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Grim Reaper of the Off-Campus Learning is the twenty fourth novel of the High School DxD series. It is the third novel of the Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth × White Dragon Emperor of the Morning Star: The True Dragon(s) of the Kuoh Academy arc.


There are gods which inevitably feel pain due to peace that is protected by "DxDThey".


I want to surpass my current self.

I want the power and courage......to defeat Kuroka-neesama.

I will fight so I can surpass Kuroka-neesama from that day.

That girl is weak. She is strong......but weak.

Even so, she probably wants to surpass me from that day and her own self from that day......

That's why I will accept your challenge.


  • Life.0
  • Life.1 Bursting into Summer!
  • Life.2 The God of Death and the Dog of the Blade
  • Life.3 The Truth of the Cats, and the Beginning of the Game
    • Team member
    • My Princess
  • Slash.1 Behind the Game —Sekiryuutei and Slash Dog’s United Front—
  • Life.4 The Limits of HumanityVasco Strada and The Ultimate Evil DragonCrom Cruach
    • Fist and Fangs
    • Absolute Demise. Ice Princess
  • Slash.2 Slash Dog/Fallen God Dog
  • Life.5 The Death God and the Hyoudou Family’s Breast Technique
  • New Life
    • Artificial transcendental
    • Secret talks
  • Afterword


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I will surpass Kuroka-neesama!

       ――Toujou Koneko

Ufufu♪ Sure. I will accept, Shirone.


Those from the Underworld are sniffing around about the Nekomata sisters. You'd better be cautious. ――『Slash Dog』 Ikuse Tobio

The info they received from the Grigori's agent is regarding the movement of the grimreapers that are after Koneko and Kuroka.

Even though it's far ahead we still need to choose the date for the wedding. I'm so blessed...... ――Himejima Akeno

Those who had already done their engagement are getting their schedules for their future constantly being filled up.

I probably need to ask that damn father of mine...... ――Sitri Team: Grimreaper girl Bennia

The truth she was told from her father, the ultimate-class grimreaper Orcus, is――

Now, come at me. Youngsters. ――Vasco Strada

How will the Vali team fight against the man in his prime who had reached the ultimate height of a human being――

I will not fall back! I am also the part of this team! ――Vali Team: Le Fay Pendragon

Even if her opponents are those who she is living with there are things she cannot fall back in as long as she is in this team.

The leader of the realm of the dead, Thanatos――. So that's one who is leading the grimreapers for this incident. ――Xenovia Qualta

Those from the realm of the dead had finally confronted the DxD.

This team is unbelievable! ――Vali Team: Bikou

It's not like he was looking down on the Rias Gremory team. ――But, what appeared in front of him surpassed his expectation.

Joker can't make it. Strange incidents had been constantly occurring within the Church's jurisdiction. ――Shidou Irina

You could also say that report was sign of evil omen.

I had his highness train my spirit as a warrior trained from the very beginning. So here I come! ――Kiba Yuuto

Someone who may could been a warrior from the Church had been taught the meaning of strength by the leader of the Church's warrior――.

I want to protect Koneko-san's match! ――Ravel Phoenix

She needs to protect the important match of her friend who wants to surpass her sister.

I-I'm not a Kappa!! ――Vali Team: The current Sha Wujing

That word is a taboo to her.

Looks like we can resume from back then! Not just that, we can continue it under a better condition! ――Vali Team: Arthur Pendragon

The battle against the legendary warrior. He hoped to continue where they left off.

I will protect Rias-oneechan. Even if my opponent may be the legendary monster. ――Gasper Vladi

The Gremory boy would never take a step back even if their opponent may be a legendary existence.

This is boiling my blood! I can finally have a worthy battle. ――『 Crescent Circle Dragon』 Crom Cruach

Very well, it appears that I would also need to use that form. ――『Hakuryuukou of the Morning Star』 Vali Lucifer

The intense battle of the Dragons is about to explode――

Aaaaaaaah, Queen-samaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! ――Vali Team: Current Zhu Bajie

The ultimate M finds his meaning for this battle on this day.

I think I'll get a bit serious now. ――Lint Selzan

Her true appearance will be unleashed?

I think I may know where the 『Slash Dog』 Team are.――Rossweisse

Looks like there are connections in unexpected places.

Very well. I will show you. My new way of fighting! ――Rias Gremory

That was something which far exceeded Vali Team's imagination.

No matter who comes at us, I will protect them everyone. Rias. Koneko-chan. And even Kuroka. ――『Sekiryuutei of the Blazing Truth』 Hyoudou Issei

Hyoudou Issei had a determination for his battle behind the scene of Rias's matches.

During the intense battle between the Hakuryuukou of the Morning Star Team and the Crimson Haired Ruin Princess, there were many emotions there――

Koneko. You need to overcome yourself from back then and now! ――Rias Gremory

This is the story of cat sisters which will connect their past, current, and future――

No matter how I was born. Myself back then who feared Kuroka-neesama......I will surpass all of them and――

――Toujou Koneko

You can't change the past. What I can do now is to stand up to her feeling and clash my feeling to her as well――


Koneko-cham I want you to hear the my answer for your proposal back then.

And Kuroka! You are also――

――Hyoudou Issei

No matter what happens, he cannot let any disturbance happen in that battle――

We need to eliminate all of those who had contacted with that. We cannot let――Hades-sama know about this.

That's why we order you to hand the Nekomata sisters to us.

――Leader of the realm of the dead, Thanatos

The preliminary round for the World Tournament is about to hit the climax――

And then, the battle leads to the contest against a God

Also on that day, the 'dog' makes his move――

I'm Minagawa Natsume! Let's get along, Hyoudou Issei! ――『Slash Dog』 Team: Minagawa Natsume

I also like breasts, Chichiryuutei. ――『Slash Dog』 Team: Samejima

Va-kun, I will cheer for you for the match. ――『Eternal Ice Princess』 Lavinia Reni

Let's fight together for the sake of those we wish to protect, Hyoudou Issei-kun.

Even if our opponent is the grimreaper.

――『Slash Dog』 Ikuse Tobio


  • Kanzaki is the protagonist of Ishibumi's first novel Denpachi.
    • Kanzaki is also the second protagonist to appear in the High School DxD series, the first being Tobio.