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The final battle between Team DxD and the Alliance of Hell as the two groups clashed in the English city of London, as Team DxD moved to completely defeat the Alliance of Hell due to their actions in attacking Kyoto.


In the aftermath of the Alliance of Hell's attack on Kyoto, the other mythological factions began discussing and taking measures to ensure a post-war treatment for the Realm of the Dead after Hades is defeated, due to viewing the attack as a declaration of war.

After the Rating Game match between Team White Dragon Emperor of the Morning Star and Team Journey to the West, Issei Hyoduou and his peerage were attacked by the impostor Ddraig and a hooded figure; who was later revealed to Meredith Ordinton, a old friend of Le Fay Pendragon, as she used her Sacred Gear to seal Issei's sexual desire.

With members of Team DxD and their allies arriving in London, the combined group was split into multiple teams who were each assigned a different opponent.

Team and Matchup listing

Alphecca Tyrant Capture Team

  • Meredith: Le Fay, Arthur, Koneko and Kuroka
  • Verrine: Rias, Gasper, Akeno, Xenovia, Irina and Rossweisse
  • Support: Elmenhilde

Impostor Heavenly Dragons Team

  • Fake Heavenly Dragons and Aži Dahāka II: Ddraig, Albion and Crom Cruach

Main Offensive Team

  • Balberith: Sairaorg and his peerage, Kiba, and Journey to the West
    • Support: Ravel, Asia, Ingvild, Lavinia, Lint and Bennia
  • Hades and Angra Mainyu: Issei and Vali
    • Support: Fenrir and Gogmagog

Support Team

  • [Slash/Dog] Team
  • Hero Faction
  • Reincarnated Angels
  • CIA
  • MI6


As Vali manifested Albion, the Two Heavenly Dragons, along with Crom Cruach, flew to try to engage their impostors in battle while each of the teams went to deal with their objective.

Main Offensive Team vs
Artificial Devils and Grim Reapers

The main offense team headed to Hades' newly created London temple as they engaged 25000 Artificial Devils and Grim Reapers, with Kuisha Abaddon stating that they would ultimately expect to deal with 40000 at maximum. Issei and Vali used their Diabolos Dragon forms to blow away hundreds of them with a single attack, as Regulus killed hundreds of them with his claws and fangs, later combining with Sairaorg to form his Regulus Rey Leather Rex armor. Sairaorg began punching them away in with his Balance Breaker as Gogmagog blasted them with machine guns. Kiba began using Glory Drag Trooper to attack and then equipped them with his Demon Swords (Balmung, Nothung, Tyrfing and Dáinsleif). Ingvild summoned a Water Dragon to attack, while Fafnir began attacking Devils and Grim Reapers as protected Asia. Lint burned Devils and Grim Reapers to ash as the reborn Journey to the West trio began to rampage against the Devils. Kiba warned them to avoid the Grim Reapers's Death Scythes. As the group slowly advanced, it suddenly started to snow, due to the effect from Lavinia’s Balance Breaker; Assoluto Argento Mondo, which froze all the Devils and Grim Reapers into ice sculptures, while not freezing her allies nearby. Someone appeared walking past all the icicles with incredible aura; Balberith. Sairaorg told Issei and Vali to go ahead as he would fight Balberith. Issei, Vali, Fenrir and Gog all flew towards the temple, as Sairaorg and Kiba prepared to fight.

