Sword of Betrayer

Holy Demonic Swords (聖魔剣, Seimaken) are unique swords infused with holy and demonic powers, which were originally created by Yuuto Kiba using the Irregular Balance Breaker of his Sword Birth.


In Volume 3, Yuuto Kiba managed to merge the demon swords of his Sword Birth and light attribute of his friends from the Holy Sword Project, achieving his Balance Breaker, Sword of Betrayer creating the Holy Demonic Swords.

In Volume 4, it was revealed that Heaven received one of the Holy Demonic Swords from Kiba before the Three Faction Meeting.

In Volume 11, Kiba faces Siegfried and reveals that he has trained the ability to form Dragon Slayer holy swords.[1] In Volume 12, he uses this ability with his Holy Demonic sword, but fails initially, due to the extreme hardening of Siegfried's body after using Chaos-Break.[2]

In Volume 12, the Heaven managed to mass-produce prototypes of the Holy Demonic Swords based on the one given to them by Yuuto Kiba at the end of Volume 4. However, the mass-produced ones lack variety and are not as powerful as the ones that are used by Kiba. Due to the characteristic of the Holy Demonic Sword resulting from the absence of God, it can only be used away from the Vatican and Heaven.

In Volume 19, the Holy-Demonic Sword was 'stabilized' after Kiba was affected by the bubbles of Dulio's Speranza Bolla di Sapone technique.[3]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Holy Demonic Swords possess the qualities of both Holy Swords and Demon Swords, which became possible, as a result of the deaths of the God of the Bible and the original Four Great Satans who were the rulers of both Holy and Demonic powers, effectively ending the balance. The Holy Demonic Swords are more powerful than a normal Holy Sword or Demon Sword of the same type would be, however, it can't match that of swords such as Caliburn and Gram.

Holy Demon Swords produced using Sword Birth are at least as powerful as four of the Excalibur Fragments that consist of (Excalibur Nightmare, Transparency, Mimic, and Rapidly), then repelled the Excalibur Replica wielded by the master swordsman Ewald Cristaldi. They are also capable of changing into different elemental attributes such as fire, lightning, and ice, or erase light-based weapons. They can also possess dragon-slayer attributes.


  • Kiba's fusion of Holy and Demonic with this sword was what inspired Issei to (successfully) attempt to take Vali's Divine Dividing ability by inserting one of Vali's displaced Jewels into his right gauntlet.[4]


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