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The Himejima Clan is of the clans that is part of the Five Principal Clans, a powerful clan of mystics linked to the Shinto gods and have served them for generations and are well known for purifying evil spirits.


An ancient clan of Shinto mystics, the Himejima clan has stood in the shadows to serve the Shinto Gods and perform exorcism against evil creatures to keep Humans safe from their influence. As part of the Five Principal Clans who rule over powers of the Sacred Beasts, the Himejima Clan in possession of one known as the Vermilion Bird. The Himejima Clan has been blessed by the Shinto Gods, allowing its members to use the Fire Phase, one of the Five Elements.

At some point in time, Suou Himejima became the head of the clan. He banished the clan members who weren't to obtain the blessings of the Shinto Gods and those who were found to divert from the teachings of Shinto, as he exiled his older sister Ageha Ikuse for the crime of learning and using Buddhistic magic. After getting exiled, she went to marry her husband and gave birth to a son who in turn became the parent of Tobio Ikuse. Upon realizing that Tobio was the possessor of the Longinus; Canis Lykaon, Ageha sealed it with her Buddhistic magic so that Tobio could live a normal life.[1]

One of the members of the clan; Shuri Himejima, encountered one of the leaders of the Grigori; Baraqiel, who was injured and fleeing his enemies as he landed near the shrine she served at. While tending to his wounds, the two grew closer and ultimately fell in love as they got married and conceived a daughter; Akeno Himejima. However, Shuri's relationship with Baraqiel wasn't look at favorably among the rest of the members of the clan as they believed that one of the leaders of the Fallen Angels had brainwashed her and used her for his own pleasure (with the exception of Suzaku Himejima, who cared deeply for Shuri and looked after Akeno), as they sent practitioners to deal with Baraqiel and take Shuri back, though Baraqiel defeated them.

The clan would ultimately try to get Shuri back a second time when Baraqiel had to be away for a mission for the Grigori. As the practitioners tried to encourage Shuri to hand over her daughter, Shuri refuse and stood up to protect her as the practitioners killed her. Baraqiel would come back and defeat the practitioners but the shock of her mother's death made Akeno reject her father as she fled from him and ended up in exile. Due to this event, the relationship between the Grigori and the Himejima clan remained tense for a long time.[2]

As Akeno wandered in exile, she survived by performing exorcism against evil spirits who were tormenting innocent humans, with them being grateful and giving her food to survive. While she continued living in such a way, she was continuously chased by members of the Himejima Clan, who wished to kill her in order to keep her existence a secret from the Shinto Gods, as Akeno's existence was considered a disgrace due to the fact that mating with supernatural species was forbidden especially if the species originated from another mythology. After Suoh managed to corner her and nearly kill her, Akeno was saved by Rias Gremory who interfered in the execution. As Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, the servant devil of the current head of the Gremory clan, negotiated with Suou, they reached an agreement in regards to Akeno's fate as Akeno was taken in by the Gremory clan and told to avoid the territory under the Himejima Clan's control. Akeno would later become Rias' first servant as her Queen.[3]

A while later, Tobio Ikuse would awaken his Longinus as he was involved in defeating the Utsusemi Agency who were exiles of the Five Principal Clan, who wanted to take revenge on the clans for exiling them by using the powers of Sacred Gears. Tobio would later become a member of the Grigori as the leader of its covert ops team; the Slash/Dog Team.[1]

After some point in the past, Suou would step down as head of the clan as his great-niece; Suzaku Himejima would become the new clan head.

In Volume 21, during the Evil Dragon War, the Himejima Clan along with the rest of the Five Principal Clans aided the Three Factions in trying to stop the 666 (Trihexa), with Suzaku and Akeno reuniting after years of not seeing each other. After the war had concluded, Suzaku made arrangements to have Akeno accepted as a member of the clan again. This allowed her to contract with Youkai that the Himejima clan had defeated and sealed; the legendary Youkai Ura and Ibaraki Doujou.

In True Volume 3, the Himejima Clan along with the rest of the Five Principal Clans offered to be the security detail for Kyoto and defended it from Erebus' attack.


The Himejima Clan has been blessed by the Shinto Gods, allowing its members to have spiritual power over the Fire Phase, one of the Five Elements, which allows them to spiritually manipulate fire. As one of the Five Principal Clan that rule over powers of the Sacred Beasts, the Himejima Clan in possession of the Sacred Beast known as the Vermilion Bird, which chooses the most talented member of the clan as its wielder. The wielder of the Sacred Beast is most often then made the clan head.


Current Members

Name Information Race Status
Suzaku Himejima The current Head of the Himejima Clan and the niece of Suou Himejima, the previous Head of the clan as well as the current inheritor of her clans Sacred Beast, the Vermilion Bird. She is the cousin of Akeno and the second cousin to Tobio Ikuse. Human Alive
Suou Himejima The former Head of the Himejima Clan and the Great-Uncle to Suzaku Himejima and Akeno Himejima. He had strict adherence to the clans traditional customs as he exiled those that weren't blessed by the Shinto Gods or broke other traditions of the clan. Human Alive
Tobio Ikuse The grandson of Ageha Ikuse (née Himejima). He is the leader of the Slash/Dog Team and one of the top fighters of the Grigori. He is the possessor of one of the thirteen Longinus; Canis Lykaon, a independent avatar type Sacred Gear that he named Jin. Human Alive
Akeno Himejima The daughter of Baraqiel, the vice governor of the Grigori and Shuri Himejima, a member of the Himejima Clan, as well as one of Issei Hyoudou’s fiancées. She is the Queen of the Gremory peerage and one of Kuoh Academy’s Two Great Ladies. She was exiled by the Himejima clan after they discovered of her Fallen Angel heritage. She possesses the power of Holy Lightning, which she inherited from her father. After her cousin Suzaku became the Head of the clan, Akeno became acknowledged as a member of the clan once again. Reincarnated Devil (Former Fallen Angel/Human Hybrid) Alive

Former Members

Name Information Race Status
Shuri Himejima A shrine priestess (Miko) from a well-known shrine under the Himejima Clan, one of the Five Principal Clans. She was Baraqiel's wife and Akeno Himejima's mother as well as Suzaku's aunt. Human Deceased
Ageha Ikuse The grandmother of Tobio Ikuse and an exiled member of the Himejima Clan. She was exiled from the clan for using Buddhistic magic. She later met a her husband and married as she lived a peaceful life. When her grandson Tobio manifested a Longinus, she used her Buddhistic magic to seal it so he could live a peaceful life. Human Deceased


  • A common trait shared by the clan is that each member of their clan has the kanji in their name, a reference to their Sacred Beast. The sole exception to this is Tobio Ikuse.