Incinerate Anthem

Incinerate Anthem, also known as the Chief Mourner’s Crucified Stand of Purple Flame, is a Sacred Gear currently wielded by Lint Sellzen. It is listed as one of the thirteen Longinus.


Incinerate Anthem is considered as one of the Three Holy Relics alongside the True Longinus (Holy Spear) and Sephiroth Graal (Holy Grail), it is the "Holy Cross" on which Christ was crucified. According to Walburga the Incinerate Anthem is an independent Avatar type sacred gear with its Balance Breaker taking on the form of whatever object/being it is bound to. Additionally, according to Tobio Ikuse, it doesn't need a host to operate, which is similar to the Regulus Nemea in the present era.

In Volume 19, Walburga fought against D×D but ultimately lost and in the aftermath, Issei Hyoudou noticed that a purple flame fell out of Walburga when she was defeated. The purple flame was then placed by Tobio Ikuse in a special lantern, who then explained a unique aspect of the Longinus.

Unlike other Sacred Gears, Incinerate Anthem can be transferred to another user of its own will even if the current user hasn't died yet.


Incinerate Anthem has the ability to generate large amounts of powerful purple holy flames that can incinerate Devils with ease as shown when Walburga attacked Sairaorg Bael in Volume 17 and inflicted a huge amount of damage to him even though he was using the Balance Breaker of Regulus Nemea.

Its divine ability to control Holy Flames also grants its user the capability to slay Satans and Ultimate-Class Devils with ease in a way similar to the True Longinus. The flames can be shaped into various forms depending on the user's will. Walburga demonstrated the ability to create large Holy Crosses filled with Holy Fire, while Lint Sellzen mostly uses the holy flames to envelop her sword and exorcist gun, as well as its bullets with holy fire. Lint also demonstrated the ability to create holy crosses filled with holy fire.

The Balance Breakers of Incinerate Anthem usually take the form of various creatures created by holy fire.


Incinerate Antiphona CalvarioEdit

Incinerate Antiphona Calvario (最終審判者による覇焔の裁きインシネレート・アンティフォナ・カルヴァリオ, Inshinerēto Antifona Karuvario), also known as the Blazing Verdict by the Final Judge, is Walburga's sub-species Balance Breaker. It has the ability to manifest different forms depending on the souls that she uses. The forms are able to move independently from her and acts like an independent-avatar type.

  • Walburga used half of the soul of the legendary Evil Dragon Yamata no Orochi in her fight against D×D. It took the form of a 200-foot eight-headed Dragon crucified to a cross while appearing to be made entirely of purple holy flames.

Lovely Heavenly Angels Edit

Lovely Heavenly Angels (紫炎なりし愛の覇琉天使ラブリー・ヘヴンリィ・エンジェルス, Raburī Hevunryi Enjerusu), also known as the Purple Flame and Love Angel, is Lint Sellzen's sub-species Balance Breaker. It creates 3 huge angels (2 males and 1 female representing Siegfried, Freed, and Lint) covered in purple flames. The angels can combine with each other to become one large angel.


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