A faction that focuses on writing fight pages.


  1. Astarothfan (Leader)
  2. Bennia Lover
  3. Crimson and Darkness

Current taskEdit

Writing a page for all fights in High School DxD.


  1. All fights should be based on the original source, the Light Novel.
  2. Fights shouldn't have any anime or manga content inserted into it and should stick solely to the LN.
  3. In case if the fight is Anime-only, please state so.
  4. For example, "Issei Hyoudou vs Kalawanar is a fight between Issei and a Fallen Angel, Kalawarnar"
  5. This applies to fights that are only mentioned in the LN but are shown in the anime.
  6. Example: "Rias Gremory & Akeno Himejima vs Dohnaseek, Kalawarnar and Mittelt is an anime-only fight between the leaders of the Gremory Team and the 3 Fallen Angels under Raynare.


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