Then, I’ll stay by your side. As your family.

–Kuroka to Issei, Light Novel Volume 24

Kuroka (later on Kuroka Toujou) is a Nekoshou, a rare variant of Nekomata, and a member of the Vali Team, previously a part of the Khaos Brigade. She later joined D×D. She is the older sister of Koneko Toujou and a former SS-Class Stray Devil, one of the most wanted criminals in the Underworld for killing her master, which was later revealed to be in order to protect her sister.

She is also one of Issei's fiancees. After the defeat of the Alliance of Hell, she became Xenovia Quarta's Bishop.


Kuroka is a beautiful young woman with a voluptuous figure, long black hair with split bangs, and hazel-gold eyes with cat-like pupils. Her body measurements are [B98-W57-H86 cm] [B39-W23-H35 in]; height is 161 cm (5 feet 3 inches) and body weight is [49 kg].

Her attire consists of a black kimono, a yellow obi, a set of golden beads, and an ornately detailed headband. The kimono features a red interior and it is open at her shoulders, giving view to her large breasts which rival those of Rias and Akeno in terms of size.

In her Nekomata form, which she is in all the time, she grows a pair of black cat ears and two black tails.


Kuroka seems very playful, easy-going, simple-minded, and enjoys teasing people. She is also rather vulgar, using her beauty and sensuousness as a weapon in her arsenal of teasing. Kuroka loves her little sister Koneko dearly, though she seems to have trouble showing it at times, preferring to tease her.

In Volume 24, Issei also noted that despite her mischievous nature, Kuroka is very kind and compassionate who cares about Koneko more than anything else and also wants peace more than anyone. In order to raise Koneko after the two became orphans, Kuroka became a reincarnated Devil servant and is willing to become a Stray Devil by killing her master to protect her.

She has expressed an interest in having strong children, having propositioned both Vali and Issei, who both have Heavenly Dragons inside of them. It is hinted that the reason as to why she wants to have strong children is because she wants her species, the Nekoshou, to bloom once again, as their species is currently on the brink of extinction.

Adding to her feline personality, Kuroka often ends her sentences with "Nya" (にゃ), mimicking a cat's meow.


Kuroka is the older sister of Koneko (then known as Shirone) who was born to Fujimai, also a Nekoshou, and a human researcher. After losing her parents, she and her sister were later taken in by an unnamed Devil from the branch family of the House of Naberius, and she was reincarnated as the Devil's Bishop using up two Evil Pieces.

While serving her master, she became extremely talented in Senjutsu and Youjutsu, and her magical power as a Bishop became so great that she surpassed her own master in terms of magical power alone. This later became her undoing when she later became a Stray Devil after killing her master, with everyone assuming that she was drunk with her own powers. The true reason for the killing was to protect her sister Shirone from her master, who attempted to conduct tests on her in his research on creating a Super Devil. This resulted in her sister's near-execution and depression, as well as the reason why she refuses to use Senjutsu and Youjutsu. Following the incident, Kuroka became one of the Underworld's most wanted criminals, ranking at SS-Class. At some point before the series, she joined the Khaos Brigade along with the rest of the Vali Team.


Birth of the Breast Dragon EmperorEdit

Kuroka appears in Volume 5 during the Young Devil's Gathering alongside Bikou, attempting to take her sister despite Vali's orders and Bikou's warnings. She was then confronted by Issei and Rias, fighting the former after incapacitating Rias and Koneko with her poison mist Youjutsu, knocking down Issei in just two hits. However, the tides turned when Issei poked Rias' breasts to achieve his Balance Breaker. After being warned by Issei, who stopped his fist before striking her, Kuroka retreats from the battle with Arthur Pendragon covering her and Bikou's escape.

The Heroic Oppai DragonEdit

High school dxd v7 155

Kuroka asking Issei to have babies with her

She reappears in Volume 7 alongside her teammates from the Vali Team in a temporary alliance with the Gremory Team to battle Loki and Fenrir. Prior to the final battle, she asked if Issei is interested in having a sexual relationship with her mainly because she wants his "genes" for strong babies, which she tried with Vali but was intervened when Koneko stood in her way. During the final battle against Loki, she summoned the magic chains Glepnir to restrain Fenrir, but eventually freed by one of its offspring. She later assisted her team when she controlled the mud to immobilize one of Fenrir's children, allowing for Arthur to slash off his eyes, paws and fangs. Just as Vali entered Juggernaut Drive to face Fenrir, Kuroka was the one to transfer both to a different place in an attempt to capture the giant wolf for themselves.

