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Lucifer of the Optional Attendance is the twenty first novel of the High School DxD series. It is the ninth and final novel of the Legend of Oppai Dragon and his Lively Companions arc.


There are some people I want to protect.



  • Encounter. White Dragon and Black Angel
    • Khaos Disaster
  • Life.1 Amidst the Feast of the Imperial Beast
  • Life. Ba’al Lion of the Great King —Great King—
  • Life.2 Team [DxD] Attacks!
    • Determination
  • Life. Lucifer Dawn of the Morning StarLucifer —Death Match—
  • Last. DxD Crimson (深紅) and Crimson (真紅)Older brother and younger brother —United Front—
  • Eternal Life. Amidst the White Snow
    • Farewell Temporary
    • Y Ddraig Goch & Albion Gwiber
    • Report
    • The remaining hopes
  • Afterword


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To protect someone, huh..

It wouldn’t sound like me but I’m thinking that isn’t so bad.

――Hakuryuukou Vali Lucifer

I don’t want you to push yourself…but I’m sure you will end up fighting. ――Rias Gremory

The man she loves chose to stand even if his heart and body was shattered.

I will also continue to fight while believing the safety of Ise-kun ――Himejima Akeno

She had clearly became stronger compared to back then

A war is something new to me but I guess I would need to fight ――Kiba Yuuto

The clash against the Trihexa and the Evil Dragons would turn into a huge war which will drag every forces into it.

…Even someone with a God-class power can’t beat it… ――Toujou Koneko

Trihexa’s power great surpassed that of one’s imagination where it’s strength easily surpassed that of Gods.

I-I have prepared the Phoenix’s Tear… ――Ravel Phenex

A magnificent item that was made by Ravel.

Irina, Asia, this is the decisive battle! Let’s go! ――Xenovia

Yes! For the Heaven! For the people! And for everyone’s sake! ――Irina

Yes! I will protect everyone! I will make sure to protect them to the end! ――Asia

The two Holy-sword wielder and the Holy Girl who would protect everything descends down to the battlefield.

There’s someone who you want to settle the score with, isn’t there? Then leave this place to me! ――Bikou

Our leader is Vali-nya! ――Kuroka

Aren’t you going to show us more entertaining situation to me and the Holy-King sword? ――Arthur Pendragon

I! I like the both of the Heavenly Dragons of this era! ――Le Fay Pendragon

The troublemaking comrades of the White Dragon agrees to White Dragon’s determination

We shall stop the Emperor of the Beast with the spell that we created!――Rossweisse

Her research would become one of the key in this decisive battle

Now then. I shall make my move as a part of DxD――Sun Wukong

Ah man, I was supposed to be retired… But I’ll be in trouble if I don’t fight!――Jade Dragon

Mother and I shall also fight! ――Kunou

Hohoho, this is the part we have to give our all. ――Yasaka

A mere herds of Evil Dragons will be slaughtered by my servants and I! ――Tannin

Dependable allies gathers from the parts of the world under the world’s danger.

Rizevim, you sure have died while leaving behind such troublesome thing…but don’t think everything will accordingly as you planned. Do not underestimate me――Azazel

The elder of the Fallen Angels makes a strong decision to what the son of the former Lucifer had behind.

…He’s my pal… Are you going to insult Hyoudou Issei!? I won’t allow that! `――Saji

He couldn’t forgive the words that insulted his peer who had fought of the Underworld and his comrades――

So the opponent is going to be the Trihexa… Interesting! ――Crom Cruach

The Evil Dragon male didn’t take a step back even against that ‘monster’.

Then I shall also fulfill my duty as a Maou then. ――Sirzechs Lucifer

The current Lucifer makes his move!

And the Longinuses which can even slay Gods gather――

Longinus. Canis Lykaon――Balance break

――Jin, we shall slash everything. We were given the order that we can go all out today ―― Slash Dog

Longinus. Zenith Tempest――Balance break

I shall make you taste what a trump card means! ――Joker Dulio

Longinus. Absolute Demise――Balance break

Va-kun, you absolutely cannot become reckless on your own, okay? ――The Magician, Lavinia the Ice Princess

Longinus. Regulus Nemea――Balance break

Even if it may destroy my body, come into my fist! The shine of my life! ――Sairaorg Bael

Longinus. Sephiroth Graal――Balance break

Ufufu, I’m happy if someone like me can become a help. ――Valerie Tepes

Longinus? Forbidden Invaded Balor――The beast

I will definitely retrieve Valerie’s Holy Grail! And I will definitely let no one lay a finger on her! ―Gasper Balor

Longinus. True Longinus――Balance break

Now then, the will possessed in the spear. What will you tell me in this situation? ――Cao Cao

Longinus. Divine Dividing――Balance break

Azi Dahaka, I shall settle my score with you!! ――Vali Lucifer

Longinus. Boosted Gear――Balance break

Apophis! Trihexa! I won’t let you guys do as you want!

I won’t allow any more destruction even if that means that my body will reach its limit! ――Hyoudou Issei


The destruction which will devour all――

In order to stop it, the DxD, the Longinuses, the warriors of different forces that had overcome their differences gathers――

Bring it on, Hakuryuukou!

Show me what a real Lucifer is made of!

――Azi Dahaka

I heard you have opened the door that surpasses the Crimson armour.

Sekiryuutei, you cannot defeat me unless you use it.


The two Evil Dragons that are more powerful than Rizevim Livan Lucifer stands in front of the two Heavenly Dragons!

The Hakuryuukou who was satisfied as long as there was battles――

The Sekiryuutei who simply wanted a daily life where he can simply live with laughters――

But the answers these two reached after this battles was the complete opposite――

It was a battle which was enough to change Hyoudou Issei’s thinking ways and life.

I shall always be with Ise.

So Ise.

Do not cry――

――The Dragon God of Infinity, Ophis


  • Vali is the third male character to appear on the light novel cover after Issei on Vol 1 and Gasper on Vol 16,
  • This is the biggest High School DxD volume.