Yggdrasil of the Summer Courses is the twenty-fifth novel of the High School DxD series. It is the fourth novel of the Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth × White Dragon Emperor of the Morning Star: The True Dragon(s) of the Kuoh Academy arc.

Summary Edit

Let's show him! The heavenly dragon! Red dragon emperor!



  • Transcendental reason
  • Life.0
  • Life.1 A Female Teacher’s Formal Marriage Interview!
  • Life.2 The Ocean of Milk and the Maou’s [Game]
    • Balberith & Verrine
    • Vidar
    • Team member.1
  • Life.3 Battle in Yggdrasil
  • Life.DxD VS Life.GOD Challenge to the Gods —Red Dragon—
    • New Dark. From the Outside of the World's principles
    • Longinus
    • Qualifying Team
  • The First Rating Game World Tournament [Azazel Cup] Teams in the Main Draw
    • Gods of Hell
    • Team member.2
  • Next Life
  • Afterword


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“Even if you are a God, I will defeat you!” - Issei Hyoudou.


  • This is the final volume of High School DxD series. Next is the True High School DxD series.



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