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High School DxD DX.4 is a compilation that will consist of new short stories and is considered as Volume 23.5. It is the fourth of the DX. series.


That man… was born with the greatest spear in his hand.

That man… was born without anything to himself.


It’s precisely because we’re in the same generation that I want to be stronger than that guy.

It’s precisely because we’re in the same generation that I’ve always wanted to be stronger than that guy...



[Imperial Purpure] Team VS [Spear of the Heavenly Emperor] Team ---The Proof of a Hero---

  • Power.1 Great King without Destruction
  • Power.2 The Hero and the Youths
  • Power.3 A Mad Feast of Power and Technique Begins
    • Team Member.
  • Power MAX vs Technic MAX The Lion King's Iron Fist and the Hero's Holy Spear

[Sekiryuutei of Blazing Truth] Team VS [Sona Sitri] Team ---Stronger Than That Time, Further Than Now---

  • Line.1 The Various Differences From Last Year
  • Line.2 The Student Council's Secret
  • Line.3 The Basis of the Dream
    • Team Member.
  • Line.4 The Revenge Match Begins!
    • Opening.
  • Line.5 Field break
  • Line.Maximum vs Life.Maximum Dragon KingIdiot and Dragon EmperorIdiot
  • Final Line. The Student Council and Leviathan
  • New Line.
  • Afterword


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  • This is the first light novel that features Elmenhilde Karnstein on the cover.
  • In the light novel volume 5 Genshiro's mother is alive, but in the light novel volume DX.4 it is stated that she died many years ago. Ichiei Ishibumi said it was his mistake.