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The Hyoudou Family is a normal family in the Human World from which the current Red Dragon Emperor; Issei Hyoudou, comes from.


Some time in the past, Juzo Hyoudou meet his wife and married her, as they had a son together; Gorou Hyoudou. Eventually, Gorou grew up and meet his wife Miki whom he married. The two would attempt to have children, but the first two of their children turn out to be stillborn as Miki suffered two miscarriages. She eventually was able to give birth to their third child, a son whom Gorou named "Issei"; in hopes that he would live an honest life. Issei would eventually visit his grandparents growing up as he would be very close to his grandfather Juzo, who taught him about breasts. Issei would eventually enroll into Kuoh Academy. During this time, Juzo would pass away as his soul would ascend into Buddhist Heaven.


The Red Dragon Emperor's Awakening

In Volume 1, Miki catches Issei and Rias in bed naked, becoming shocked at the scene. She and Gorou later eat breakfast with Issei as well as Rias, as Miki inquired about Rias' relationship with Issei, though she and Gorou had their memory of the event altered by Rias.

In Volume 2, Gorou and Miki were convinced by Rias to allow Asia to stay in their house as bridal training for Asia. At the end of the volume, they allowed Rias to move into their house, as Miki was glad to have two daughters and Gorou was proud of his son for succeeding in achieving a harem that Gorou couldn't when he was younger.

Birth of the Breast Dragon Emperor

In Volume 3, Gorou, Miki, Issei, Rias and Asia had breakfast, as he complimented Rias' cooking. Rias said that she wanted to have a club meeting at Issei's house due to the club room being cleaned, apologizing to Gorou and Miki, as they stated that they didn't mind and they wanted Issei to not spend as much time Matsuda and Motohama due to their negative influence on Issei. During the club meeting at Hyoudou Residence, Miki showed pictures of Issei's past to the club members, embarrassing him such as showing Akeno a picture of him going to the beach naked when he was a child, while Rias and Asia were entranced by the pictures of Issei's childhood. After Issei and Asia came from their club duties, Miki reintroduced Issei's old childhood friend, Irina Shidou, who Issei previously thought was a boy. Later, while Rias and Issei came home, Miki revealed that she helped Asia get dressed in a naked apron, with Rias becoming impressed at Asia for making the first move. Rias went to go get changed herself with Miki trying to assist her, as Rias kicked her out due to being embarrassed. Miki then came across Issei and Asia in a intimate atmosphere, stating that she was fine with them having sex in the kitchen so long as they clean up afterwards. While coming home from work, he saw Rias and Asia wearing naked aprons for Issei, as he and Issei watched the girls cook, with Gorou encouraging Issei to make them his wives so that they would become Gorou's daughters-in-law, which Issei replied positively.

In Volume 4, Gorou and Miki, met Rias' brother Sirzechs and his wife Grayfia as they discussed the upcoming class visit and Gorou offering some sake while talking. While visiting Issei's school, the two of them met Zeoticus Gremory, Rias' father as they discussed their children and Zeoticus' desire for Issei's parents to entrust Issei to him and Rias.

In Volume 5, Gorou and Miki discussed the newly made renovations to their house with Rias and Issei.

In Volume 6, Gorou and Miki cheered for Issei and Asia during their three-legged race.

The Heroic Oppai Dragon

In Volume 11, Gorou and Miki had breakfast with everyone living in the house as Gorou complimented Issei for having a bento made for him by Rias. Miki asked Issei when she could see her grandchild due to him confessing to Rias, as she stated that she would like for her granddaughter to be named Eri or Mari.

The Legend of Oppai Dragon and his Lively Companions

In Volume 18, Gorou and Miki greeted Touji Shidou as they discussed their children and their childhoods.

