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Grim Reapers are a species of supernatural beings in High School DxD that serve Hades in the Realm of the Dead.


Little is known about the appearance of Grim Reapers as they are always dressed in dark robes decorated with ornaments which vary depending on the individual, though from glimpses they appear to have skeletal bodies.

It should be noted that Grim Reapers' ranks depend on the darkness of their robes they wear. Grim Reapers with darker robes indicates to their higher ranks.


The strength of Grim Reapers varies depending on their class, with Low-Class Grim Reapers being stronger than the average Middle-Class Devil. Grim Reapers can use teleportation by dispersing their bodies, that leaves behind a black afterimage and duplicating themselves to attack and confuse their opponents.

Grim Reapers also wield a Death Scythe, which will shorten the lifespan of anyone slashed by it with a special type of curse.

Grim Reapers can travel through their special gates. They have sculptures of skulls in different places. Behind the gates, a vortex of black aura can be seen.

Types of Grim Reapers

  • Ultimate-Class Grim Reapers (究極クラスの死神, Kyūkyoku Kurasu no Shinigami); also known as Executive-Class Grim Reapers, are the highest level of Grim Reapers all Grim Reapers. Due to their power and ancient nature, each holds significant power in the Netherworld as they command their own portion of the Netherworld. Ultimate-Class Grim Reapers are noted to be very powerful; with the legendary Grim Reaper Pluto fighting on par with Azazel in his Down Fall Dragon Another Armor and the most powerful Grim Reaper; Thanatos, being able to overwhelm Issei Hyoudou in his Cardinal Crimson Promotion and even dodging his attacks in Diabolos Dragon, as it is stated that his power is comparable to that of Gods.


Progressive Faction

The Progressive Faction, also known as Hades' Grim Reapers, is a group of Grim Reapers that follow the orders and commands of the Greek God of the Dead; Hades. In Volume 11, during the Demonic Beast Riot, the Executive-class Grim Reaper Pluto lead them into battle as they assisted the Hero Faction in attacking Azazel and the Occult Research Club, due to being ordered by Hades to seize and deliver Ophis to him after she was rendered finite, though the Grim Reapers sent were defeated by the Occult Research Club. As the Annihilation Maker Anti Monsters rampaged through the Underworld, Hades wanted to interfere but was prevented by Sirzechs Lucifer as the Grim Reapers at Hades' temple were attacked by the members of the Vali Team. Pluto reappeared after Issei returned from the Dimensional Gap in order to try to obtain Ophis, though he was challenged to a fight by Vali Lucifer as Vali defeated and killed him. After the crisis in the Underworld was concluded, the majority of the Grim Reapers at Hades' temple were frozen by Dulio Gesualdo's Longinus; Zenith Tempest. In Volume 23, Hades and his Grim Reapers discovered the Mother of all Devils; Lilith in Cocytus at Rizevim Livan Lucifer's research facility, as Hades ordered his Grim Reapers to contact the other Gods of Hell as he prepared to go to war against the other mythological factions. In Volume 24, Hades' Grim Reapers assisted the newly created Artificial Devils in attacking the various territories of the other mythological factions.

Conservative Faction

The Conservative Faction, also known as the Moderate Faction, is a group of Grim Reapers lead by the Ultimate-Class Grim Reaper; Orcus. Unlike the Progressive Faction, the Conservative Faction doesn't listen to Hades' commands and adopts a wait and see approach in dealing with things, with the Conservative Faction having a amicable relationship with the other mythological faction, like the Three Factions. In Volume 24, Team DxD contacted Orcus to find information about why Thanatos was targeting Koneko Toujou. During Erebus' attack on Kyoto, the Conservative Faction and other Anti-Hades Grim Reaper factions were contacted by the other mythological factions to discuss the post-war treatment of the Netherworld as the other factions viewed the attack as a declaration of war and the Three Factions ordered Team DxD to destroy Hades and his patrons.

Militant Faction

The Militant Faction, also known as Thanatos' Grim Reapers, is a group of Grim Reapers lead by the oldest and most powerful Ultimate-Class Grim Reaper: Thanatos. Like the Moderate Faction, the Militant Faction refuses to listen to Hades orders, as Thanatos takes action to ensure the future of the Netherworld due to believing that Hades' actions will bring ruin to the Netherworld. In Volume 24, after learning that Hades was searching for information on Super Devils, Thanatos had his Grim Reapers try to kidnap Koneko Toujou, due to her parents being involved in the Naberius branch family's research attempt to create artificial Super Devils. During the match between Team White Dragon Emperor of the Morning Star and Team Rias Gremory, Thanatos and his Grim Reapers attempted to interfere in the match, in order to kidnap Koneko and her sister Kuroka. Thanatos was defeated by Issei Hyoudou, while his Grim Reapers were defeated by members of Team Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth and the Slash/Dog Team as Thanatos was imprisoned by the Three Factions. In Volume 25, a group of Thanatos Grim Reapers attempted to get revenge on Issei by attacking his father, but were defeated by Mitsuya Kanzaki.

Known Grim Reapers


  • Grim Reapers are considered a sub-species of God serving under Hades.
  • When Bennia was introduced in Volume 14, she wears a skull mask along with her Grim Reaper robes, whether or not it is part of the normal Grim Reaper robes or another form of decoration is unknown.
  • Bennia has shown to be able to slash one's soul with her death-scythe In High School DxD, Volume 16, Life 3; those slashed by her scythe don’t take any external wounds, but instead get their souls slashed. This considers that all Grim Reapers who slash a person with their death-scythes will have their soul slashed as well.