Guan Yu is the former general of the Kingdom of Shu. He is later resurrected as a God of Commerce of Mt. Meru under Indra. He serves as a queen and supervisor for Team Spear of Heavenly Emperor.


Guan Yu wears a ancient Chinese green armor from his days at the Han Dynasty and has a long beard.


Guan Yu is a very noble and honorable man. He’s willing to do as he instructed that’s what given to him such as watching over the descendant of his former enemy, Cao Cao if he causes trouble.


In the past, Guan Yu fought for the Shu Kingdom as one of its generals until he met his death. At some point, Guan Yu was resurrected as a God of Commerce at Mt. Meru.


Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth × White Dragon Emperor of the Morning Star: The True Dragon(s) of the Kuoh AcademyEdit

Guan Yu made his first appearance in Volume DX.4, arriving late at floating city of the Agares with his Chinese Red Hare. When Sairaorg asked him if he willing to wield his weapon along with Cao Cao again, Guan Yu just says that he’s remembering his old days. At the floating city of Agreas, Guan Yu arrived together with his team for their match against Sairaorg and his team at the arena and exchange glares at each other.

During the match Guan Yu and Georg fought against Kuisha Abaddon, where he tried to slash her with his Crescent Blade but managed to dodge it by hiding in her Hole ability until her allies came to aid her in her fight against them. The match is over with Team Spear of Heavenly Emperor as victor due having more points than the opposing team.

Guan Yu was mentioned in Volume 25, with Team Spear of Heavenly Emperor having him as a member that Cao Cao’s chances of winning will be high.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Immense Strength: Guan Yu possesses incredible amount of strength, so much that he regarded as a Ultimate God-class being in the Underworld and revered as a God in many countries in the Human World. Guan Yu is capable of handling the Hero Faction if they made a slight betrayal.


Green Dragon Crescent Blade: Guan Yu wields his ancient weapon that he used when he served the Shu Kingdom.

Red Hare: The legendary red horse from the Chinese era that Guan Yu road on from his days as a Shu general.


  • Guan Yu is the first human from the ancient past of the Han Dynasty to be reborn as a god.



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