Heavenly Dragons and Crom Cruach vs
Fake Heavenly Dragons and Aži Dahāka II

Meanwhile, the Two Heavenly Dragons, along with Crom Cruach, confronted their impostors over Tower Bridge. The fake Ddraig and the fake Albion released aura that was similar to their own aura, though as Evil Dragon aura like that of Grendel and Nidhoggr could be felt from them. Ddraig, Albion and Crom noticed a powerful evil aura gathering behind the fake Heavenly Dragons, which gradually transformed into a three-headed dragon with 6 wings; Aži Dahāka II. Crom couldn't understand why Angra would create another Aži Dahāka, but Albion who fought Aži Dahāka in a duel was angry that Angra would defile Aži Dahāka and that the real Aži Dahāka wasn't there. Both fake Heavenly Dragons and 2nd Gen Aži Dahāka did not have consciousness, emotions and were simply a mass of power shaped like a Dragon created from Angra Mainyu aura. Ddraig didn't consider them dragons as while there are many dragons created by gods, each had their own thoughts and pride. Ddraig couldn'tt stand the idea of his fake ruining his reputation. Ddraig stared at the Pseudo-Albion, Albion stared at the Pseudo Ddraig while Crom stared at Aži Dahāka II. The six dragons disappeared as they fiercely collided with each other.

The battle between the six dragons has resulted in windows and buildings being destroyed. Ddraig and Albion avoided breathing fire and aura as to not damaging the streets, though the other dragons didn't share that sentiment. Pseudo-Ddraig breathed fire at Albion and Albion divided it, with the missed flames damaging Tower Bridge. Ddraig was disappointed at himself for the humans but decided to breath fire. His and and Pseudo-Albion’s aura breath collided, with Ddraig’s overpowering his and damaging Pseudo-Albion. Ddraig was convinced that while these fakes surpassed Dragon King class, they couldn't copy the abilities and the fighting style of the Heavenly Dragons. Ddraig kicked Pseudo-Albion and said that if Angra had more time, then he could have possibly copied their abilities. Ddraig’s fist went through Pseudo-Albion’s chest, as it vomited blood but then headbutted Ddraig and Ddraig responded with a headbutt of his own. Ddraig then grabbed the Pseudo-Albion’s throat and breathed fire all over it, letting it go after it died. Albion then pierced Pseudo-Ddraig’s abdomen with his own aura breath.

Both Ddraig and Albion flew towards Big Ben where Crom was fighting Aži Dahāka II. Aži Dahāka II released various elemental magic circles plus forbidden class magic at Crom. Albion warned Crom about the forbidden class magic, but Crom charged past all those attacks and grabs onto Big Ben. Azi then created various defense magic, but Crom easily broke through them with his fist and destroyed Aži Dahāka II middle head. Albion stated that Aži Dahāka II's magic was far weaker than 1st Gen Aži Dahāka. Despite losing its middle head, Aži Dahāka II began regenerating which Crom noted that the original Azi couldn't. Ddraig and Albion looked back and noticed the defeated fakes chasing them with their wounds regenerating as well. They point out that they don’t have such abilities, so unless they defeat Angra, they would kept regenerating. Ddraig considered using Blazing Inferno of the Scorching Flames, but decided against it as it would be troublesome for the streets of London. The Two Heavenly Dragons decided to believe in their partners, as they would at least have a good exercise after their bodies have dulled from being sealed for so long.

Sairaorg Bael vs Balberith

Sairaorg vs Balberith

During the offense team's battle with Hades' Grim Reapers and Artificial Devils, Balberith challenged Sairaorg Bael to a fight, as Balberith asked Sairaorg to spare Verrine and Zeno; who Balerith considered his family, much to Zeno's confusion and grief as Zeno was saddened by Balerith's willingness to sacrifice himself for Zeno. Sairaorg agreed as he equipped his Breakdown the Beast armor. The two of them collided in a fierce fistfight, as nearly everyone in their surroundings was entranced by their fight. Balberith wasn't able at full power as trying to imitate the Oppai Dragon fighting style rather then fighting by relying on his instinct and talent, causing him to not be able to draw out his full combat potential. Sairaorg was able to defeat Balberith due Balberith being unable to properly control his stamina in battle, allowing Sairaorg to overwhelm him. As Sairaorg and Yuuto Kiba approached the defeated Balberith, Zeno implored them to just restrain Balberith due to him not being malicious like Gressil and Sonellion. Sairaorg revealed that he knew that Balberith was Bal, who kept sending letters to Issei, as gave Balerith a Oppai Dragon action figure after hearing that Balerith had given his away to a Youkai child during Erebus' attack on Kyoto. Saioraorg swore on his name to Zeno that he wouldn't harm Balberith, as Zeno thanked him in tears.

