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Kiyome Abe is a first-year college student from Kuoh Academy. She was the Captain of the school's Tennis Club as well as a Beast Tamer.


Abe is a busty young woman with long, brown hair arranged in multiple drill-like curls.


Abe is shown to have a kind and gentle disposition towards the creatures that she has tamed. She has also shown to be scared of the Underworld, despite her friendship with numerous devils. She has also shown an interest in Issei, shown when she plays a tennis match against Rias with Issei on the line. She later developed romantic feelings for Issei after he helped her break off the engagement her father placed her in.


Not much is known about Kiyome, other than the fact that she comes from a family of Beast Tamers. She entered Kuoh Academy at the same time with Rias Gremory, Akeno Himejima, Sona Sitri, and Tsubaki Shinra.

Powers & Abilities

Beast Tamer: Kiyome is a Beast Tamer; as such, she has several creatures (Youkai, European Monsters, etc) serving her. Among them are a Harpy, a Lamia, a Mermaid, a Yuki-onna/Yeti and more.


  • Kiyome has taught all of the creatures that she has tamed to play tennis.
  • Kiyome is the second female character to be placed into an engagement which was broken by Issei, the first being Rias, and the third being Rossweisse. Among these characters, she is the only one who never confesses her feelings to him.