Kasha (火車, Burning Chariot) is a technique used in High School DxD.


A Senjutsu technique that is exclusive to the Nekomata achieved by gathering enough Ki creating flame-covered wheels said to be able to lure the dead to the other world.


Using their ki, the user is able to summon multiple huge wheels all covered in spiritual flames, which can be either summoned or controlled by swinging their arms. A skilled enough Senjutsu user is able to imbue it with the power of purification, as well as even turn beings such as vampires into ash on contact. According to Azazel, the Kasha purifies the opponents it is used against with positive power, in contract to Saji's Blaze Black Flare's cursed flame, which curses the target with negative energy.


  • Kasha are Japanese Yōkai that steals the corpses of those who have died as a result of accumulating evil deeds.
  • The color of ones' Kasha varies as proven with Koneko whose Kasha is colored white, while Kuroka's is colored black.


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