Alphecca Tyrant Capture Team vs Verrine and Meredith Ordinton

After arriving at the mansion where Meredith was hiding at, the team had Elmehilde and Gasper scout the area by using their bats, as the located Verrine's location as well as the fact that there were multiple Merediths due to her most likely using the ability of a mind-controlled Sacred Gear user to confuse them by giving all of Meredith's mind controlled Sacred Gear users Meredith's appearance. The team split into two groups, one (Rias, Gasper Akeno, Xenovia, Irina, Rossweisse) to fight Verrine and the other (Le Fay, Arthur, Koneko, Kuroka and Elmenhilde) to fight Meredith, as the two groups infiltrated the mansion. Rias and her group reach Verrine as she attempted to flee to assist Meredith, though she was stopped by Rossweisse's isolation barrier; which was strengthened by Issei's Dividing Wyvern Fairy's Boost ability. Verrine attempted to destroy the barrier but was incapable of doing so due to the barrier by the Boost ability. Rias and Gasper combined into Forbidden Invade Balor the Princess as Rias challenged Verrine to a fight.

Meanwhile, the other group; lead by Le Fay, continuously defeated the mind-controlled Sacred Gear users who were protecting Meredith. Elmenhilde search for Meredith's location with her bats though was unable to tell the real Meredith from the disguised illusions. Koneko and Kuroka then used Senjutsu to determine the which of them was the real Meredith as the group headed to the second floor, continuing to defeat the mind controlled Sacred Gear users. Reaching the second floor, the group found Meredith, who was surrounded by 3 Sacred Gear users who were protecting her. After Le Fay's attempt to try to get Meredith to stand down failed, the group engaged Meredith and her the mind-controlled Sacred Gear users in a battle. Koneko, Kuroka and Elmenhilde easily defeated the 3 mind-controlled Sacred Gear users, as Meredith began launching Holy Nails at Le Fay, which Arthur deflected. Meredith enveloped the entire room in holy nails but Arthur smashed all of the holy nails in flash. The Pendragon siblings cornered Meredith as Le Fay used the Anti-Longinus ring on Meredith, forcing Aka Manah manifested himself from Meredith, but he was swiftly defeated and exorcised by Arthur. Meredith tried to remove Anti-Longinus ring with her knowledge of security magic, but Le Fay defeated Meredith by using her own security magic to counter Meredith as she fell into unconsciousness, as Meredith revealed her regret of not following Le Fay when she left Golden Dawn.

As Rias and Verrine continued to fight, Verrine was slowly losing her stamina due to not being skilled on stamina management and the holy aura from the group's attacks accelerating her stamina loss. As the group began overwhelming Verrine; Rossweisse, Xenovia and Irina used their abilities to restrain Verrine as she had her time stopped by Balor Rias' ability. Frustrated by her loss, Verrine began crying like a young child, much to the group's bewilderment. Rias contacted Le Fay to inform her of the situation as the two groups confirmed the success of the mission, as the "Alphecca Tyrant Capture Team" moved to regroup in order to take Verrine into custody and move to Issei's and the other location to assist them.

Vali Lucifer and Issei Hyoudou vs Hades and Angra Mainyu

Hades and Angra Mainyu, as they appeared before Issei and Vali

Issei, Vali, Fenrir and Gog moved towards the Greek-style temple when they felt extraordinary pressure and godly aura coming from the temple. Vali prepared to fight as a transportation circle appeared in the air; Hades and Angra, who has an appearance of dark aura taken humanoid form, had arrived. Both Hades and Angra possessed terrible auras with Hades’ aura being even stronger than Angra's. Angra seeing both of them admitted he always knew that those dragons were terrible monsters. Issei told them to surrender, but Hades said they wont, though he admits that even if they win against Issei and Vali, they would have to fight the other Longinus users, Apollon, Vidar and eventually Shiva. Hades admitted that there was no possible way they could win in the end.

