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Kitsune are a species of Youkai featured in High School DxD.


Kitsune are fox-like species of Youkai that typically reside in Kyoto under the rule of Yasaka, the leader of all Youkai within the West Faction.


Kitsunes bear a striking physical resemblance to humans, albeit with a set of fox ears and a tail. Their hair color generally varies from a shade of yellow, from blond to light-brunet. Their main attires are the traditional miko outfit, with tall geta with white tabi as foot wear and red Hakama worn by females while males dress in blue.


Being a fox-like species, Kitsunes naturally have great reflexes and heightened senses.

Kitsunes have shape-shifting abilities that allows them to hide their fox ears and tails to blend and appear human, they also capable of completely transforming into foxes.

Kitsunes are also well known for their ability to control Fox Fire.


Nine-Tailed Fox

Nine-Tailed Fox (九尾, Kyuubi) are a special variant of Kitsune limited only to the bloodline of the leader of Kyoto. The general difference is that they can have up to a total of nine fox tails. Their abilities are at a higher level then normal Kitsunes, the fires they produce can rival that of Vritra's black flames. The fox forms of a fully matured Nine-Tails can grow up to gigantic sizes. The current leader can connect with Kyoto's leylines, having access to the immense spiritual power flowing throughout the city which provides a nearly endless supply of energy.

Known Kitsune