410px-High school dxd v11 203

Kuroka protecting her sister Koneko

In Volume 11, she, Fenrir, and Le Fay Pendragon acted as Ophis' bodyguards at the Hyoudou Residence, where she negated Koneko's mating season due to it being extremely dangerous on her body. During the attack by Cao Cao and Georg, Kuroka and Le Fay used a magic circle to switch Vali and Fenrir's position, allowing Vali to join the fight. Kuroka, however, was injured while protecting her sister after Cao Cao redirects Vali's attack to Koneko. While recuperating from her injury, she reveals to Issei that her previous master was a power-hungry person who would make even his servants and their families go through crazy power-ups and had intended to use Koneko as an experiment to test the power of a Nekomata. Therefore Kuroka was forced to kill her master to protect her sister. She later offers to teach her sister the Nekomata's Senjutsu and Youjutsu and is somewhat surprised when Koneko agreed.

In Volume 12, she and the rest of the Vali Team were hiding in the Gremory Palace while waiting for Vali to recuperate from his curse that he received from Samael. She and the rest of the Vali Team later go to the Realm of the Dead and started a fight with the Grim Reapers under Hades.

The Legend of Oppai Dragon and his Lively CompanionsEdit

Kuroka suggesting Le Fay as Issei's pact magician (Textless)

Kuroka suggesting Le Fay as Issei's pact magician

She, along with Le Fay Pendragon, later moved into the Hyoudou Residence in Volume 14 as semi-permanent residents so that she could teach her sister on how to use her powers better while making a mess out of Issei's house (much to his dismay), with Le Fay apologizing for Kuroka's actions. After seeing Kuroka reading a book regarding Senjutsu to teach her sister, Issei asked if Kuroka wanted to reconcile with Koneko. Kuroka admits that she feels that she did something horrible to her sister, even if it was to protect her, as Koneko was blamed by many Devils and was even nearly executed. Issei reassured her that he would help the two sisters patch up their relationship when the time comes, adding that Koneko's smile was the most important thing to him. Kuroka finally understood the reason why all the girls around Issei were falling for him, claiming that he was more charming than normal handsome men. She was later absent during the attack of the Khaos Brigade due to Vali calling her and Le Fay back to assist him with his own battle.

She appears again in Volume 15, where she and Le Fay talk about the Vali Team's battle against Aži Dahāka and later recommends Le Fay as Issei's pact Magician.

In Volume 16, she and the rest of the Vali Team participated in the meeting for the formation of D×D and became the house guests of the Hyoudou Residence.

In Volume 19, she and the other members of her team paid a visit to the Hyoudou Residence underground pool where they witnessed for the first time Issei and Rias' new combination technique.

In Volume 20, the Vali Team were able to find the location of the stolen City Agreas, which Qlippoth was using as their base of operations. Kuroka and Le Fay headed to the Hyoudou Residence to inform the others, which led D×D to launch a counterattack against Qlippoth.

In Volume 21, Kuroka and the rest of her teammates were sent to the Northern Europe region alongside Tobio Ikuse and Lavinia Reni, to prepare for Qlippoth's attack where they battled the army of Evil Dragons and fake Scale Mails, while Vali goes up against Aži Dahāka. At the conclusion of the war, Kuroka and her team notice Azazel (who along with the other Mythology leaders) prepare to seal Trihexa in the Isolated Barrier Field along with themselves. He tells them all to look after Vali while he's gone.

In Volume 22, Kuroka and the rest of the Vali Team go fishing with the Occult Research Club and Issei's parents. Kuroka says she'll support Koneko, Ravel, Gasper, and Valerie, then eating the fishes deliciously once they catch them, with Koneko saying they won't give any more fishes to her.

Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth × White Dragon Emperor of the Morning Star: The True Dragon(s) of the Kuoh AcademyEdit

Kuroka and her teammates then appeared in the opening ceremony of the Azazel Cup to participate in the Rating Game World Tournament.