Vali asked them if they knew that, why did they choose to fight at all. Angra pointed out that they have allies who followed them and believed in them despite them knowing this, and that they’d be a joke if they just gave up now. They also point out that they just can’t agree with DxD. Vali laughs, while saying its better than running away at least. There was a flash of light in Hades' eye and he said;

"Go ahead, your souls are showing no signs of weakness, and I will destroy them with my own hands."

The fight split into Vali & Fenrir vs Hades and Issei & Gogmagog vs Angra. Issei launched an aura cannon while Angra created multiple Zoroastrianism Magic circles and launched various elemental magic attacks. Both attacks collided creating an explosion. They continued fighting each other with Angra managing to damage Issei’s hands, paralyzing them and as the impact could be felt in his bones. Vali released a aura blast at Hades, who blocked them with his staff and released his own at Vali. They were so powerful that Vali couldn't [Reflect] them properly, so he had to dodge them. Fenrir tried to attack Hades, but he kept dodging and counterattacking him. Hades was avoiding head-on fighting with Fenrir while being wary of Vali. Hades and Vali damage each other, but since Hades is fighting both Vali and Fenrir at the same time, he’s truly a powerful being. Vali contacted Issei through a magic circle, saying that he can win against Hades, but it will be difficult given they have a time limit.

Issei vs Angra fought in an aura vs magic battle, as sometimes Issei would damages Angra and sometimes Angra would transform his body into a dark mist to avoid Issei’s attacks and transformed back. Issei thought of using [Penetrate], but Angra admitted that Issei was quite strong and he was going to lose at this rate. Then Angra shapeshifted his body into a beautiful woman with black hair, big breast, thin waist, and thighs just right. His voice changed to a lovely woman’s voice and he was wearing a dress with a high exposure rate. Issei looked away saying that its too nasty and early for a high school student to see. Angra laughed, saying that this was very effective against the current Red Dragon Emperor as Issei’s aura began to shake.

Issei right now hated pornography and couldn't fight a woman dressed like that. Angra launched a magical attack that Issei didn't see coming and got hit, destroying his armor. Issei planned to fight back, turning his face away when he saw Angra’s bouncing breast, which lead to him continuously getting hit by magic attacks, as he fell to the ground. Issei rebuilt his armor and finally got the willpower to at least look at Angra. Angra laughed as he shapeshifted his body again so that he was naked, causing Issei to shout. Issei gets a nosebleed, falls to his knees, but said he absolutely cannot look directly at such a sexy young lady, losing his fighting spirit, and DxD G dissipated. He had no energy to fight such an indecent opponent! Angra laughed and said that it was scary that this was working. He began increasing his magical power through his godly aura.

Gogmagog appeared in front of Issei and took the hit from Angra’s attack which damaged his body. Gog continued to shield Issei from Angra’s countless elemental magic attacks; his body, arms and joints in its legs fell apart. Vali shouted at Issei on how his concepts could be rewritten to such an extent with Hades saying that the Red Dragon Emperor was about to die. Issei’s dilemma with breasts caused him to curl up into a ball and the mental anguish was making it difficult for him to breathe. Issei apologized to Rias, everyone, Vali and Gog who protected him and was now reduced to a semi-ruined state and could no longer function. Angra prepared to deal the final blow. Angra released countless magic circles at Issei and Gog, as there was no escape and they would die. Issei admitted that this was the end and says there was still so much he wanted to do.

Issei regains his love for breasts

In that moment before death, Issei felt something in his heart, the world stopped at that very moment. Suddenly in Issei’s mind Rias’ oppai came to mind, and not just Rias’. Asia, Akeno, Koneko, Xenovia, Irina, Ravel, Rossweisse, Kuroka, Le Fay, Grayfia, Yasaka, Kunou, Ophis, and Lilith’s oppai. Oppai, naked oppai, nipples, breast, swimsuits, clothed, round, soft, small, big, oversized. Issei remembered all the oppai he had seen through Dress Break. He broke down into tears, wondering how he could forget something so important. Breast, waist, thighs, tits, nipples. Those are all important things one must seek. He understood that when he was hit by the holy nail, everyone told him he was acting strange. At this time, Ophis’ voice said he had finally arrived. Crimson and black aura spiraled around Issei, as the Great Red power within Issei's body was echoing, allowing Issei to unlock True DxD G.

