Heaven is a location in the world of Highschool DxD. There are multiple Heavens depending on different mythologies.

Christianity's Heaven

The home of Angels, as well as the former home of the Fallen Angels, and the God of the Bible, before his death.


Heaven resembles a place sitting above the clouds with a bright white ceiling high overhead. It is guarded by a large gate, and has a white stone path and stone buildings, which appear to be floating.

Heaven is divided into seven regions, or "Heavens", with the Seventh Heaven being the present location of the Sacred Gear system, and the God of the Bible's system, it is also the location where the God of the Bible resided within Heaven, before his death.

Known Locations

First Heaven

The "first floor" of Heaven, where the Brave Saints and low level Angels generally reside. It also serves as the front lines of Heaven's defenses.

Second Heaven

A place filled with darkness where the Angels observe the stars and where they confine Angels who have sinned.

Third Heaven

Home of the souls of the dead who have been taken to Heaven. According to Griselda Quarta, it's so vast that it's almost immeasurable and it is the Heaven worshippers believe in. It is also connected to Purgatory which Qlippoth and Cao Cao used to enter Heaven.

Fourth Heaven

The Garden of Eden where the legend of Adam and Eve began. This is the place where the Trees of Life and Wisdom reside.

Fifth Heaven

Former home of the members of Grigori, before they fell. Now filled with research institutes where the Brave Saints were created.

Sixth Heaven

Known as "Zebel". The current core of Heaven where the Seraphs such as Michael and Gabriel reside.

Seventh Heaven

Home to the Sacred Gear System, and God's System. Also, where the God of the Bible once resided in Heaven when he was alive.


  • Christianity's Heaven has a system to help prevent Angels from falling. When activated, it surrounds the Angel in what looks like a barrier filled with Angel symbols.
  • There are as many Heavens as there are mythologies.
  • Zebel means "quick-witted", "clever", and "cunning", possibly referring to that the Seraphs who reside there, have these three personality traits and is why they are the leaders of Heaven.
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