Issei x Kuroka V24

Kuroka clinging to Issei at the pool

In Volume 24, Kuroka joined everyone to enjoy a day at the school pool. Kuroka took the opportunity with Issei to rub suntan oil on him with her bare breasts and hands, that is until Koneko intervened telling her to wait her turn like everyone else. However, she ignores her sister and continues to seduce Issei, even attempting to take him to the changing room to mate. Soon, Ravel came in to scold Kuroka for cutting in, she then makes a run for it to avoid getting caught. She and Koneko later appeared in the kitchen when Issei walked in as his father tells everyone about his own father's perverted days, Issei notices the sorrowful expressions on the two who don't have any parents.

Kuroka and Koneko soon end up being targeted by Grim Reapers due to being involved in their late father's research in artificially creating Super Devils. When Issei returns home after learning about the Nekomata sister's past, he meets Kuroka on the roof where she opens up to him about herself and how she hid the truth from Koneko to protect her, she also promises to amend her past mistakes and assist them in any threat they come across. When she embraced Issei, he hugged her back assuring that he will protect her and Koneko, thus establishing Kuroka as part of the "family."

When the time came for Rias and Vali's team to face each other at the Rating Game World Tournament, Kuroka and Koneko battled one-on-one with each other while their allies stood guard outside the stadium. Just after Thanatos and his minions were defeated, Issei used his new ability to contact the Nekomata girls through Ravel's and their breasts, telling them the threat has been dealt with. Touched by his efforts to protect them, Kuroka tells her sister that whoever wins their fight will be Issei's bride.

He objects to this by saying that he will take them both as his brides. They both accept his proposal with Kuroka confessing that she loves him. As their fight continues, Kuroka makes another bet that whoever wins will mate with Issei first, which Koneko accepts. Kuroka was defeated by Koneko who has surpassed her in terms of strength. Kuroka compliments her sister on how strong she's gotten and says that she no longer needs her but Koneko denies it, saying that she will always need her big sister. They embrace each other before Kuroka is retired, however, victory over the game goes to Vali's team in the end.

When everyone went to see Rias at the medical room, Koneko asks her permission to change her name to "Shirone Toujou." Kuroka responds to this by also requesting to change hers to "Kuroka Toujou." At that moment, when Koneko took the chance to kiss Issei, Kuroka also took a bold approach to kiss him with her tongue, this goes on back and forth between them until Issei's other fiancées began wanting kisses from him as well.

In Volume 25, Kuroka bursts into Issei’s room in order to do perverted things with him after learning that Rias wasn’t coming to the Hyoudou Residence but ended up interrupting Issei’s moment with Rossweisse. Kuroka asks Rossweisse if she wants to have Issei’s child while also rubbing her own belly stating his child will be her belly and really wants it fast no matter where causing Issei to have a nosebleed. Kuroka ask Koneko if she wants to reserve his child and reminded that the proposal of the sisters was accepted and tells to make lots of children with her while also nibbling his ear. Kuroka asks Rossweisse again if she wants to have Issei’s child which Rossweisse panicked and says he will be sleeping tonight so the four of them decided to sleep together.

Kuroka and her team celebrates at the Hyoudou Residence along with the rival teams. As the girls fight over Issei, Kuroka pulls him away from Akeno and shoves him into her breasts, claiming he likes her breasts best and began fighting with Koneko.

Kuroka reappeared in True Volume 1, she bursts into Issei’s room in order to sleep with him and she jumped towards him and landed her breasts into his face. While commenting that she was being healed by Issei, Koneko came in and reprimanded her for not following Rias’s orders and later tried to pull her away from Issei.

In True Volume 2, Kuroka appeared in Issei’s dream of him marrying his brides, with Kuroka among the first group of brides and showing her impression of herself wearing a wedding dress. During Vali’s moving to Kuoh Town, Kuroka was mentioned by Le Fay that she was sleeping at the Hyoudou Residence. Kuroka arrived late to the Hyoudou Residence to join sleeping with Issei after she and Le Fay went to do something, but kicked Issei out the bed in the process in her sleep.

Kuroka appeared after the defeat of Erebus and Tartarus in True Volume 3, where she heard from Le Fay that the Pendragon family requested the aid of Team DxD to help deal with user of Alphecca Tyrant and the Fake Two Heavenly Dragons, expressing on joining this fight.