Angra was shocked as he could now sense God aura coming from Issei, as Issei now had Devil, Dragon and God aura. Issei thanked Angra for the naked woman appearance and apologized to Gog for shielding him. Angra was surprised by this development realized that Meredith had been defeated. Issei charged after Angra using Pailingual on his oppai. His oppai revealed that Angra planned on using Dragon-Slayer and Light magic, Issei said if its female it works. Issei caught up to him and punched him through [Boost] and [Penetrate] destroying all of his defensive magic layers and transforming him back from naked woman to his aura appearance. Issei’s fist created a huge crater and pulls out all three Ascalons. Angra avoided the ones on his hands but got hit by the tail mixed with [Penetrate] damaging him. Issei continued with his attacks and punched him to the ground again. Angra tried to escape using a transportation circle, but Issei grabbed him and charged both ∞ Blaster + Longinus Smasher. Angra tried in vain to escape Issei’s grasp and said that Issei's power is stronger than what was originally recorded. Issei told him that the form he previously fought him in was DxD G, while his current form was True DxD G. Angra began laughing as he understood how Nyx and Tartarus felt, just as they were about to win, Issei would pull off a miracle and make a comeback behind victory. Angra was also embarrassed as he didn't understand what exactly Issei is and he was scared. He’s a God, but he’s scared, as True DxD G was really powerful. Issei said that Ophis said that Issei is strange and he didn't know what to say about that. After finishing charging Issei said it was over and released ∞ Blaster + Longinus Smasher at Angra.

Issei went to where Vali was and saw Vali trying to compress Hades’ aura attacks while Fenrir was being restrained by a powerful capture formula. So it was now just Vali vs Hades with Vali’s armor damaged and him injured. Vali used his wyverns to stop Hades’ movement while he charged his attack. Hades noticed the gradually fading of a God’s aura and saw Issei, as Hades knew that Angra lost and Issei recovered. If anything, Issei was now even more powerful than he was before and Hades stated that it must have been a miracle. Vali said Issei is a joke existence and not even the Gods of Hell and that maybe Hades should have used 10,000 naked beautiful women to try to defeat him. Issei though that he would lose to 10,000 naked beautiful women. Vali fired Satan Lucifer Smasher at Hades which hits caused the space to shake. Issei was worried that they would cause London to collapse, but Vali told him they’re not really beneath London, but in a pseudo-space underground. If anything they were just in another Rating Game venue. Vali moves forward and saw that Hades wasn’t defeated, and though he was greatly injured, he’s still releasing a strong radiance. Issei stood next to Vali and told him it was time, which Vali agreed. Several transportation circles began appearing and Rias, Le Fay, and Sairaorg’s group arrived, along with Dulio, Strada, Reincarnated Angels, Church warriors, Cao Cao and Hero Faction, Slash/Dog team and Magnus Rose with iron wings.

Hades saw that all of Team DxD was there to fight him and Hades gathered aura into his staff and told them one thing:

It's best to remember, even miracles have limits. What will you do then?

Hades released aura from his staff and DxD confronts it. Issei and Vali released their own aura at it, Dulio launched all kinds of elemental attacks at it, Strada with the repaired Durandal II released holy aura at it, Cao Cao, Tobio, and Sairaorg with spear, scythe, and fist all attacked it, as Ingvild sang to increase Issei and Vali’s power and Rias and the others added their own attacks into it. Hades’ attack took in all of theirs and gradually became weaker, but Hades began adding more into his staff resulting in all of Team DxD (minus Issei and Vali) being blown away and knocked down. The resulting collisions from Hades and DxD’s joint attack shook the pseudo-space, with even Hades being shaken by it. Issei with crimson aura wrapped around his fist and Vali with silver aura managed to break through Hades’ attack and both punched him. Hades tried to escape but Issei and Vali gather aura under their feet and side-by-side they kicked Hades deep into the ground. Hades was defeated, his aura gone, his body bruised and silent. Issei and Vali fist bumped each other as they took the defeat Hades with them.

