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But you should remember this.────Even miracles have limits...... And in the end, at that time, what will you do then?────

–Hades to Team DxD , True Volume 4, Life 4


Hades is the God of the Realm of the Dead. The main antagonist of Volume 11 and Volume 12, aiding Khaos Brigade's Old Satan Faction and Hero Faction behind the scenes in a scheme to destroy the Devils and Fallen Angels. He commands a legion of Grim Reapers. He later returns as one of the main antagonists of the last arc, as he forms the Alliance of Hell with the plan of eliminating the DxD team, Longinus users, chief-gods of each mythology, and Ajuka Beelzebub.


Hades has the appearance of a tall skeleton dressed in attire worn by high priests, gives off a creepy aura. Despite having no eyes, his eye sockets can glow to give the appearance of eyes.


Hades despises beings of other mythologies, especially Devils and Fallen Angels, believing that they are unnecessary beings, calling them bats (referring to the Devil's wings) and crows (referring to the Fallen Angel's wings). It is important to note that despite his hatred of the other mythologies, he is not an Evil God. His goal is to rid the world of these beings as he calls them an annoyance. Hades is also disgusted that Zeus is cooperating with the Three Factions. He seems to refer to reincarnated beings as "fakes", seen when he calls Dulio a "fake angel". Despite his hatred for devils, he is capable of showing kindness to his devil underlings as seen when he comforted Verrine after she and her team were defeated in the tournament.


One of the Trinity Gods of Olympus, Hades is one of the Gods that have been active since the ancient times, ruling the Realm of the Dead.

Powers & Abilities

Immense Strength: As one of the "Top 10 Strongest Beings in the World", Hades has immense power superior to Poseidon and the Chief God, Zeus, to the point where even Azazel had informed his students to avoid him. As a testament to his power, he could face Vali Lucifer in Diabolos Dragon Lucifer and Fenrir at 80% power. He was later able to challenge the entire Team DxD's combined attack consisting of Vali and Issei in their Diabolos Dragon forms, Tobio Ikuse, Cao Cao, Sairaorg Bael, Dulio Gesualdo, and Vasco Strada after pooling all of his remaining power.

Immense Durability: Hades could withstand Vali's Satan Lucifer Smasher, and was still able to continue fighting, then took on a combined assault from Vali Lucifer and Issei Hyoudou in their Diabolos Dragon forms, enhanced using Ingvild Leviathan's Nereid Kyrie and all the members of Team DxD and still survived.

Divine Aura: Hades can use his divine aura to enhance his magical attacks, which was so powerful that even Vali couldn't use his Reflect ability to redirect it back.

Master Magician: Hades is a skilled user of magic.

  • Sealing Magic: Hades is shown to have the ability to use restraining magic to restrain targets. He demonstrated the ability to restrain an 80% powered Fenrir with a powerful capture formula to prevent it from interfering in his fight with Vali.
  • Teleportation Magic: Hades demonstrated the ability to teleport himself and others, as he attempted to teleport away after being cornered by Issei and Vali.

Flight: Hades demonstrated the ability to levitate in the air during the events of True Volume 4.


Skeleton Staff

Skeleton Staff: Hades is seen holding a skeletal-shaped staff, which has three blue eyes and horns. The staff is used to enhance his divine aura, to the point to overwhelming Vali Lucifer's Reflect ability. After fully empowering his attacks with the power of his staff and divine aura, he was temporarily able to overwhelm Team DxD's combined attack.

Book of Lucifer: A special tome Hades has obtained from Apophis. The book recorded in detail how the first-generation Lucifer and Lilith gave birth to Devils, and even the reason why the mother of Devils had become a block of flesh