Light Weapons are armaments that Angels and Fallen Angels can create.


In the past, God of the Bible first created Angels who wield holy and light-based abilities, which can cause severe damage to the beings of darkness such as Devils and Vampires. Despite falling as a result of their impure desires, Fallen Angles still maintained their original light-based powers and create light weapons.

Uniquely, there are powerful High-ranking Angels who were able to combine their light-based abilities together with an element such as Baraqiel, who combined light with lightning to form Holy Lightning becoming known as the Lightning of God; and Uriel, who combines light and flame becoming known as the Flame of God.

Among the Church, there are Exorcists who wield light weapons against Devils similar to Angels in the form of light guns and swords, as well as Sacred Gears.


The appearance of Light Weapons varies from each Angel in shape and color in their own unique form, though the most common form conjured are spears. An average level user is only capable of forging only one at a time while those with significant mastery are able to multiples at once. Those with an immense amount of power are capable of creating light weapons the size of buildings.

Abilities Edit

Both Pure Angels and Fallen Angles alike are able to create Light-Based Weapons using their light-based abilities and turning them to solid constructions. These are also their primary arsenal for killing Devils and other creatures of darkness such as Vampires.

Uniquely, there are a small number of Angels and Fallen Angels able to combine their light-based powers with an element particular to them such as Uriel and Baraqiel, letting them deal greater damage than before.

Light WeaponsEdit

Light Weapon Information Image
Spear Raynare's weapon has a Magenta color and has the appearance of a jagged spear, she is capable of conjuring two at once.
HighschoolDxD 04 022
Spear Dohnaseek's spear is colored blue with a hollow gap at the tip.
Dohnaseek about to strike Issei
Spear Kalawarner's spear is gold-colored.
Kalawarner forming her light spear
Spear Mittelt's light spear is pink colored, a straight pole handle with the head having two-layered points.
Mittelt's Light Spear Weapon
Spear Kokabiel's takes the form of a large gold lance-like spears with 3 purple rings hovering around the center.
Kokabiel's Light Spear
Sword Kokabiel can also create gold swords made of light.
Kokabiel's Light Swords
Spear Azazel generates countless gold light spears and shoot them like arrows. He can also create a gigantic light spear which he can split into smaller spears.
Azazel firing light spears
Bident While wearing his Down Fall Dragon Another Armor, Azazel creates a gigantic spear of light in the form a bident with curved tines.
Azazel attacking Katerea
Rings Irina Shidou creates white-colored light weapons in the shape of a halo-like ring that she creates from the tips her index fingers.
Irina using her halo attacks
Sword Baraqiel's weapon takes the form of a golden light sword.
Barakiel with Lightsword
Spear He's also capable of forming his Holy Lightning in the shape of a spear.
Spear Dulio Gesualdo is capable of firing many colossal spears of light simultaneously with ease.
Spear Michael creates weapons of Light is vastly superior to regular Angels, able to quickly create a gigantic spear of light.
Spear Gabriel is able to form multiple weapons from light with ease.
Orb Griselda Quarta can fire numerous balls of light at once that are dense enough to cause immense damage even to non-devils
Bow and Arrow Griselda Quarta can create bow and arrows made of light that can increase the powers of her fellow Angels.
Spear Mirana Shatarova can create a gigantic light spear which can be fired from the ground into the air. It can vaporize a Ultimate-class Devil with ease.


Freed showing his exorcist weapons

Freed showing common Exorcist equipment

There have been various tools and weapons created powered by Holy Light for non-Angel based beings such as Humans to be capable of wielding them. These include guns that fire bullets made of light and swords with blades made of solid light wielded by Exorcists.

Shalba Beelzebub was also equipped with an arm brace mounted device that fires blasts of Holy Light to kill other Devils.

There are also Sacred Gears that manipulate light offensively into weapons, such as Staring Blue and Staring Green.


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