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Ah—, my name is Samejima Kouki. Well, I also like big breasts I guess.

–Kouki introducing himself to Issei Hyoudou, Volume 24, Life.3


Kouki Samejima is a member of the Slash/Dog Team and one of the agents of the Grigori. Kouki is one of the main characters of Ishibumi's previous work SLASH/DOG.


Kouki is a handsome man with a appearance of a delinquent and with a white cat sitting atop his shoulder.



Kouki is one of the few students who missed his school trip thus avoid being captured by the Utsusemi Agency.

For a full detail on the events on -SLASHDØG-, please refer here.

Powers and Abilities


Independent Sacred Gear: Kouki's Sacred Gear, that takes the form of a white cat whom he has named Byakusa. It is one of the Four Fiends Sacred Gear bearing the spirit of TáowùToukotsu. It also has the power to create a large amount of electricity. It also acts as an independent avatar-type with its own instinct.

  • True Form: It takes the form of an enormous tiger with several tails and with electricity around it. In this form, he can use electricity to attack and his several tails.


  • Kouki is one of the main characters of Slash/Dog to appear in High School DxD.