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For fuck’s sake, don’t just ruin the kids’ fun.

–Heracles to Lilith's Children, True Volume 3, Life.Heroes


Heracles is a member of the Hero Faction. He carries the spirit of the Greek mythological hero Heracles.


Heracles is a two-meters tall man with a well-built body and has shoulder-length gray hair. He wears what appears to be an attire of a Japanese school uniform (more specifically, the gakuran uniform generally worn by Japanese schoolboys in the fall), covered by what could possibly to be Greek-inspired armor.


Heracles is shown to be arrogant, overconfident, brutal, stubborn, assertive, and pugnacious. Heracles loves battles and takes great pride and confidence in his name and his skills. He often has a tendency to look down upon his opponents, as shown when he claimed that a "defect" like Sairaorg cannot possibly defeat him just because Sairaorg can't use any special demonic powers. He also has no qualms in employing dirty tricks to defeat his opponents like when he attacked a bus with children in it, all in order to defeat the Sitri group.

However, after his defeat at the hands of Saioraorg Bael and his punishment of being forced to look after Devil kindergarden children, his personality had undergone a significant change. He lost his arrogance and other negative qualities as he became more determined to increase his own strength and win against Sairaorg in a fight to overcome his past defeat. But his most significant change in character was the fact that he started to care deeply about children after spending time protecting them and looking after them. This is seen in his match against Sairaorg, where Heracles was able to get up after being knocked down by Sairaorg after being cheered on by the Devil children as well as increasing his own power. Heracles is shown to often play with the various supernatural children such as the Youkai children in Kyoto by dressing up as characters from Oppai Dragon.


Not much is known about Heracles' past, other than that at some point before the series, he was persuaded by Cao Cao to join the Hero Faction.

Powers & Abilities

Immense Strength: Heracles possesses a remarkable amount of strength for a Human. In DX.4, he was able to fight on par with Sairaorg Bael.

Immense Durability: Heracles is shown to have a great level of endurance and he is able to take a punch from Sairaorg covered in Touki and continued to fight despite the intense pain. In his rematch, his defense has increased enough to be able to withstand a punch from Sairaorg that knocked him down before.

  • Magic Resistance: During his fight with Rossweisse, Heracles has shown that he has a high resistance to magic and magical attacks as he was able to tank Rossweisse's full magic assault with little to no damage.

Immense Speed: Heracles has shown to be highly fast. He was capable of evading most of Sairaorg in his Balance Breaker.

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Heracles is shown to have great skills in hand-to-hand combat, being able to fight on par with Sairaorg in their second fight as well as hold his own after Sairaorg used Balance Breaker. Heracles can also coat his physical attacks with Variant Detonation.


Variant Detonation (巨人の悪戯バリアント・デトネイション, Barianto Detoneishon): Heracles' Sacred Gear that builds up a glowing aura around the wielder's body that has the ability to explode the same time its wielder physically attacks.

Detonation-Mighty Comet

  • Detonation - Mighty Comet (超人による悪意の波動デトネイション・マイティ・コメット, Detoneishon Maiti Kometto): Variant Detonation's Balance Breaker. The aura around the wielder's body glows, transforming into numerous missile-like objects, ready for the wielder to discharge them towards its enemies at a moment's notice. In Volume DX.4, he discarded the ability to create missiles in favor of increasing the destructive power of his Balance Breaker, that was able to damage Sairaorg in his Balance Breaker which Heracles was unable to do before.


  • Heracles is named after Heracles, the famous hero.
    • The original Heracles is better known by the Roman version of his name, Hercules.