During the holidays, Issei and his parents went to visit his grandmother, as they brought along Asia with them and introduced her. Issei's grandmother was very pleased with Asia and hoped that she and Issei would quickly have sex so that she could become a great-grandmother, embarrassing Issei and Asia with her teasing. She later caught Issei and Asia sneaking into the house while everyone else was asleep, as she though that the two of them snuck out to have sex.[1]

In Volume 20, during breakfast with everyone, Miki reminded Issei about the three-way career interview as Gorou lectured Issei about the importance of the three-way career interview, with Miki telling Asia that she would come to her interview as well. During the three-way career interview, she became astonished due to the fact that Issei had already planned out his career future, as the teacher praised him for getting along with foreign students such as Asia, Xenovia and Irina but stated that there were some complaints towards him for his lewd behavior, which Miki apologized for. After hearing how the three-way career interview went down, Gorou was overjoyed as he praised Issei and went to drink in celebration. The next evening, Miki was sorting the various photo albums as Rias and Asia came. The three of them discussed Issei's past and his bad habit of not forgiving himself if he causes trouble, as Miki entrusted Issei to Rias and Asia, asking them to look after him. During the weekend, Gorou was polishing his fishing rod as he happily asked Issei if he could accompany him along with Miki and Asia, as Issei apologetically declined to due being busy, much to Gorou's disappointment although he stated that they would go a different time as Miki accompanied him to his fishing trip. Miki came across Gorou and Issei discussing the fishing trip with Issei declining due to his other duties, as Miki told Issei that his father simply wanted to spend time with him and have a honest talk with him, with her accompanying Gorou in Issei's stead. The two were kidnapped by Niðhöggr and used as hostages against Ophis, allowing him to beat her up. During Issei's attempt to rescue his parents, Rizevim Livan Lucifer revealed Issei's identity as a supernatural being and stating that a dragon had replaced their son by having Diehauser Belial dragonify Issei by feeding him dragon blood, forcing him to transform in his humanoid dragon form. Although initially frightened by Issei's dragon form, Gorou and Miki were able to recognize that Issei was truly their son due to his habit of apologizing. Gorou, Miki and Asia encouraged Issei in his fight against Rizevim. After Issei defeated Rizevim, the three of them became worried about Issei after he collapsed due to Diabolos Dragon's after-effects.

In Volume 21, Gorou and Miki were overjoyed after Issei's condition stabilized in the hospital. After Issei woke up, they were shocked at the fact that Issei couldn't recognize female breasts. As Azazel apologized for placing a great burden on Issei which lead to his current condition, Miki and Gorou stated that they were grateful to Azazel for raising him into a man that helps others. The two of them later officially met Vali, who they had seen a number of times at their house as he was shocked that they remembered him, with Gorou being happy that Issei had a friendly rival and Miki praising him for being a handsome boy. As Vali explained his and Issei's past relationship, including Vali threat to kill Issei's parents, Vali asked if they forgive him, as the two forgave him due to Vali reflecting on his actions. Vali later teased Issei by telling his parents that Issei got angrier when Vali threatened to halve Rias' breasts compared to when Vali promised to kill them, angering the two of them as they scolded Issei. The two were later visited and comforted by Zeoticus Gremory, who assured them that Issei would come back alive.

In Volume 22, everyone in the Hyoudou Residence went fishing as Gorou was excited to go fishing with everyone as Miki prepared food baskets for the trip. As Issei was preparing for his High-Class Devil Promotion Ceremony, Gorou and Miki were nervous and excited about coming to the Underworld and Issei's promotion as they exchanged small talk with Rias' parents. After Issei's promotion ceremony, they went to congratulate him, as he asked Issei if he could buy a ticket for a holiday for them and became shocked when Rias said that Issei could take them on a world tour. After Issei's match against Baraqiel, Gorou and Miki happily watched as Rias and Akeno quarreled over Issei.

Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth × White Dragon Emperor of the Morning Star: The True Dragon(s) of the Kuoh Academy

In Volume 23, Gorou came to the Underworld to watch and cheer for Issei and Asia during their Rating Game match. He reveals that Miki didn't come to watch Issei and Asia's match live due to being afraid of them being hurt during the Rating Game, though she would watch the live broadcast. At the end of the volume, Miki came to Issei's room and called him down as Roygun Belphegor came to visit him and pledge herself and her peerage to him.

In Volume 24, Gorou and Miki discussed Issei's engagements with the parents and guardians of the girls such as Rias' parents; Zeoticus Gremory and Venelana Gremory, Ravel's mother; Lady Phenex, Akeno's father Baraqiel, Xenovia's guardian; Griselda Quarta and Irina's parents; Touji Shidou and his wife, as they made plans for the weddings. Miki wondered if she should wear a different dress for each ceremony as she asked Asia what she wanted for her wedding. Miki stated that they would have to have to call over her mother-in-law as well as explain the entire situation about Ise not being a normal human anymore. As they continued to discuss the weddings, Gorou stating to talk about his father Juzo and how Issei resembled him, with everyone being interested in the story. While investigating the reason for Thanatos targeting Koneko Toujou and Kuroka, Issei was able to contact his grandfather's soul in Buddhist Heaven though the Ungaikyo youkai as the two discussed Issei's reputation in Buddhist Heaven and Issei's brides, but were forced to disconnect with Juzo promising to help him if anything happened. During Issei's fight with Thanatos, Juzo's soul appeared in the Boosted Gear as he helped Issei unlock Nyuutron Beam Cannon, which helped him defeat Thanatos. After chatting for a while, the two parted as Juzo's soul was forced to return to Buddhist Heaven.

In Volume 25, Gorou came to cheer for Issei during his match. After the match was finished, he alongside Kunou, Ophis and Lilith were attacked by Thanatos' Grim Reapers, who attempted to get revenge on Issei for defeating Thanatos by killing Gorou, although he was saved by Mitsuya Kanzaki. Later, Gorou defused the tense atmosphere between Mitsuya and Tobio Ikuse.

In True Volume 2, Gorou told Issei to win in his upcoming match even though his opponent would be Rias, as he warned Issei and Asia not be be reckless. Miki warned Asia to be careful and take care of herself in the upcoming Rating Game. She asked Issei to show his cool side and warned him that she would lecture him if he made Rias cry as she encouraged everyone on Issei's team to do their best and stated that she would be supporting them. Gorou introduced Mitsuya to Issei, stating that he was Gorou's and Miki's bodyguard for the Tournament. After that, both of them went to meet with Rias' parents: Zeoticus and Venelana, as well as Millicas, with Gorou stating that Millicas had grown since last time they meet. Venelana became grateful that Miki came to watch the Rating Game of their children and she shares her sympathy about their children fighting and became happy about Miki wanting to see Issei and Asia’s struggles. Gorou and Zeoticus began to drink their beer that was made by Azazel and began laughing after drinking beer from their glass cup, embarrassing their wives in the progress. After Issei was victorious against Rias, Zeoticus shook hands with Gorou and congratulated him on his son’s victory, but Gorou was embarrassed the fact that Issei beat his daughter, but Zeoticus assured him Rias and her team did their best and they began to talk about Grayfia and Zeoticus revealed they are taken care of her. Venelana called the match nerve-racking and Miki agreed because her heart was pounding at the sight of Asia being defeated by Crom and thought her son was really cool, despite being perverted. Venelana told her that Rias and Issei did their best and invites Miki to go see their children, with Miki agreeing as they followed their husbands. After the discussion, Zeoticus invites Gorou to go see their children after he became worried about Rias and Asia, with Gorou agreeing because he’s also worried about Asia, tagging with them are their wives.

In True Volume 4, Gorou and Miki became worried due to Issei's change in behavior, as Gorou wanted to take Issei to a hospital. After Team DxD’s victory against Hades and Angra Mainyu, Gorou and Miki celebrated with everyone at the garden of the Hyoudou Residence.


