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Karlamine is one of Riser Phenex's Knights.


Karlamine is a young woman with light brown hair and green eyes. Her outfit consists of a full set of silver armor with black accents that appears to be a cross between a European Knight (chest plate, gauntlets and greaves) and a Japanese Samurai (hip plates and shoulder guards), and wears a headband that goes across her hair and forehead. She is equipped with a broadsword and a dagger, both of which are held with brown belts slung across her hip. The broadsword is slung on her left hip, and features a red jewel on the pommel and has bandages across the handle for grip. The dagger, which is located behind her hip, features a gold hilt with bandages on the handle.


A female warrior who follows the honor of a knight. She also comes off as a bold person, coming out in the open and demanding a proper challenge from her opponent. While she views those who come out directly up front in battle are idiots, she admits to have respect for them. According to Ravel, Karlamine is a sword maniac, preferring to fight others in an intense sword match.

Karlamine also cares for her comrades, being unpleased at the fact that the Pawns in her group were being used as sacrificial pieces.


Not much is revealed about her past, except that at one point she was revived as a Devil by Riser. She also had an encounter with Irina 2 years prior to the series.

Powers & Abilities

Demonic Power: As a Devil, Karlamine has all the common skills and powers of one.

  • Fire: Karlamine can produce powerful flames, which she coated around her sword and dagger during her fight against Kiba.
  • Wind: Karlamine can produce wind, which, in addition to her flames can create a powerful whirlwind that covers a wide area.

Enhanced Speed: As a Knight, Karlamine possesses superhuman speed, capable of rivaling that of Yuuto.

Master Swordswoman: Karlamine is heavily skilled in swordsmanship, being able to fight on par against Yuuto in terms of sword skills.


Sword: Karlamine's main weapon, while it was destroyed during her initial battle with Yuuto, she eventually got a replacement.

Dagger: Karlamine's secondary weapon that appears like a dagger.

Knight Piece (騎士の駒, Kishi no koma): Karlamine was reincarnated using a Knight Piece, which enhances her speed, making her faster than an average person.


  • In the anime, Karlamine appears after Issei and Yuuto calls out the remaining members of Riser's peerage.
  • Her name is the combination of the names "Karla" and the Japanese name "Mine".
    • The name Karla means "womanly; strength" and this fits her bold nature as a Knight.