Rias, Asia, Akeno, Koneko, Xenovia, Irina, Ravel, Rossweisse, Kuroka, Le Fay, and Elmenhilde all rushed towards Issei. Issei revealed his face and said “I’m Oppai Dragon who loves oppai the most”. Issei's harem rejoiced, while Rias and Asia say that they were glad that Issei was back. Issei embraces the two and told them he has returned. Ddraig and Albion flew towards them and landed next to them, as the four dragons were all standing side-by-side. Vali asked where’s Crom was, with Albion saying that he left after their fight with the fakes, and though he wasn't not here he should be satisfied with the ending. 


Due to DxD's dutiful service, the members of Team DxD were awarded with promotions and acknowledgements. The Rookies Four were promoted to the ranks of Ultimate-class Devils, as nearly all of Team DxD was promoted to the their achievements. For their exceptional service and achievements, the Two Heavenly Dragons; Issei Hyoudou and Vali Lucifer were awarded with the newly created Special-class Devils rank and were also officially recognized as Super Devils by the Underworld government.

After the promotion award ceremony, Sona Sitri traded 3 of her servants (Bennia Orcus, Loup Garou and Ruruko Nimura) to the members of the Gremory Peerage (Issei Hyoudou, Rias Gremory and Xenovia Quarta).

Xenovia revealed that she arranged for Kuroka to become her Bishop after asking Ajuka Beelzebub's assistance, as well as the fact that she planned to make Balberith and Verrine into her servants in the future.


The ones to receive rewards among DxD during this [Hell Disaster] were announced.

It was mainly an announcement of promotion for Devils and Angels.

[Special-class Devil] Promotion

  • Hyoudou Issei
  • Vali Lucifer

[Transcendental being] Acknowledgment

  • Hyoudou Issei
  • Vali Lucifer

[Ultimate-class Devil] Promotion

  • Sairaorg Bael
  • Seekvaira Agares
  • Rias Gremory
  • Sona Sitri ── Current Head of the House of Sitri

[High-class Devil] Promotion

  • Regulus (declined [Evil Pieces] awarding) ── Sairaorg Bael’s peerage [Pawn]
  • Alivian (accepted [Evil Pieces] awarding) ── Seekvaira Agares’ peerage [Queen]
  • Himejima Akeno (declined [Evil Pieces] awarding) ── Rias Gremory’s peerage [Queen]
  • Kiba Yuuto (declined [Evil Pieces] awarding) ── Rias Gremory’s peerage [Knight]
  • Toujou Shirone (declined [Evil Pieces] awarding) ── Rias Gremory’s peerage [Rook]
  • Gasper Vladi (accepted [Evil Pieces] awarding) ── Rias Gremory’s peerage [Bishop]
  • Shinra Tsubaki (accepted [Evil Pieces] awarding) ── Sona Sitri’s peerage [Queen]
  • Saji Genshirou (accepted [Evil Pieces] awarding) ── Sona Sitri’s peerage [Pawn]
  • Rossweisse (declined [Evil Pieces] awarding) ── Hyoudou Issei’s peerage [Rook]
  • Xenovia Quarta (accepted [Evil Pieces] awarding) ── Hyoudou Issei’s peerage [Knight]
  • Asia Argento (declined [Evil Pieces] awarding) ── Hyoudou Issei’s peerage [Bishop]
  • Toujou Kuroka (without [Evil Pieces] awarding) ── Xenovia Quarta’s peerage [Bishop]

―Other people also received High-class devil promotion.

