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I'm Iryuka Glasya-Labolas. Somehow I became the next family head of the Glasya-Labolas

household. Nice to meet you.

–Iryuka introducing herself to the Occult Research Club


Iryuka Glasya-Labolas is the current heir of the Glasya-Labolas Clan. She is from the main branch of the House of Glasya-Labolas House.


Iryuka is a beautiful silver-haired petite girl with a side upswept hairstyle, who has a pair of splendid breasts despite her petite build. She wears an school uniform of the school that she attends in the Underworld.


While Iryuka appears to be stoic and collected, she is shown to have a fun loving side as she became interested in finding out what mischief Azazel had left behind in an abandoned building or having fun while fighting Mecha-Fafnir MK-II.


Not much is known about Iryuka's past expect that she was born into the main family of the Glasya-Labolas Clan through her parents. She has also been a classmate and friend of Ravel since primary school until she transferred.

Due to Zephyrdor being unable to emotionally recover from his Rating Game defeat at the hands of Sairaorg, Iryuka was selected as the next head of the clan.


Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth × White Dragon Emperor of the Morning Star: The True Dragon(s) of the Kuoh Academy

Iryuka made her debut, in the Open for Business! Gremory Real Estate short story, alongside Latia Astaroth. She arrived at the Hyoudou Residence and greeted Ravel, as she explained their relationship to Issei. When Latia finished explaining the reason for their visit and their goal of establishing bases in Kuoh Town due to the higher-ups orders, Iryuka stated that the rumors of Rias and Sona's achievements have reached her ears as the stated that she heard that Japan is wonderful country and that it wouldn't be bad to have a base there.

When the group finished their tea party, Rias brought them to a realtor that was backed by the Gremory, Sitri and Grigori so that she and Latia could search for locations to set up their bases. While looking over the offers, Iryuka took an interest in a abandoned building that had several bad rumors about it.

After finishing investigation the mansion that Latia was interested in, the group went to check out the building that Iryuka took an interest in only to discover that it had already been exorcized by Azazel. As the group was exploring the building, Issei was able to discover a control switch for the underground floors that Azazel had installed as Iryuka became excited to see what Azazel had left behind. When the group descended to the fifth floor of the underground, they discovered Mecha-Fafnir MK-II, who proceeded to steal of the girls' underwear as the group fought and destroyed him with the real Fafnir's help (though Iryuka had fun).

After finishing the fight, Iryuka established her base in the building that Azazel had tampered with.[1]

Powers & Abilities

Demonic Power: As a Devil, Iryuka has all the common skills and powers of one.

Flight: Being a Devil, Iryuka can use her wings to fly.


  • Iryuka and Ravel are old friends due to being classmates since primary school in the Underworld, before Ravel transferred to Kuoh Academy.
  • The only known member of her peerage is a unnamed female Knight.
  • Iryuka is a bokukko (a Boku-girl) - a female, usually young, who uses the Japanese pronoun of "Boku", which is primarily used for boys and young men.
  • Iryuka's house is 2 floors larger than the Hyoudou Residence (Issei's home has 3 floors below ground whereas Iryuka's has 5).
  • Iryuka's name is derived from the Pokémon Dragonite (Kairyu in Japanese).[2]


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