Nice to meet you all for the first time. I am Le Fay, Le Fay Pendragon. I am the mage belonging to Vali’s team. Please take good care of me.

–Le Fay's introduction to the Occult Research Club, Volume 9, Life 3

Le Fay Pendragon is a member of the Vali Team that was previously affiliated with Khaos Brigade, now a part of Team DxD. She is a witch who is a descendant of Morgan le Fay, as well as the legendary King Arthur, and the younger sister of Arthur Pendragon. She is a first-year high school student at Kuoh Academy and a member of the Occult Research Club. She is also Issei Hyoudou's contracted magician.


Le Fay is a cute, foreign girl with a slim body, shoulder-length blonde hair and blue eyes. Her body measurements are [B77-W56-H78 cm]; height is [150→154 cm] (4 feet 11→5 feet 3 inches) and body weight is [45 kg].

Her attire consists of a sorceress-like dress with a huge blue hat with a black bow and yellow stars and matching cape with pink flowers and a white interior. In Volume 11, she changed her dress to a Japanese school girl uniform consisting of a grey blazer with blue plaid accents over a white dress shirt with a black tie, a black skirt, and black shoes while retaining her trademark hat and cape.


Le Fay is a happy, enthusiastic, and outgoing young woman. She often displays an expressive face. She is also shown to be very polite, addressing everyone, enemy or friend, with the honorific "sama". She is shy to lecherous situations and acts surprised whenever she sees such a situation occur, causing her to stutter her words. She also has a small fear of insects.


A magician from the House of Pendragon, Le Fay was previously part of the Magician Association "Golden Dawn" where she acquired all her spells, including forbidden magic. When Arthur left the House of Pendragon to join the Khaos Brigade, Le Fay followed her brother out of concern for him.


The Heroic Oppai Dragon

She appears in Volume 9, and summons Gogmagog at Vali's orders, who then proceeds to annihilate the monsters created by Annihilation Maker. She is also responsible for luring the original Sun Wukong to Kyoto to assist Issei and his friends.

In Volume 11, she (along with Kuroka and Fenrir) appears at the Hyoudou Residence as a bodyguard for Ophis. When the team is attacked by Cao Cao and Georg, she and Kuroka activate a magic circle that swaps Vali for Fenrir, and thus allowing Vali to fight Cao Cao. Despite this, the Vali and Gremory teams still lose. She later gives the Excalibur Ruler to Irina Shidou so that she can repair the Ex-Durandal, then creates a transportation magic circle and takes Xenovia and Irina with her.

At the beginning of Volume 12, during the Demonic Beast Riot, she is seen hiding at the Gremory Palace with the rest of the Vali Team while their leader is recovering. She is later seen in the Realm of the Dead, attacking Hades' Grim Reapers.

The Legend of Oppai Dragon and his Lively Companions

In Volume 14, she and Kuroka move into the Hyoudou Residence as semi-permanent residents, with Le Fay apologizing every time Kuroka makes a mess. Issei later asks her to teach him about magic/demonic powers and how to increase and make better use of his own demonic powers. She was absent when Nilrem attacked because Vali called her and Kuroka to assist him with his own battle.

Kuroka suggesting Le Fay as Issei's pact Magician

She appears again in Volume 15, explaining the reason for her absence during the Magician's attack. Kuroka then recommends Le Fay as a candidate for Issei's contract Magician, but Ravel Phenex turns her down due to her previous affiliation with the Khaos Brigade. However, Ravel does interview her and discovers that Le Fay actually surpasses her criteria for the position.

In Volume 16, Le Fay participates in the meeting where D×D is formed. Issei also chooses her as his contracted magician after the Vali Team is pardoned for their crimes and Arthur requests that Issei look out for Le Fay.

Le Fay officially became Issei's contracted Magician in Volume 17 (with Ravel preparing the ritual). She also expresses an interest in going on a date with Issei.

In Volume 19, Le Fay was mentioned that she and Bennia intended on doing this year’s normal entrance exam to enroll at Kuoh Academy. She and her team paid a visit to the Hyoudou Residence underground pool where they witnessed Issei and Rias' new combination technique.

In Volume 20, Vali Team were able to find the location of the stolen City that Qlippoth are using as their based of operation, Le Fay and Kuroka headed to the Hyoudou Residence to inform the others, which led D×D to counterattack against Qlippoth.

In Volume 21, during the Evil Dragon War, Le Fay and her team mates were sent to the Northern Europe region alongside Tobio Ikuse and Lavinia Reni to prepare for Qlippoth's attack where they battled the army of mass-produced Evil Dragons and Plate Mails while Vali goes up against Aži Dahāka. Just when the war was concluding, Azazel and the other mythology leaders prepare to seal Trihexa in the Isolated Barrier Field along with themselves, he tells them all to look after Vali while he's gone.

