A faction that will be in charge of uploading, renaming and maintaining image quality of the Wiki. Jobs included are creating gifs for pages that require gifs.


  1. Ezgoingboi27 (Leader)
  2. B214
  3. Astarothfan
  4. Crimson and Darkness
  5. Bennia Lover
  6. Ravel Guy

Former MembersEdit

  1. Sinbad765
  2. FallenShadow

Current Project:Edit

  • Renaming Images
  • Caption Images

Images that require GIFsEdit

  1. Azazel light spear attack (Episode 12, New)
  2. Downfall Dragon Another Armor donning scene (Episode 12, New)
  3. Katerea tentacles arm (Episode 12, New) ✔
  4. Sona creating water serpant (Episode 4, BorN) ✔
  5. Loki ice spell (Episode 4, BorN)
  6. Loki's full scale attack (Episode 4, BorN)

GIF proposalEdit

Users can propose GIFs, faction members will verify proposal and either approve or deny the request.


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