[Mid-class Devil] Promotion

  • Yura Tsubasa ── Sona Sitri’s peerage [Rook]
  • Meguri Tomoe ── Sona Sitri’s peerage [Knight]
  • Hanakai Momo ── Sona Sitri’s peerage [Bishop]
  • Kusaka Reya ── Sona Sitri’s peerage [Bishop]
  • Loup Garou ── Rias Gremory’s peerage [Rook]
  • Bennia Orcus ── Hyoudou Issei’s peerage [Knight]
  • Nimura Ruruko ── Xenovia Quarta’s peerage [Pawn]

―Other people also received Mid-class devil promotion.

[Ultimate-class Angel] promotion

  • Shidou Irina (Suit of [Spades] awarding) ── Michael’s Ace

―Other people also received High-class Angel and Mid-class Angel promotion.


  • A new class without any precedents, [Special-class Devil] was awarded to those who have appropriate abilities, with both social and political influence.
  • Those who have declined [Evil Pieces] awarding can receive them anytime by submitting an application.
  • Ravel Phenex, who is a High-class Devil due to her lineage, was awarded with [Evil Pieces].
  • Peerages of Sairaorg Bael as well as Seekvaira Agares also have those who got promoted to Mid-class and High-class Devils. ―However, there are also those who were originally High-class Devils due to their noble origins (like Kuisha Abaddon).
  • Due to Ingvild Leviathan’s peculiar origin, handling her situation was difficult, but because of her Satan lineage she is to be treated at least as Ultimate-class Devil, without [Evil Pieces] awarding.
  • Toujou Kuroka was not awarded [Evil Pieces]. This was in consideration to the fact that part of the devils government’s top brass regarded her as dangerous due to Nebiros taking part in her birth, in addition to killing her master.
  • Due to the fact that reincarnated Angels’ ranks, in contrast with reincarnated Devils', are thinner, Shidou Irina skipped over some steps and got promoted to Ultimate-class Angel for her conspicuous service.


Team DxD

Name Information
Occult Research Club Mainly consisting of members of Rias Gremory's Peerage and Issei Hyoudou's Peerage; the group went to London in order to help defeat Hades as well as restore Issei to his normal self after his concept were rewritten by Meredith Ordinton's Sacred Gear. During the battle, the group was divided and grouped into various teams with different objectives such as the "Alphecca Tyrant capture team" and the main offense team. As part of the "Alphecca Tyrant capture team": Koneko assisted in defeating Meredith Ordinton, while Rias, Gasper Akeno, Xenovia, Irina, Rossweisse defeated Verrine. The remaining members (Issei, Kiba, Ravel, Asia, Ingvild) fought as members of the main offense group, against Hades' Grim Reapers and Artificial Devils. The ORC offense team stayed to fight them while Issei went to fight against Hades and Angra Mainyu.
Sairaorg Bael's Peerage They originally investigated the movements of the Artificial Devils in London. During the final battle, they went to deal with the Hades' Grim Reapers and Artificial Devils, as Sairaorg fought against Balberith and defeated him.
Vali Team During the final battle, the team split into multiple groups to deal with various situations as Le Fay, Arthur and Kuroka went to subjugate Meredith Ordition, while the rest the rest of the team helped deal with the Hades' Grim Reapers and Artificial Devils, with the reborn Journey to the West team staying behind to fight them, while Vali, Fenrir and Gogmagog went to fight Hades and Angra Mainyu.
Slash/Dog Team The majority of the team was responsible for the surveillance of London and tracking the enemy's movements, while Lavinia traveled as a member of them main London team in order to look after Vali due to worrying about him. During the final battle, Lavinia fought as member of the main offense group, against Hades' Grim Reapers and Artificial Devils, freeing them with her Balance Breaker.
Hero Faction The Hero Faction split into two groups, one focused on attacking the bases of the Artificial Devils while another group (which focused on magic) would support to the front line members outside of London.
Brave Saints Lead by Dulio, most of the reincarnated Angels were stationed outside to attack the bases of the Artificial Devils, with Irina Shidou and Lint Sellzen joining the main team in London; as Irina assisted in defeating Verrine while Lint fought as member of the main offense group, against Hades' Grim Reapers and Artificial Devils, protecting Asia Argento.
Bennia Orcus She went to assist DxD due to her connection to the Realm of the Dead, providing information from the Moderate Grim Reaper faction. During the final battle, she fought as member of the main offense group, against Hades' Grim Reapers and Artificial Devils.

