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Please allow me to introduce myself again. I’m Lavinia Reni, a witch belonging to [Grau Zauberer].

–Lavinia to Issei Hyoudou, Volume 24, Life.2 The God of Death and the Dog of the Blade

Lavinia Reni is a Human Magician from the organization Grauzauberer of the Magician Association and a member of Slash/Dog Team, nicknamed Demise Girl and Ice Princess, who is the possessor of the Longinus; Absolute Demise.


Lavinia is a beautiful buxom young woman with long flowing blonde hair and sapphire blue eyes. She appears to wear standard Magician robes with a hood. Her body measurements are [B100-W59-H88 cm]; height [170 cm] and body weight [56 kg].


Lavinia appears to be a kind person and gives off an older sister impression, as shown when she scolded Vali in a gentle manner. She also calls people she's close to by affectionate nicknames, such as calling Tobio "Tobi" and Vali "Va-kun".


In the past, Lavinia was sent by the chairman of her organization to help Grigori deal with the stray magicians that allied themselves with the group called the Utsusemi Agency.

For a full detail on the events on -SLASHDØG-, please refer here.

Powers & Abilities

Master Magician: Lavinia has shown to be well versed in utilizing various different types of magic. She is considered Grauzauberer's most skilled Magician. Lavinia can use magic to store away the items and summon it back when she needed it.[1]

Immense Combat Skills: Lavinia is shown to be a expert combatant, being able to control her Longinus and its Balance Breaker, combining it with her magic abilities, thus making her a formidable combatant.

Stealth Expert: Lavinia has great skill in sneaking behind people without leaving any presence. This was shown when she concealed herself from Vali who could not noticed until it was too late.[2] She was later capable of sneaking up behind Issei without him noticing.[3]


Absolute Demise (永遠の氷姫(アブソリュート・ディマイズ), Abusoryūto Dimaizu): An Independent-Type Longinus, which can materialize a three-meter tall disfigured doll made of ice that takes a form of a woman in a dress at the wielder's side and obeys their every command. The doll is also shown to be able to manipulate ice on a massive scale, capable of instantly freezing an entire area into a frozen world and create ice walls to trap her opponents.[4] Its maximum range could lock an entire small country within a crystal of ice as long as Lavinia wanted to.[5]

  • Assoluto Argento Mondo (永遠に想う白銀世界(アッソルート・アルジェント・モンド), Assorūto Arujento Mondo), also known as the Snow World Believed to be Eternal, is Lavinia's Balance Breaker. It has the ability to create a strong blizzard that can make a distinction between between friend and foe.[6]


  • Lavinia's birthday is the 23rd of January.[7]
  • In classical Roman mythology, Lavinia was the daughter of King Latinus and Queen Amata and the wife of Trojan hero Aeneas, who named the city Lavinium in her honor.
  • Lavinia has the second largest bust size in the series, surpassing Rias who previously held the position.
  • Lavinia works as an exclusive singer and as the poster girl at the Black Dog BAR, a bar created by Azazel.[8]
  • As revealed in Slash/Dog, she is the only woman known to fluster Vali.
    • She is the first person to make Vali fluster, the second being Natsume Minagawa.
  • Grauzauberer means "Grey Wizards".
  • The name of her Longinus: Absolute Demise, may be a reference to Absolute zero, the theoretical temperature at which atoms stop moving, referenced by the Longinus being ice-based.
  • Assoluto Argento Mondo is Italian for "Absolute Silver World".
  • Lavinia is Italian.


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