Factions are groups of users that work together towards a goal, such as improving relationship pages, enhancing images and correcting grammar. If you have any questions regarding the purpose, aim or any other questions regarding factions contact an admin or the leaders of a faction.

Purpose and FunctionEdit

Factions are created to give the Wikia a more systematic way of editing. Each faction would decide on a leader who will supervise each faction. Admins are generally considered as a member of all factions.



  1. Understand and follows the Wiki's Policy.
  2. Good in English.
  3. Follow all three media of High School DxD which is the Light Novel, Manga and Anime.


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Grammar Faction Relationship Faction Template Faction
Fight Faction


For those interested in becoming a member please enter your applications here. Your applications will be reviewed by either an Admin or leader of the faction which you applied to and an answer will be given ASAP.

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