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The Work of a Devil is the eighth novel of the High School DxD series. It is a series of side stories featured in Dragon Magazaine, starting from the September 2008 issue.

The light novel is part of the Heroic Oppai Dragon arc, despite the stories being set in between the Red Dragon Emperor's Awakening and Birth of the Breast Dragon Emperor arcs.


The Work of a Devil

(Takes place after Volume 1

Serialized in the November 2008 issue of Dragon Magazine.

The Familiar's Requirement

(Takes place after Volume 2

Serialized in the May 2009 issue of Dragon Magazine.

Memories of Breasts

(Takes place after Volume 3

Serialized in the September 2009 issue of Dragon Magazine and marks the one-year anniversary of High School DxD.

The Breasts of Tennis

(Takes place after Volume 4

Serialized in the September 2009 issue of Dragon Magazine.

Hell Teacher Azazel

(Takes place after Volume 4)

Serialized in the January 2010 issue of Dragon Magazine.

300 Issei

(Takes place after Volume 5)

Serialized in the March 2010 issue of Dragon Magazine.

The Fun Gremory Family

(Takes place after Volume 7)


  • Life.1: "The Work of a Devil"
  • Life.2: "The Familiar's Requirements"
  • Life.3: "Memories of Breasts"
  • Life.4: "The Breasts of Tennis"
  • Life.5: "Hell Teacher Azazel"
  • Life.6: "300 Issei"
  • Extra Life: "The Fun Gremory Family"
  • Afterword


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  • "The Breasts of Tennis", "Hell Teacher Azazel", and "300 Issei's" are references to the manga/anime series The Prince of Tennis and Hell Teacher Nube and the movie 300, which itself is based on the Battle of Thermopylae where 300 Spartans helped stop the Persian invasion. However, the author stated at the end of the novel that the titles are in no way references to them.
  • This volume has the most illustrations out of any of the novels, totaling 16.



  • Only the Extra Life is included in the main plot, while Lives 1 through 6 are all side stories set in between the first five volumes.