In True Volume 4, Kuroka and her team faced against Team Journey to the West in their first match of the main stage at the Lucifer Stadium, where Kuroka assisted her team against the first generations. Kuroka and Sha Wujing fought against the first generation Sha Wujing, but they couldn’t break through his defensive wall. In Sha Wujing’s and Zhu Bajie’s attempt to save Bikou, Kuroka and Le Fay use their magic and jutsu to fight the oncoming round water spheres. Kuroka gets captured by the water sphere and tries to destroy it with her Youjutsu and magic, but it only stretched due to the effects of the spells and was nearly hit by Sun Wukong’s Ruyi Jingu Bang until Sha Wujing tried to use her staff to repel the Ruyi Jingu Bang, but the staff bent and passed through Sha Wujing and continued its assault on Kuroka until Arthur cut the staff with his Collbrande. The severed tip of Ruyi Jingu Bang came flying in a different direction and hit Kuroka's back and abdomen in the water, causing her to retire from the match. Before her retirement, Kuroka unleashes her poison mist until Sun Wukong took out the mist. It was revealed that Kuroka’s poison was created to work on Sun Wukong by using his descendant Bikou as guinea pig, allowing him and Sha Wujing defeat Sun Wukong and win the match.

At the Hyoudou Residence, Kuroka learned of Issei’s condition after he was hit by Alphecca Tyrant and listened to the girls about the previous incident of Issei being hit by Azazel’s UFO, with Kuroka asking about Issei being cured at the time, which Rias confirms. In effort to change Issei back, Kuroka and Koneko ask him to Pailingual on them to listen their breasts, but he refused to use it. Even as Issei still plans to marry his brides and still gets embarrassed by hearing the word breasts, Kuroka believes that his condition won’t allowed them to make children, causing Issei to scold her and Kuroka depressing calls his condition a serious illness. After arriving to England and Le Fay wishes to fight against Meredith Ordinton, Kuroka and Koneko offered to help Le Fay against the Sacred Gears users. Arriving at the mansion where Meredith is located, the group was split into two with Kuroka’s group infiltrated the mansion and encountered the Sacred Gear users, where Kuroka, Koneko, and Arthur fight against them. Kuroka and Koneko used their Senjutsu to located Meredith at the second floor and encountered more of the Sacred Gears users with the appearance of Meredith and defeated them. When they finally reached Meredith and leaving her to Le Fay, the remaining group fight against the Sacred Gear users who were guarding her and they managed to win. Kuroka and the members of Team DxD arrived to assist Issei and Vali battle against Hades by weakening him for Issei and Vali to deal the final blow, and later on, she and the girls became happy that Issei returned to normal.

After the battle, Kuroka was promoted to High-class Devil and became a member of Xenovia’s peerage after Xenovia made a deal with Ajuka. Kuroka and the members of Team DxD celebrated their victory at the garden of the Hyoudou Residence. Later on, Kuroka and her team went to deliver Hades and Angra Mainyu to the uninhabited island of the Atlantic Ocean, but they were suddenly attacked by Bebevu Su and Gvardora as they came to capture Hades and Angra.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Demonic Power: As a Devil, Kuroka has all the common skills and powers of one, including the power to cast spells. She primarily uses this in tandem with her Senjutsu and Youjutsu techniques.

  • Kuroka's Magic Circle

    Kuroka's Magic Circle

    Expert Magician: Being a Bishop worth two Bishop pieces, Kuroka has remarkable magic potential, abilities, and talent, thus letting her surpass her previous master in a short amount of time. Koneko has stated that her power rivals that of an Ultimate-Class Devil and even with Tannin's help, it wouldn't be easy to capture her. She has shown to be skilled in teleportation, defensive, and devil magics, in Volume 7, she could store objects such as the magical chains Glepnir inside of another dimension.
    • Teleportation Magic: Kuroka demonstrated the ability to transport herself and others to various locations, such as when she teleported Vali and Fenrir to a personalized alternate space where Vali could fight Fenrir. Kuroka is noted to be capable of sneaking into the Underworld without the permission of the Devil Government due to her skill at teleportation magic.
    • Summoning Magic: Kuroka is capable of summoning Gogmagog from the alternate dimension where he is kept. She was capable of summoning Vali with Le Fay's help.
Kuroka using Youjutsu

