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Hel is the daughter of Loki and youngest sister of Fenrir and Midgardsormr as well as the goddess over the realm of the same name.


Hel is a beautiful woman with a tall figure with long hair of mixed colors of red and blue, dressed in a robe with white and black colors as the basic tone.


Hel is shown to be bold as she was willing to confront Odin while he was accompanied by various powerful allies, to the point of being willing to die in order to accomplish her goal. She is shown to be resentful towards Odin and Team DxD; particularly Issei Hyoudou, for defeating and imprisoning her father.


Hel was created by Loki, being his sole daughter, becoming the ruler of Niflheim and the Norse Goddess of the Dead.

Powers & Abilities

Immense Strength: Due to being a Goddess, Hel possesses immense strength as she was stated to be powerful enough to blow up the pavilion assembly hall in one shot, though Issei noted that her power is inferior to that of Loki.[1]

Magic: Hel is shown to be skilled at magic.

  • Explosive Magic Seals: Hel has been shown to be able to engrave explosive magic seals onto herself which would activate if someone were to touch her, causing a massive explosion that would blow the pavilion assembly hall to pieces.[1]


  • In Norse myth, her mother is Angrboða, one of the Jötunn, as well as being described as the mother of monsters who also birthed Fenrir and Jörmungand.