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I am Kunou, the daughter of Yasaka, the administrator of the Youkai living in Inner and Outer Kyoto.

–Kunou introducing herself to the Occult Research Club, Volume 9, Life.3 The Group of Heroes has Arrived

Kunou is a nine-tailed fox who is the daughter of Yasaka and the young ruler of Kyoto. She is a first-year middle school student at Kuoh Academy.


Kunou is a young girl with the appearance of an elementary school student. She has golden, blonde hair tied in a ponytail and matching eyes. She also has nine golden fox tails and matching ears. Her body measurements are [B69-W54-H74]; height is [142 cm] and body weight is [34 kg].

Her main attire is the traditional miko outfit and tall geta with white tabi. The sleeves of her haori feature a giant red star-shaped pentagram, surrounded by five smaller pentagrams in between the points. She is also relatively short, being able to ride on Issei's shoulders.

After Volume 22, Kunou now generally dresses in Kuoh Academy's elementary school uniform.


Kunou acts like a princess and responsible co-leader despite her young age. However, she still has a childish side to her. She tends to smile in amusement when she sees something interesting and things new to her sight as it seen when she is amazed by Issei's Scale Mail armor. Also, as noted by Yasaka, Kunou can also be obsessive, as seen when she protested against her mother flirting with Issei.


Kunou is the sole daughter of Yasaka and her currently unknown mate. When the Hero Faction kidnapped Yasaka, Kunou took over and became the temporary ruler of the Kyoto's Youkai in her absence.

Powers & Abilities

Fox Fire: Being a nine-tailed fox, she is able to use foxfire but is still weak in power due to her young age.

Transformation: Kunou is able to shapeshift to hide her fox ears and tail to appear more human. In the anime, it is shown that she could completely transform from her human form to a fox cub form.

  • Fox Dragon Mode (狐龍モード, Koryū Mōdo): Due to Kunou spending a lot of time with Ophis, Kunou became able to transform into a form that turns her hair white with Issei stating she had an overwhelming aura unfitting for a child her age. It was noted by Magari, the Nekomata Elder that her power was similar to a Beast God. In True 3, Kunou has proven to be able to increase the power of Yasaka by transferring her power to her.


  • Kunou's name means "Nine Weights", in reference to her being a nine-tailed fox.
  • Kunou's birthday is on September 9th, which is the ninth day of the ninth month, another reference to her being a nine-tailed fox.[1]