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Nice to meet you, Servants of Gremory house. I’m the Queen of one of the Four Great Seraph Gabriel-sama, Griselda Quarta. I’m regional manager of this area for Heaven, pleased to meet you.

–Griselda introducing herself to the Gremory peerage, Light Novel DX.1, Life.5 Love Song to the Reincarnated Angel

Griselda Quarta is Gabriel's Queen and a former exorcist.


Griselda is a sister with the appearance of a woman in her late 20's or early 30's with blue eyes. Issei noted her as a beauty who looked like she was from Northern Europe and had features that were standing out like an actress.

Following her Angelization by Gabriel, she wears a "Q" printed on the back of her hand, symbolizing her position as Gabriel's Queen.


Griselda is shown to have a polite personality but despite so, she has also been revealed to be somewhat scary as shown by Xenovia who is extremely scared of her.


Griselda comes from the same institution as Xenovia and served as her swordmaster and legal guardian. She later became an exorcist of the Church and became known as one of the Top 5 female exorcists. After the creation of the Brave Saint system, she was reincarnated into an Angel under Gabriel. She is currently the boss of the headquarters that Irina belongs to.

Powers & Abilities

Light Power: As a Angel, Griselda has the ability to use light powers to create various effects.

  • Light-Based Weapons: After being reincarnated as an Angel, Griselda gained the ability to use light-based weapons and abilities. She is able to fire numerous balls of light at once that are dense enough to cause immense damage even to non-devils. She also possesses a unique Light Bow and Arrow that can increase the powers of her fellow Angels.

Immense Exorcist Skills: While Griselda has shown very little of her abilities, she was among the Top 5 female exorcists before being reincarnated as an Angel.

Master Markswoman: Griselda can fire light arrows with incredible accuracy.

Flight: Being an Angel, Griselda can fly using her six wings.


  • Griselda was counted among the Top 5 female exorcists before being reincarnated as an Angel.