Lirenkus is a young Devil boy who is a fan of Issei's Oppai-Dragon Show.


Lirenkus is a young boy with brown hair and green eyes. He usually wears a Oppai Dragon cap on his head.


Being born with low demonic powers, Lirenkus noticed that he was different then his peers which lead to his neglectment by others, with his parents trying to support him after he stopped smiling and withdrew into himself. Lirenkus finally began to open up after he started watching the Oppai Dragon TV Show, becoming addicted to it. After learning about Auros Academy, he expressed his desire to become a Devil that fights for others. He is shown to be be observant as he could sense his parents grief over the fact that his lack of demonic powers was causing them worry about him, as he worked hard to learn magic so that his parents wouldn't cry anymore.

Lirenkus is shown to look up to Issei Hyoudou, the Red Dragon Emperor, due to learning about him from his TV show Oppai Dragon, with him seeing Issei as his role model, wanting to become strong and fight for others just like Issei does. He was happy to have his cap autographed by Issei and cheered him his during his match with Sairaorg Bael. 


Lirenkus was born between two Devil parents, being the child they were able to give birth to in more then a hundred years. Unfortunately, he wasn't blessed with demonic powers like his peers. He later took a interest in the Oppai Dragon show that stars Issei Hyoudou as the main character.


In Volume 10, he arrived to Issei's Oppai Dragon live-show, where he was accompanied by his mother for the Oppai-Dragon autograph signing but was upset as he arrived too late to get an autograph. Issei, who was watching the boy came over to cheer him by signing on his cap and told him not to cry and to stand strong no matter how many times he falls. During Issei's match against Sairaiorg Bael, when Issei was knocked out by Sairaorg and the other children were in despair over Issei losing, he told them that they can't cry as Issei told him that men aren't allowed to cry, since they have to stand up no matter what and be strong enough to protect girls. He cheered for Issei after being encouraged by Irina.

In Volume 17, Lirenkus reappeared along with his parents, during the open day for Auros Academy, a school he was interested in enrolling. Just when the school was under attack by Qlippoth, Lirenkus shows to his parents that he could now use fire magic, even if it's just a little. His parents are shown to be proud of him. He also meets Issei again who, much to his mother's surprise, still remembers her son.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Fire Magic: After training with Rossweisse, Lirenkus learned how to use fire magic, being capable of producing flames.


  • (Lirenkus to the other children): "You can’t cry! Oppai-Dragon said it to me! That men aren’t allowed to cry! He said that you have to stand up no matter what and become strong enough to protect girls!"[1]


  • Lirenkus is a big fan of the Oppai Dragon TV show.
  • Lirenkus owns a Oppai Dragon cap, which was personally autographed by Issei himself.


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