Name Information Rank Race Status
Juzo Hyoudou Gorou Hyoudou's father and Issei Hyouodu's paternal grandfather as well father-in-law of Miki Hyoudou. He was described as a rather open-minded and easy-going person who would easily accept the existence of Devils and Angels, with it being implied that he is the source of his grandson's lewd behavior. After his death, his soul ascended into Buddhist Heaven. N/A Human Deceased
Juzo Hyoudou's Unnamed Wife The unnamed wife of Juzo Hyoudou and mother of Gorou Hyoudou. She is Issei Hyoudou's paternal grandmother as well as the mother-in-law of Miki Hyoudou. While she's unaware of the existence of supernatural beings, she’s the kind of person who would believe in Youkai and mountain gods. She lives in the countryside of Japan and is always visited by Issei and his family every year on January 4th. After meeting Asia Argento, she has accepted her as a future granddaughter-in-law and hopes that she and Issei quickly have children together. N/A Human Alive
Gorou Hyoudou
Gorou Hyoudou (Close-Up).jpg
The husband of Miki Hyoudou and the father of Issei Hyoudou; the current Red Dragon Emperor, as well as the foster father of Asia Argento. He is a ordinary office worker. He has the appearance of a middle-aged man with brown hair and brown eyes who wear glasses. It is noted that Issei greatly resembles him. N/A Human Alive
Miki Hyoudou
Miki Hyoudou (Close-Up).jpg
The wife of Gorou Hyoudou and the mother of Issei Hyoudou; the current Red Dragon Emperor, as well as the foster mother of Asia Argento. She is a full-time housewife. Miki has the appearance of a middle-aged woman with dark brown hair that is tied into a ponytail and hazel eyes. N/A Human Alive
Issei Hyoudou
Issei LN Profile Image.png
The son of Gorou and Miki Hyoudou as well as the grandson of Juzo Hyoudou and his wife. He is a third-year high school student at Kuoh Academy. He possesses the Longinus; Boosted Gear, which makes him the current generation's Red Dragon Emperor. Issei is the Pawn of the Gremory Peerage and the King of his own independent peerage. Special-Class Devil Reincarnated Devil Alive
Asia Argento
High School D×D Vol.2 Colored LN Illustration.jpeg
A third-year high school student at Kuoh Academy in Class 3-B and is a girl with a very gentle heart who possesses a rare Sacred Gear, Twilight Healing, in her body that is capable of healing the wounds of Humans, Angels, Fallen Angels, and Devils alike. She was formerly one of Rias Gremory's Bishops but now serves as Issei Hyoudou's first Bishop and one of his fiancees. Asia started living in the Hyoudou Residence due to her desire to be closer to Issei as his parents started treating her as their own daughter. High-Class Devil Reincarnated Devil Alive


  • It would seem that erotic nature is hereditary in the Hyoudou family, as Issei, his father, grandfather, mother and grandmother all have a erotic nature. It is noted that Issei's father; Gorou, and his grandfather; Juzo, also sought to create a harem when they were younger like Issei, and Miki teaching Asia about the naked apron while Issei's grandmother teased Issei and Asia about the two of them having sex together and creating a child.
  • The family is close to the Devil noble Gremory clan due to Issei being the servant of the heiress of the clan; Rias Gremory as well as her lover and future husband. Issei's parents have shown to be good friends with Rias' parents.[2]
    • Gorou is shown to be good friends with Rias' father, Zeoticus Gremory, who like him shares the delight of embarrassing their children and drinking.
    • Miki is shown to be good friends with Rias’ mother, Venelana Gremory, who like her shares the same worries of their children and annoyance towards their husbands.
  • The family visits Gorou's side of the family on the fourth of January every year.[1]
  • Issei's achievements have allowed his grandfather Juzo to receive favorable treatment in Buddist Heaven as the various Gods often come to ask Juzo about Issei's childhood.[3]


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