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Lilitifa Vepar is a member of the extinct household of Vepar.


Lilitifa is a beautiful woman that has the look of a typical mermaid (human top, fish bottom) with rare green hair and pointy ears.


Lilitifa is a rather shy and timid girl.


Not much is known about Lilitifa's past except that her household fell into economic bankruptcy due to the conflict between the Three Factions during the Great War and the internal power struggle of the Old Satan Faction and the Anti-Satan Faction, forcing her to move to the Human world as she couldn't maintain her household and in order to escape the conflict and live in solitude as she took residence on a beach in the human world within the territory of the house of Forneus.

Powers & Abilities

Demonic Power: As a Devil, Lilitifa has all the common skills and powers of one. Lilitifa can teleportation herself to any location.

Flight: Being a Devil, Lilitifa can use her wings to fly.


  • She is a model for a clothing brand for the Gremory's and is a celebrity around the territory of the Gremory clan because of it.[1]
  • Lilitifa has expressed a desire to study abroad in Japan.[1]


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