In Volume 22, Le Fay and the rest of the Vali Team goes fishing with the Occult Research Club and Issei's parents. Le Fay becomes scared of an insect while trying to attach it to the fishing rod, with Arthur helping her and comforting her that a witch shouldn't be afraid of a little insect.

Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth × White Dragon Emperor of the Morning Star: The True Dragon(s) of the Kuoh Academy

Le Fay eventually becomes a first year student at Kuoh Academy and one of the newest members of the Occult Research Club. Le Fay and Bennia began to read about Youkais living at the Kuoh Town, with being joined by Kunou. At the residence, Le Fay arrive together with Kunou and Lilith at Issei's peerage meeting and nervously ask if the meeting concluded, which smiled and nodded. When asked by Issei if she has gotten used to school life, Le Fay says there are a lot of areas she's unfamiliar with, but she's enjoying it. She then tells Issei that the current generation Sha Wujing and Zhu Bajie has joined Team White Dragon Emperor of the Morning Star for the Azazel Cup.

In Volume 24, Le Fay when along with the other residences of the Hyoudou household to the school pool where she sat across from Issei while watching the others play ball. They all went back home when they heard that some of their parents had gathered together over there.

When the time came for the Gremory team and Vali's team to face each other in a match at the Rating Game World Tournament under the Board Collapse rules, she was paired with the current Zhu Bajie and faced off against Akeno. The Gremory Queen was striking Zhu Bajie with her Holy Lightning attacks but proved ineffective, Le Fay stepped in just in time to block Akeno's Holy Lightning Dragon technique with her magic. Their fight raged on until Rias had to forfeit the match reluctantly.

In Volume 25, Le Fay celebrated with her team at the Hyoudou Residence along with the rival teams for passing the preliminaries and advancing to the main stage of the tournament. Le Fay watched as the girls fight over Issei and quietly expressing her jealously.

Le Fay reappeared in True Volume 2, where she was among the first group of Issei’s brides in Issei’s dream, stating their marriage is also part of their contract. She appeared at Vali’s apartment to help with the moving after she finished her errands. Le Fay also thanked Lavinia for giving her a book on secret philosophy written by Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa along with notes from Mephisto.

In True Volume 3, Le Fay and her fellow members of the Occult Research Club began a meeting about discussing about deciding the programme they would be doing during the autumn event, the school festival, and the next event that came after the school trip, with Le Fay suggesting on making movie with an occult theme.

In True Volume 4, Le Fay and her team faced against Team Journey to the West in their first match of the main stage at the Lucifer Stadium, where Le Fay assisted her team against the first generations. Le Fay and Zhu Bajie fought against the first generation Zhu Bajie and was land their attacks, but he withstood their attacks and breathed out of his mouth flame balls to destroy their guards. In Sha Wujing’s and Zhu Bajie’s attempt to save Bikou, Le Fay and Kuroka use their magic and jutsu to fight the oncoming round water spheres. She watches as Kuroka get enveloped by the retirement light after she gets hit by the Ruyi Jingu Bangs from the water. As the first generation Sha Wujing was forcing himself to get up, Le Fay use her magic to create countless magic ropes to tie him down to buy Bikou time to finish the match. Le Fay and her team won the match after Bikou and Sha Wujing defeated Sun Wukong. After Issei and his group were attacked by the mysterious hooded figure and Fake Ddraig, Le Fay arrived together with Gogmagog to assist them and immediately recognize the hooded girl after they retreated

Le Fay & Arthur

When the group started to discuss about Issei’s condition and the Longinus Alphecca Tyrant, Le Fay revealed that the wielder of that Longinus is Meredith Ordinton, her former colleague at the Golden Dawn. After learning from Magnus Rose that the Pendragon family have been evacuated to safely, Le Fay expresses her relief that they’re safe. As Rias’s group planned to deal with Verrine, Le Fay volunteer to fight against Meredith as she is from Pendragon family and Issei’s contracted magician, with Koneko and Kuroka offering their supports. When Arthur learned of the Evil God Aka Manah‘s involvement, he told Le Fay that he’ll accompany her and she receives a ring from Rias that can sealed Meredith’s Alphecca Tyrant and entrusted her to Issei, which she happily agrees. Le Fay explained her past with Meredith to the group that they study and work together on the missions requested by the Golden Dawn’s higher-ups. Much to her surprise, the group were visited by Le Fay’s father Uther Pendragon who was under the protection from CIA and MI6 to meet with Team DxD and express his gratitude. Uther told Le Fay that he will be relying on her to deal with Meredith and not to embarrass the Pendragon name and asked Arthur to protect his sister. As the group were heading towards Meredith’s location, Le Fay’s group splits from Rias’s group as they will fight against Verrine and headed to the mansion where they encountered the Sacred Gear possessors and defeated them, with Le Fay using her Elemental magic. When they finally encountered Meredith and her possessed Sacred Gear users, Le Fay asked Meredith to stop her madness and she begins to talking about Le Fay’s time with the Vali Team and Team DxD, with Le Fay scolding her about causing trouble, enraging Meredith as the darkish aura of Aka Manah came out of her body. When Meredith orders her Sacred Gear users to attack the group, Meredith launches her Holy Nail at Le Fay, but was blocked by Arthur’s Collbrande and Le Fay saw a opening to use her binding magic on Meredith and found an opening to shoot her anti-Longinus possessor ring after Meredith evaded Arthur’s attack, attaching the ring to her arm. As Aka Manah came out of her body and cut down by Arthur, Le Fay used her Security System magic on Meredith to destroy the main part of the magic​ used on Issei and Meredith revealed that she should’ve followed her follow, which saddens Le Fay.

