beast, is a high-tier Longinus with the ability to create any creature that the possessor can imagine. It is wielded by Leonardo of the Hero Faction. He is currently studying to use his Longinus at Grigori.

Dimension Lost

Mist of the Dimension Lost in the anime.jpeg
Dimension Lost (絶霧ディメンジョン・ロスト, Dimenshon Rosuto), also known as the Fog of Extinction, is a high-tier Longinus with the ability to block any attack using the mist that it creates, and transport anything inside the mist to any location. It was wielded by Georg of the Hero Faction.

Boosted Gear

Former Boosted Gear Possessor.png
Boosted Gear (赤龍帝の籠手ブーステッド・ギア, Būsuteddo Gia), also known as the Red Dragon Emperor's Gauntlet, is a mid-tier Longinus, where the Welsh Dragon, Ddraig, resides in. The gauntlet has the ability to enhance the user's capabilities as well as transferring power to anyone or an object. It is currently wielded by Issei Hyoudou, a member of the Occult Research Club, the Pawn of Rias Gremory's Peerage and King of his own peerage.

Divine Dividing

Former Divine Dividing Possessor.png
Divine Dividing (白龍皇の光翼ディバイン・ディバイディング, Dibain Dibaidingu), also known as the White Dragon Emperor's Light Wings, is a mid-tier Longinus where the Vanishing Dragon, Albion, resides in. The wings not only give the ability to fly but can also halve the power from anything or anyone, which is then added to the user. When the power surpasses the user's limits, the excess energy gets expelled out through the wings. It is currently wielded by Vali Lucifer of the Vali Team.

Regulus Nemea

Regulus Nemea’s Axe form (Close-Up).jpg
Regulus Nemea (獅子王の戦斧レグルス・ネメア, Regurusu Nemea), also known as the Lion King's Battle Axe, is a battle axe Longinus that contains the spirit of the Lion King, the Nemean Lion Regulus, residing within it. It has the ability to split the earth in one swing, and it also protects the user against any projectile attacks that are used against the owner. The Regulus Nemea is currently a part of Sairaorg Bael's Peerage as a Pawn, so Sairaorg is considered its wielder.

Canis Lykaon

Canis Lykaon (黒刃の狗神ケイネス・リュカオン, Keinesu Ryukaon), also known as the Dog God of the Black Blade, is a Longinus that takes the form of a huge black dog with red eyes. According to Tobio, his Longinus is an independent avatar type and has its own instinct. It has the ability to produce blades from his body and can transform itself into a sword. It can also attack through shadows. Its current wielder is Tobio Ikuse, better known under the alias of Slash Dog from the Fallen Angel organization, Grigori and leader of the Slash/Dog Team.

Sephiroth Graal

Sephiroth Graal.jpg
Sephiroth Graal[7] (幽世の聖杯セフィロト・グラール, Sefiroto Gurāru), also known as Holy Grail of the Secluded World is a Longinus, it is the "Holy Grail" from the Last Supper that Christ used and the Grail of Arthurian legend, it's also one of the Three Holy Relics. Its current wielder by Valerie Tepes, although its in the form of a sub-species where she has a total of 3 Holy Grails instead of one.

Incinerate Anthem

Incinerate Anthem (紫炎祭主による磔台インシネレート・アンセム, Inshinerēto Ansemu), also known as the Chief Mourner’s Crucified Stand of Purple Flame is a Longinus that is one of the Three Holy Relics, the Incinerate Anthem, is the "Holy Cross" on which Christ was crucified. It has the ability to generate and control purple colored Holy Flames that can incinerate Devils. This particular Longinus has a will of its own, allowing it to move independently, and even remove itself from its current wielder to a more suitable one. It was previously owned by Walburga, the former leader of the Stray Magician association: Hexennacht. Its current wielder is Lint Sellzen (a girl who looks like Freed) who joined Team Rias Gremory in the Azazel Cup as a Knight.

Absolute Demise

Absolute Demise (永遠の氷姫アブソリュート・ディマイズ, Absoryūto Dimaizu), also known as the Eternal Ice Princess, is a Longinus that can materialize a three-meter tall doll made of ice that takes a form of a woman in a dress. Its current possessor is a blonde girl named Lavinia Reni [8] and is currently a member of the Grauzauberer Magician association as well a member of Tobio Ikuse's Slash/Dog Team.

Innovate Clear

Innovate Clear (蒼き革新の箱庭イノベート・クリア, Inobēto Kuria), also known as the Miniature Garden of the Green Tree of Innovation, is a Longinus whose current possessor is Mitsuya Kanzaki, who also wields Telos Karma. Innovate Clear's abilities are said to be an idealized version of both Dimension Lost and Annihilation Maker, which has the ability to create an artificial pocket universe that can create and support life. However, anything created in there can only live in that universe.