Name Information
Elmenhilde Karnstein A Vampire Princess from the Karnstein family and agent of the Carmilla Faction as well as a member of Issei's Team Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth. She assisted in Meredith Ordinton's subjugation.
Vasco Strada Returned to the Vatican and tracked DxD's movements from there while rallying at Calais, in France. During the final battle, he teleported in to assist in attacking Hades.
Crom Cruach A legendary Evil Dragon from the Irish mythology, also know as the Crescent Circle Dragon, who once served the Evil God Balor. He participated in the battle due to his battle maniac nature and his interest in the fake Heavenly Dragons as well as Rias Gremory's request. He fought against Aži Dahāka II, defeating him after Angra Mainyu was defeated.
Magnus Rose A CIA agent and a member of Ruval Phenex's Azazel Cup team; Team Phoenix. He and the CIA were contacted by MI6 and asked to assist in defeating Meredith Ordinton, who had begun to take over the interior of England. After learning that the Alliance of Hell was cooperating with Meredith, the CIA had the British higher-ups contact DxD to assist them. He, along with members of the CIA and MI6, assisted in evacuating the civilians that weren't transferred to the pseudo-London. During Hades' last stand, he teleported to assist DxD in battling him.

Alliance of Hell

Name Information
Hades The Greek God of Dead and one of the three Pillar Gods of Olympus as well as the leader of the Alliance of Hell. He fought against Vali Lucifer and Fenrir. He was defeated by Vali Lucifer and Issei Hyoudou.
Angra Mainyu The Evil God of Darkness of the Zoroastrianism. He fought against Issei Hyoudou and Gogmagog, being defeated after Issei achieved True Dragon Deification.
Lilith's Children A group of Artificial Devils created by Hades, to be used as foot soldiers for the Alliance of Hell.
Balberith One of the new Artificial Devils, who possesses Transcendental-class powers. He was stationed as Hades' bodyguard as fought against Sairaorg Bael and was defeat by him.
Verrine   One of the new Artificial Devils, who possesses Transcendental-class powers. She was stationed as Meredith 's bodyguard as she fought against Rias Gremory, Gasper Vladi, Akeno Himejima, Xenovia Quarta, Irina Shidou, Rossweisse, as she was defeated by them.
Aka Manah A Evil God serving under Angra Mainyu, who was possessing Meredith Ordinton. He was defeated and exorcised by Arthur Pendragon.
Fake Ddraig A Evil Dragon copy of the Red Dragon Emperor, the Welsh Dragon Ddraig, who was created by Angra Mainyu. He, along with Meredith Ordinton, attacked the members of Issei Hyoudou's Peerage in the Underworld, retreating after Meredith managed to use her Holy Nail on Issei. During the final battle, he fought against the real Albion, being defeated by him.
Fake Albion A Evil Dragon copy of the White Dragon Emperor, the Vanishing Dragon Albion, who was created by Angra Mainyu. During the final battle, he fought against the real Ddraig, being defeated by him.
Aži Dahāka II A clone of the original Aži Dahāka, who was created by Angra Mainyu. During the final battle, he fought against the Crom Cruach, being defeated by him.

Name Information
Meredith Ordinton A former Golden Dawn Magician, who is related to the British Royal Family. She is the possessor of one of the 5 newly manifested Longinus; Alphecca Tyrant. She, along with the Sacred Gear users she brainwashed, fought against Le Fay Pendragon, Arthur Pendragon, Koneko Toujou, Kuroka and Elmenhilde Karnstein, being defeated by them after Le Fay disabled her Sacred Gear with a Anti-Longinus ring and used a special security magic on her.


  • This battle marks the last appearance of the Alliance of Hell, as the group was forcibly disbanded in the aftermath of the battle.