Kuroka using Youjutsu

Youjutsu Expert: Kuroka is a very skilled Youjutsu user, letting her use offensive and defensive spells.
  • Poison Mist: Using her Youjutsu skills, she can also create a poisonous mist to restrain her opponents. This is only effective against both Youkais and Devils, however; Dragons and dragon-type Sacred Gear possessors are immune to it.
  • Illusions: Kuroka is able to cast illusions such as creating mirage copies of herself to throw her opponents off.
Kuroka's Senjutsu bullets

Kuroka shooting Senjutsu aura bullets

Senjutsu Expert: Being a Nekoshou, Kuroka is also proficient in Senjutsu, being able to control her ki to strengthen both her internal and external body; as well as detect others nearby based on their auras. She has shown to be able to control nature around her; as in Volume 7, she could turn the mud around her from hard to soft to seal the movements of one of Fenrir's sons, while in the manga, Kuroka could control the earth and plants, forming a large amount of them to attack. She can combine Senjutsu and Youjutsu techniques to fire concentrated blasts of energy.
  • Touki (闘気, Fighting Spirit): Kuroka covers herself in an aura of ki, increasing her strength, defense, and speed.
  • Kasha (火車, Burning Chariot): Kuroka can summon multiple big wheels that are covered in black flames.
  • Stealth: Kuroka uses her Senjutsu to conceal her presence from other Devils by changing her ki flow.
Kuroka's Space Barrier

Kuroka's Spacial Barrier

Space-Time Manipulation: In addition to Senjutsu, Youjutsu, and Magic, Kuroka learned how to perform space-time manipulation. Though at this point, she can manipulate space, letting her can erect a barrier that can trap her opponents in another space.

Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Aside from magic, Senjutsu, and Youjutsu, Kuroka has some skills in hand-to-hand combat, able to hold back against Koneko for a short while. Kuroka can also combine with the Touki and Senjutsu to further increase the power of her physical attacks. 

Flight: Being a Devil, Kuroka can fly using her bat-like wings.

Equipment Edit

Gleipnir (グレイプニル, Gureipuniru): Mystical chains forged by Dwarves used to bind Fenrir. During the battle against Loki, Kuroka summoned and used them in to seal Fenrir's movements.


  • (To Issei) "…In the beginning, I only thought of you as a substitute for Vali. Vali’s rival. When I’m together with you, my heart beats in a joyful rhythm, and it’s fun just to hang out with you. I only wanted children in the past, a Heavenly Dragon’s children…I just wanted strong genes. If Vali couldn’t, then I’d choose you. But, things are different now. …You’re incorrigibly stupid, and hopelessly honest. Even though you’re a pervert, and an idiot after all…even though you just had to be gentle towards Shirone, you took good care of me as well…you gave us sisters a peaceful place to live…. If I’m together with you…then I feel at ease. When I see your smile, my heart becomes filled with love…" (Volume 24, Life 5)
  • (To Issei) "…For people like us, you went and took on such a stupid fight. Surely, your body is covered in wounds, right? Even though your opponent was a god…. Even if they are a god, you’ll protect us from their hands, so how could I possibly dislike a man like that!? Mmm, that’s right, ever since a long time ago, I fell hopelessly in love with the man named Hyoudou Issei…I love you." (Volume 24, Life 5)


  • Kuroka's birthday is on October 1st.[1]
  • Kuroka's name means "Black Song", in reference to her hair and tail color.
  • By Volume 24, with Rias permission, Kuroka also adopts Shirone's surname "Toujou", though she expresses interest in eventually going by Issei's surname "Hyoudou".
  • Like her sister Koneko, Kuroka is also shown to have a big appetite.
  • She is the second of Issei's brides who is not a member of his or Rias' peerage, the first being Irina.
  • Kuroka makes Le Fay do her laundry as she is too lazy to do housework in the Hyoudou Residence.
  • In one of the illustrations from Volume 7 of the light novels, Kuroka's ears were colored white instead of the original black. This error was later corrected as shown in Volume 11.
  • Despite her promotion to High-class Devil, Kuroka was not awarded Evil Pieces, due to the fact that part of the devils government’s top brass regarded her as dangerous due to Nebiros taking part in her birth, in addition to killing her master.



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