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Loki is the Evil God from Norse mythology and the main antagonist in Volume 7 of the light novels. In the anime, Loki is the main antagonist of High School DxD BorN.


Loki has the appearance of a handsome man with eyes similar to that of a delinquent's. He has light blue hair that floats behind him with two small shoulder length bangs. Loki also has 3 blue jewels on his forehead and yellow earrings.

He was stated to be wearing a robe similar to Odin's except with slightly different ornate markings in the Light Novels. In the anime, his robe is pure white.


Loki is an arrogant and proud man, who enjoys destruction as he desires to start Ragnarok (the end of the world) by killing Odin. He also enjoys fighting as shown during his battle against the Occult Research Club and the Vali Team.

Loki also thinks Odin is making a mistake by forming an alliance with the mythology of the Bible and shows hatred against Christianity as they spread their religion on their soil.


At some point, Loki created Fenrir, Midgardsormr, and Hel, then at some point turned a jötunn woman into a wolf for his son, Fenrir, to mate with, giving birth to Sköll and Hati.


The Heroic Oppai Dragon

Loki appears in Volume 7, intending to murder Odin and cause Ragnarok. In his initial battle against the Occult Research Club, he was able to overwhelm them with his son, Fenrir, but decided to retreat after seeing the Vali Team, claiming that it is enough to see the Two Heavenly Dragons together. In the final battle against both the Gremory and Vali Teams, Loki summoned Fenrir's sons, Sköll and Hati Hróðvitnisson, and many Midgardsormr clones to attack them which were easily disposed of. Loki was defeated after Issei gained access to the replica Mjolnir (courtesy of the Breast Fairy), adding with the Holy Lightning of Baraqiel and Akeno and allowing them to defeat Loki. After his defeat at the end of Volume 7, he was placed under many layers of sealing by Rossweisse.

Powers & Abilities

Loki's Norse Magic Circle.

Immense Strength: As an Evil Norse God, Loki is extremely powerful. He was able to take on the Occult Research Club members, Azazel and Baraqiel at the same time with ease, showing power superior to a Satan-Class Devil. He was capable of fighting against Issei Hyoudou and Vali Lucifer, the current Two Heavenly Dragons, who were fighting together to defeat him.

Immense Durability: He is also very resistant to damage, as shown when he took a full blow from Durandal uninjured. He was also able to take Issei's attack that has been boosted several times with only a slight burn to his hand and Vali's Norse Magic with slight injuries.

Master Magician: Loki has masterful use in Norse Magic, being able to use multiple types of magic with relative ease against multiple strong opponents ranging from the Gremory Group, Azazel, Rossweisse, and Vali. He was able to manifest sashes from his magic, tracking down their intended target and strong enough to penetrate even a Scale Mail wearer.

  • Elemental Magic: During his fight against the Gremory Group, Loki was capable of creating a massive and expansive snowstorm filled with icicles, surrounding the entire battlefield.[1]
  • Teleportation Magic: Loki is shown to teleport himself and others to and from any given location.
  • Summoning Magic: He called Fenrir, then summoned several Midgardsormr clones from his shadow, then his grandsons in the second battle.

Curse: Upon his defeat, Loki cursed both Issei and Rias, that one, in particular, took advantage of one's negative emotions. For Issei, it triggered his Juggernaut Drive after witnessing Asia's "death", then created an evil clone of him using a fragment from it too, both of which took advantage of Issei's past relation with Raynare. And for Rias, it took advantage of her emotional troubles with Issei, then used the clone to create a dragon armor around her, then forced her to fight her peerage, all in an attempt to cause Ragnarok.[1]

Master Inventor: Loki is also a prominent creator, being the one who created two powerful creatures, Fenrir, his greatest masterpiece, a god-killing wolf classed among the Top Ten Strongest Beings; and Midgardsormr, one of the Five Great Dragon Kings, an enormous dragon. In Volume 7, he was able to create several far weaker clones of Midgardsormr to fight against Issei and the others. In High School DxD EX, after joining forces with the Evie, he received their technologies and knowledge, letting him create a new Fenrir.

Flight: Loki demonstrated the ability to stay afloat in mid-air without the use of wings which means that he can fly through magic.


  • In the myths, Loki is a Jotunn (Giant), sometimes a god with shapeshifting abilities, who later joins the Aesir Gods in Asgard, but is often an ally or enemy to them.
  • In Norse Myth, Loki is said to be the husband of Angrboða, being mentioned as one of the jötunn, as well as being described as the mother of monsters who birthed Fenrir, Jörmungand, and Hel.


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