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Ichiei Ishibumi (石踏 一榮 Ishibumi Ichiei, 1981) is a Japanese novelist best known for the creation of the High School DxD, SLASHDØG, and Denpachi series.


Ishibumi was born and raised in the Chiba Prefecture of Japan. He is a big fan of Pokémon and has collected every form of Gundam merchandise, which he writes about in his blog.


In 2005, Ichiei received a special prize in the 17th Fantasia Awards hosted by Fujimi Shobo for the light-novel Denpachi that he submitted. He made his debut with that novel when it was published in 2006 as a tankōbon. The same year, he published his second light-novel Slash/Dog. Two years later, in 2008, Ichiei began publishing the light-novel series which made him famous, High School DxD. While preparing the series, Ichiei's father passed away.


Fujimi Shobo


  • Ichiei Ishibumi was born on April 25, 1981.
  • He initially planned to become a game designer before writing.[1]
  • His way of writing a novel is to write it from a favorite place and fill it up after plotting.
  • The short story Cross×Crisis is one of Ichiei's personal top 5 short stories he's written.
  • Saiyuki has been his favourite work since he was a student.[2]