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The Jötunns are the group of giants that rule over some of Norse mythology realms.


The Jötunns, especially fire giants, are the enemies to the Norse Gods and the Asgardians in Asgard and we’re destined to fight against each other in the coming of Ragnarök.

The giants took part of the tournament called the Azazel Cup with Surtr as their king. They won every matches and advanced to the main stage and caused some of the gods to withdraw from the tournament, due to Surtr’s strength. They went against Team Spear of the Heavenly Emperor and lost due to Surtr’s surrendering out of fear that the Asgardians will make their move against him.

Known Giants

Fire Giants

Name Rank Information
Surtr King of Muspelheim The ruler of Muspelheim and the enemy of the Norse Gods of Asgard. He is one of the strongest beings of Norse mythology that wields the legendary divine sword Lævateinn. He has the power to burn the world to nothing and is feared by some of the gods.
Sinmara N/A The wife of Surtr and a giantess who is the keeper of Lævateinn.

Frost Giants

Name Rank Information
Hrungnir N/A A Frost Giant who fights who his opponents with his gargantuan spear
Útgarða-Loki N/A A Frost Giant who is a illusion user.

Other Giants

Name Rank Information
Hræsvelgr N/A A Giant with the head and wings of a hawk who specializes in wind magic.



One of the nine realms of the World Tree Yggdrasil and the fiery realm that is home of the fire giants with Surtr serving as it’s ruler and guardian.