Grim Reapers are a species of supernatural beings in High School DxD that serve Hades in the Realm of the Dead.


Little is known about the appearance of Grim Reapers as they are always dressed in dark robes decorated with ornaments which vary depending on the individual, though from glimpses they appear to have skeletal bodies.

It should be noted that Grim Reapers' ranks depend on the darkness of their robes they wear. Grim Reapers with darker robes indicates to their higher ranks.


The strength of Grim Reapers varies depending on their class, with Low-Class Grim Reapers being stronger than the average Middle-Class Devil. Grim Reapers can teleportation by disperse their body, that leaving behind a black afterimage and duplicating themselves to attack and confuse their opponents.

Grim Reapers also wield scythes which will shorten the lives of anyone they strike with a special type of curse.

Known Grim ReapersEdit


  • Grim Reapers are considered a sub-species of God serving under Hades.
  • When Bennia was introduced in Volume 14, she wears a skull mask along with her Grim Reaper robes, whether or not it is part of the normal Grim Reaper robes or another form of decoration is unknown.
  • Bennia has shown to be able to slash one's soul with her death-scythe In High School DxD, Volume 16, Life 3; those slashed by her scythe don’t take any external wounds, but instead get their souls slashed. This considers that all Grim Reapers who slash a person with their death-scythes will have their soul slashed as well.
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