Telos Karma

Telos Karma (究極の羯磨テロス・カルマ, Terosu Karuma), also known as the Ultimate Karma, is a Longinus that is current possessor is Mitsuya Kanzaki, who also wields Innovate Clear. It is said to be able to warp probability, creating outcomes that otherwise would not be possible. In the past it has also been nicknamed "History Breaker". Gremory seal-disclaimer.pngMomiji Nakiri is the original owner of this Longinus.

New Longinus

These consists of Sacred Gears, which evolved into the new Longinus because of all the abnormalities within the Sacred Gear System following the Evil Dragon War achieving powers and abilities which differs from other sacred gears. This includes the Forbidden Balor View which evolved into Aeon Balor because of having the dark powers of the Celtic Evil God, Balor.

Nereid Kyrie

Nereid Kyrie (終わる翠緑海の詠ネレイス・キリエ, Nereisu Kirie) also known as the Poem of Ending Emerald Sea, is a high-tier Longinus that is currently wielded by Ingvild Leviathan, the Queen of Issei Hyoudou's Peerage. It has the power to control and strengthen dragons as well as the sea.

Star Buster Star Blaster

Star Buster Star Blaster (星砕剣と星穿銃スター・バスター・スター・ブラスター, Sutā Basutā Sutā Burasutā) also known as the Star-Crushing Sword and Star-Piercing Gun, is a high-tier Longinus that is currently wielded by Shooting Star, the King of Team Shooting Star. It’s a two in one Sacred Gear of a sword and gun.

Aeon Balor

Aeon Balor (時空を支配する邪眼王アイオーン・バロール, Aiōn Barōru) also known as The Evil-Eyed King Who Dominate the Space and Time, is a newly evolved Longinus that is currently wielded by Gasper Vladi, the Bishop of the Gremory Peerage. It was formerly known as Forbidden Balor View until it evolved into a Longinus.

Alphecca Tyrant

Alphecca Tyrant (深潭の蓋世王冠アルフェッカ・タイラント, Arufekka Tairanto), also known as the Unparalleled Crown of the Abyss is a Longinus that can fire nails imbued with holy aura and rewrite concept as a means of controlling Sacred Gear wielders though shooting them with nails made of holy aura. It is currently wielded by Meredith Ordinton, a member of the British Royal Family.

Unknown Dictator

Unknown Dictator (機界皇子アンノウン・ディクテイター, Annōn Dikuteitā) also known as the Imperial Child of Machine World, It has the ability to control iron and electronic devices. It can also create mechanical equipment, it is a Longinus that is currently wielded by Magnus Rose, who is a CIA agent and currently a member of Team Phoenix for the Azazel Cup.


  • The Longinus are also known as the Embodiments of God’s Destruction, the Divine Destruction Tools and the Supreme Sacred Gears.
  • The Longinus and their users are strictly monitored by the Three Factions, as due to the Kuoh Treaty, the discovery of a Longinus requires a members of the alliance to report their discovery to the higher-ups of each faction or face inquiry from the other members of the Three Factions. This is demonstrated when it is revealed that the Great King Faction forced Sairaorg Bael to hide the fact that his Pawn; Regulus, is the avatar of Regulus Nemea.[9]
  • Three of the four High-Tier original Longinus users have Sub-species Balance Breakers.
  • Four of the thirteen (currently eighteen) Longinus contain powerful creatures, three of which have had roles in the storyline.
  • Among the Longinus, the True Longinus and Canis Lykaon were used to either wound or kill a god prior to being made into Sacred Gears.
  • The Longinus Canis Lykaon is a reference to the scientific name of the Eastern Timber Wolf (Canis lycaon), a wolf that lives in Eastern Canada. It may also be a reference to Lycaon, the man that was turned into a wolf by Zeus as punishment for feeding him Nyctimus, Lycaon's own son. The form and the backstory in Slash/Dog, however, is similar to the Chinese Tiangou.
    • It is revealed in the spinoff Slash/Dog that Canis Lycaon contains a composite of two beings: Lycaon as mentioned above, together with the Ama no Ohabari, one of the Totsuka no Tsurugi in Japanese mythology. Ama no Ohabari was used by Izanagi to kill his own son Kagu-Tsuchi (aka Hinokagutsuchi), whose birth burned his mother Izanami to death.
  • Out of the thirteen (now eighteen) Longinus, four of them are known as the Holy Relics, they are: the Holy Spear - True Longinus, the Holy Grail - Sephiroth Graal, the Holy Cross - Incinerate Anthem, and the Holy Nail - Alphecca Tyrant.
  • Among the Longinus possessors, there are 12 male Longinus possessors and 5 female Longinus possessors.
  • During the "Kyoto Incident", the original Sun Wukong tells Georg that he needs to talk with his Longinus to better grasp its abilities. This suggests that the remaining Longinus that don't have a creature sealed inside them, instead have some other form of consciousness.[10]
  • The name Longinus is based upon the legendary and mystical figure of Christian mythology. Longinus, according to multiple Christian communions, is said to have been the soldier who pierced Jesus' side with a lance. 


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