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Sekiryuutei, get into Balance Breaker. My master Sairaorg-sama wishes to see you become serious. Then I, his [Queen] have to make that wish come true.

–Kuisha to Issei Hyoudou, Volume 10, Pawn

Kuisha Abaddon is Sairaorg's Queen from the House of Abaddon, one of the families from the Extra Demons.


Kuisha is a beautiful girl with blonde hair tied in a ponytail and blue eyes (green in the anime).

She wears a costume that is open in the chest area revealing her large breasts and cleavage and part of her stomach, the costume has a section cut off in her arms revealing her shoulders.

She wears a belt and long trousers.


Kuisha is extremely loyal to Sairaorg. Like the other members of Sairaorg's peerage, Kuisha respects and believes in Sairaorg's strength. In fact, Rias felt that Kuisha has a deep affection towards Sairaorg.


Kuisha comes from the House of Abaddon, a family of Pure-blooded Devils from the Extra Demons. She became Sairaorg's Queen sometime before the series.

Powers & Abilities

Demonic Power: As a Devil, Kuisha has all the same powers and skills afforded to one, she is noted to be rather powerful even for a High-Class Devil. In Volume 10, her powers was noted to have rivaled Akeno during their battle given that neither of them was able to overpower or gain an advantage against the other in a magic battle until she used her command over Hole.

Kuisha using Holes to absorb Akeno's Holy Lightning

  • Hole ((ホール), Hōru): Kuisha inherited the House of Abaddon's power of Hole, an ability which allows the user to create and control portals that expand and retract according to the user's will, and is able to absorb attacks and reflect them back as they choose. It is also possible to split the attacks that were absorbed and release it. Kuisha showed great versatility in using the Power of Hole, as she is able to create multiple portals that fully absorbed Akeno's Holy Lightning and redirect it straight back at her. In Volume DX.4, her power has increased substantially as she was able to absorb Georg's Dimension Lost mist that was enhanced with magic. She also demonstrated the ability to teleport using Holes by teleporting away from Guan Di attack.
  • Elemental Demonic Power: Kuisha has shown great skill in natural elements, being able to match and counter Akeno using the opposing elemental attacks.

Enhanced Offense and Defense: From the Rook trait of her Queen Piece, Kuisha has strength and defense enhancement, giving her enhanced strength and defense.

Enhanced Magic Power: From the Bishop trait of her Queen Piece, Kuisha can enhance her demonic and magic powers.

Enhanced Speed: From the Knight trait of her Queen piece, Kuisha has speed enhancement, increasing her speed.

Magic Expert: Kuisha shows great diversity in casting spells and specializes in using elemental magic. She was able to easily fight Akeno in a magic battle.

Flight: Being a Devil, Kuisha can use her wings to fly.


Queen Piece (女王の駒, Joō no koma): Kuisha was reincarnated using the Queen Piece, which grants her the attributes of a Rook, Bishop, and Knight.


  • Abaddon is the name of a male angel in the Book of Revealation. He is the king of the demon locusts sent to torment mankind and angel of the abyss.
    • Abaddon is also a Biblical Hebrew word meaning "palace of destruction".
  • Kuisha is the second Devil from the Extra Demons to be in a peerage and the second Queen from the Extra Demons, after Grayfia Lucifuge.
  • Kuisha is the Swahili word for "ended", referring to the angel Abaddon in original myth.