After Rias’ group defeated Verrine, Le Fay was contacted by Rias, who told her that Rias' group had finished their mission and Le Fay confirmed her side also finished their mission succesfully as the two groups prepared to meet up and head to Issei and Vali's location to assist them. Le Fay and the teams arrived to their location and she became shocked to see Gogmagog’s condition, and later became happy when Issei returned to normal after they defeated Hades. After Team DxD received their promotions, Le Fay discusses with Issei and Ravel about details the magician contract regarding for Special-class devils and was shocked when Issei told her that he wants to be with her, much to her embarrassment. Changing the subject, Issei asked about Gogmagog’s condition, which Le Fay explained that it been sent to the Grigori’s institution to be repaired by Seekvaira, and later they talked about Meredith being placed under Grigori’s supervision, with Le Fay wanting to visit her after she calms down. After the discussion, Le Fay and the members of Team DxD celebrated their victory at the garden of the Hyoudou Residence, where she gave some roasted skewer to Arthur and shyly approach to Issei to tell him that she also wants to stay by his side as his exclusive magician. Le Fay and her team went to deliver Hades and Angra Mainyu to the uninhabited island of the Atlantic Ocean, but they were suddenly attacked by Bebevu Su and Gvardora as they came to capture Hades and Angra.

Powers & Abilities

Master Magician: As a descendant of the legendary witch, Morgan Le Fay, Le Fay is a very skilled Magician, proficient in magic ranging from Black magic, White magic, Norse magic, Fairy magic, and teleportation circles. She has also mentioned her knowledge of many forbidden spells. Even Kuroka, a powerful Bishop acknowledged her abilities as a magic expert. According to Ravel, Le Fay's magic talent greatly surpassed the other Magicians that she hand-picked to be Issei's contracted Magician.

  • Elemental Magic: Le Fay showed great skill in using elemental magic, as she is skillfully capable of using various elemental attack for offensive purposes.
  • Defensive Magic: Le Fay showed great skill in using defensive magic to create a defensive magic circle to shield herself from attacks or create a magic barrier to protect an entire area.
  • Teleportation Magic: Le Fay is skilled in using teleportation magic, being able to use it to teleport herself and other to any location. Le Fay is capable of sneaking into the Underworld without the permission of the Devil government due ot her mastery of teleportation magic. She was even able to teleport Xenovia and Irina out of Dimension Lost's Balance Breaker; Dimension Create, which is very difficult to leave for a unskilled magic user and only Gods can resist to a degree. 
  • Summoning Magic: Le Fay is capable of summoning Gogmagog from the alternative dimension where he is kept. Le Fay demonstrated a unique summoning magic spell, which allows the user to swap the position of one person with another; as Le Fay and Kuroka used it to swap Fenrir who was with them for Vali.
    • Contract: She had also made pacts with Fenrir and Gogmagog, whom she can summon when needed.
  • Security Magic: Le Fay is show to be adept at security magic, as she was able to counter the security magic of Meredith Ordinton, who is noted to be a master of security magic, due to being familiar with her techniques.
  • Black Magic
  • White Magic
  • Norse Magic
  • Fairy Magic


Unnamed Staff: Le Fay wields a unnamed staff which she uses for combat and magic spells.

Broomstick: Le Fay has a broomstick that can allow her to fly.


  • Le Fay's birthday is on March 3.[1]
  • Le Fay's name means "The fairy" and refers to her ability at using Fairy magic.
  • The surname Pendragon is composed of Welsh pen, "head, chief, top" and ddraig, "dragon; warrior" so the full meaning can be "Head dragon/warrior", "Chief dragon/warrior", or "Top dragon/warrior".
  • Her first name together with her surname has the meanings of "The fairy head dragon/warrior", "The fairy chief dragon/warrior", or "The fairy top dragon/warrior" or for short "The fairy dragon".
  • Le Fay is a huge fan of Oppai Dragon.
  • Le Fay is the only one of Team Vali who has any degree of talent in cooking; if she isn't around, Vali and the others resort to eating instant cup noodles.
  • The Golden Dawn was a magical order devoted to the study and practice of the occult, metaphysics, and paranormal activities during the late 19th and early 20th centuries in Great Britain.



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