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Hello to you too. This is our first time meeting like this, isn’t it Hyoudou Issei-san of the Sekiryuutei. I apologise for introducing myself like this.

–Lady Phenex introducing herself to Issei Hyoudou, Volume 10, Life.2 A Maiden's Heart is Complicated


Lady Phenex is the current Lady of the Phenex Clan. She is the mother of Ruval, an unnamed son, Riser, and Ravel, and the wife of Lord Phenex.


Lady Phenex looks exactly like her daughter, Ravel, in her early twenties with the same blonde hair and blue eyes, with the only exception of her hair being done up very high with ornate hair decorations.


Lady Phenex has a very kind and gentle personality. She also has concerns about Ravel's well-being, being apparently aware of her daughter's feelings for Issei, even subtly teasing that they should marry, much to Ravel's embarrassment.


Not much is known about Lady Phenex nor about her family, other than at one point prior to the series, she married into the Phenex Clan and eventually gave birth to four children: three sons and a daughter. Also that, while a King, Lady Phenex has mostly retired from the Rating Games.

Powers & Abilities

Demonic Power: As a Devil, Lady Phenex has all the common skills and powers of one. Lady Phenex can teleportation herself to any location.

Flight: Being a Devil, Lady Phenex can use her wings to fly.