Kouki Samejima is a member of the Slash/Dog Team and one of the agents of the Grigori. Kouki is one of the main characters of Ishibumi's previous work SLASH/DOG.


Kouki is a handsome man with a appearance of a delinquent and with a white cat sitting atop his shoulder.



Kouki is one of the few students who missed his school trip thus avoid being captured by the Utsusemi Agency.

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Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth × White Dragon Emperor of the Morning Star: The True Dragon(s) of the Kuoh AcademyEdit

Kouki made his first appearance in Volume 24, where he assisted Tobio and Issei guarding the Azazel Cup against the Grim Reapers that interrupted Rias’s and Vali’s rating game match. He later meets Issei and tells him he likes big breasts.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Independent Sacred Gear: Kouki's Sacred Gear, that takes the form of a white cat whom he has named Byakusa. It is one of the Four Fiends Sacred Gear bearing the spirit of TáowùToukotsu. It also has the power to create a large amount of electricity. It also acts as an independent avatar-type with its own instinct.

  • True Form: It takes the form of an enormous tiger with several tails and with electricity around it. In this form, he can use electricity to attack and his several tails.



  • Kouki is one of the main characters of Slash/Dog to appear in High School DxD.



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