The Hero Faction (英雄派 Eiyū-ha) was formerly the second-largest faction of the Khaos Brigade led by Cao Cao, the descendant of Cao Cao from the Chinese novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms and the one who betrayed Ophis.


The Hero Faction was one of the factions in Khaos Brigade that consisted of solely Humans. All members of the Hero Faction were either Sacred Gear, Holy Sword, Demon Sword, and/or Longinus wielders.

The motto of the Hero Faction was to fight and defeat "evil beings" such as Devils, Fallen Angels, and Dragons that bring harm to Humans. The Hero Faction possessed a large number of Sacred Gear wielders who were either abducted and brainwashed, or followed willingly. Many of these members, however, were sacrificed in battle during the Hero Faction's attempts to force them to achieve Balance Breaker. All of those who didn't reach Balance Breaker were eventually captured and later died as a result of Ophis' snakes destroying their Sacred Gears, while those who did achieve Balance Breaker were called back before they could be caught.

The Hero Faction went inactive after Volume 12 after the loss of their leaders. Indra sends their most powerful members (Cao Cao, Leonardo, and Georg) to the Realm of the Dead, taking all of their Longinus from them. Jeanne and Heracles were captured by the Devils and Fallen Angels for interrogation, while Siegfried was the only main member of the Hero Faction who died in battle.

The Hero Faction reformed during the Azazel Cup as Cao Cao once recruited its former members to form Team Spear of Heavenly Emperor. Due to Cao Cao acting as Indra's vanguard, the Hero Faction became Indra's subordinates. Due to their power, Indra offered the Hero Faction's cooperation to Team DxD, however due to their past crimes, the could only be added as provisional reserve members. Acting as a member of DxD, Cao Cao often acts alongside Tobio Ikuse's Slash/Dog Team, investigating events from the shadows.

In True Volume 3, the Hero Faction help defend Kyoto from Erebus' and the Alliance of Hell attack.

Current MembersEdit

Cao Cao (Founder/Leader) Georg (Sub-Leader)
Cao Cao appears in Kyoto
The descendant of Cao Cao and possessor of the first and strongest Longinus; the True Longinus. He created the Hero Faction to challenge various supernatural existences and protect humanity from them, seeking to fidn out how strong Human beings can become. Currently serves as Indra's Vanguard.
Georg getting orders from Cao Cao
The descendant of Johann Georg Faust, the human who contracted with the legendary Devil Mephisto Pheles, as well as the possessor of the Longinus; Dimension Lost. Originally a top-class Magician from the Magician association. He was later scouted by Cao Cao and left the association to join the Hero Faction.
Jeanne Heracles
Jeanne doing battle against Irina
The inheritor of the spirit of the Maiden of Orléans, Joan of Arc. She owns the Sacred Gear; Blade Blacksmith, which has the ability to create various Holy Swords with different elements.
Heracles in DxD HERO Opening
The inheritor of the spirit of the Greek mythological hero, Heracles. He owns the Sacred Gear; Variant Detonation, which allows him to to generate explosions on anything he comes into contact with.
Connla Perseus
Connla seen in DxD HERO
The inheritor of the soul of Connla, the son of the Irish mythological hero Cú Chulainn. He possesses the Sacred Gear; Night Reflection, which allows him to absorb attacks using shadows and redirect them in whatever direction he wishes from any shadow within the Sacred Gear's area of influence.

He later rejoins Cao Cao as a member of his team for the Azazel Cup[1].

He is the inheritor of the soul of the demigod Perseus. He possesses the Sacred Gear; Aegis Mineralization, which has the ability to petrify people who are weaker than him. He wields a sword and a shield.
Marsilio Flame Shake Possessor
The descendant of Marsilio Ficino. He possesses the Sacred Gear, Dreamlike Curse, and its Balance Breaker, Palaselene Utopia, which has the ability to send a targeted individual into a barrier space of his creation (a seemingly parallel world). He attempted to mentally corner Rias using this ability but was ultimately foiled by Issei and was captured while losing the ability to enter Balance Breaker.

He was later released along with the other members of the Hero Faction and rejoins Cao Cao as his team member in the Azazel Cup[2],

An unnamed former member of the Hero Faction. He is described as a man wearing a black coat, he is shown to despise Devils, viewing them as evil and believing that the town needed saving from them. The man was part of small Hero Faction group hiding in Kuoh Town that have made small scale assaults. He first appeared in Volume 7 when the Occult Research Club located his groups hideout at a abandoned factory, he primarily battled against Issei, he shot his flames at him but lost because of Issei's higher flame resistance. He and his associates were sent to the underworld and arrested but their memories during the Hero Faction were triggered to be erased upon arrival. His Sacred Gear grants him the ability to use pyrokinetic abilities, conjuring white colored flames.
Staring Blue Possessor Staring Green Possessor
An unnamed former member of the Hero Faction. He is described as a Chinese man wearing a native outfit. He appeared in Volume 7 fighting the Gremory Group when they located their hideout, he fired several light shots at Issei but was blocked by Irina Shidou's light spear. Akeno Himejima then attacked with spears of ice at him but was saved by Connla's shadows. He was soon defeated apprehended by Yuuto Kiba when Connla was dealt with, he and his group where then sent to the Underworld but with no memories regarding the Hero Faction. He could use attacks made of bows and arrows of blue light, the arrows shot also able to change direction in mid-air. Being a light attributed Sacred Gear, this weapon is naturally deadly to Devils. An unnamed member of the Hero Faction. He appeared in Volume 7 fighting the Gremory Team. He hid himself attacking from a distance but was son located and apprehended by Koneko Toujou and Xenovia Quarta. He and his team were sent to the underworld but lost their memories of the hero Faction upon arrival. His attacks were similar to the Staring Blue Possessor except his abilities were made of bows and arrows of green light.

Former MembersEdit

Arthur Pendragon Le Fay Pendragon
Arthur Pendragon Loki Fight2
Descendant of King Arthur as well as Morgan le Fay as well as the brother of Le Fay Pendragon and wielder of the legendary Holy King Sword; Caliburn. Originally one of the two top swordsmen of the Hero Faction along with Siegfried, he later left the Hero Faction to join the Vali Team.
Le Fay in DxD HERO Episode 4
Descendant of Morgan le Fay as well as King Arthur as well as the sister of Arthur Pendragon and a high ranking Magician. Originally member of the Hero Faction alongside her brother, she later left the Hero Faction alongside her brother to join the Vali Team.
Siegfried Leonardo
Siegfried’s smirk face
The Artificial Human created from the genes of the Dragon-slaying hero Siegfried in the Nibelungenlied. He owns the Sacred Gear; Twice Critical and a collection of Demon Swords including the legendary Demonic Emperor Sword, Gram. During the Demonic Beast Riot, he fought against Yuuto Kiba, who Gram chose as it's wielder. Siegfried was killed by Yuuto wielding Gram.
Leonardo close up
The possessor of the Longinus; Annihilation Maker. He was a member of the Hero Faction until the Demonic Beast Riot, where Shalba Beelzebub kidnapped him and forced him to create the large Anti-Monsters, Bandersnatch and Jabberwocky, which left him comatose. Currently at the Grigori, where he is being taught to control his Sacred Gear.


  • Practically almost every Hero Faction member shown wears matching uniforms similar to that of a Japanese school uniform (more specifically, the gakuran worn in the fall).


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