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So, who is my opponent? He’s here, right? The insanely strong guy that I love so much!

–Grendel to the Occult Research Club, Light Novel Volume 14, Life 4 Go, Occult Research Club & Student Council!


Grendel is an Evil Dragon, known as the Crime Force Dragon and a member of Qlippoth, prior to being sealed.


Grendel is a 15 meter tall Western Dragon with black scales, bright silver eyes, horns, wings, and thick limbs, uniquely being a Dragon who stands on his feet. Issei has compared him to a Giant with Draconic features, describing him as "possessing a form close to a human, with the wings, head and tail of a dragon." He exudes a dark and ominous aura, filled with hostility and killing intent.


Grendel is an aggressive, psychotic Dragon that is only interested in fighting and killing. He is a battle maniac who loves physical combat and destroying more than anything. He would even go as far as to disobey orders from his superiors in order to keep fighting. It is also implied that he may enjoy pain as he shows his masochistic joy when he receives more pain,[1] and sadistic pleasure when torturing others.[2]


In the past, Grendel also fought against Ddraig at some point before he was sealed. He was later terminated by the original Beowulf, who left nothing remaining after ending his reign of tyranny according to Vritra.[1] Grendel was later revived by Qlippoth at some time before the start of Volume 14 using the Sephiroth Graal.

Power and Abilities

Immense Strength: Grendel has tremendous strength, as a normal punch from him was described as superior to Sairaorg in his Balance Breaker. Issei compared his power to a Dragon King, while noting that he might be even stronger, as he largely overwhelmed Issei in Cardinal Crimson Promotion during their first battle. He fought against the Gremory Peerage alongside Irina and Azazel (although he and Issei weren't at full strength). In fact, it took Issei wearing his Crimson Armor and Sairaorg in Balance Breaker to overwhelm him in a contest of raw power.

Immense Durability: Grendel's dragon scales are considered to be among the hardest and toughest among the dragons, enough that he described a boosted Solid Impact punch to the face from Issei in his Welsh Dragonic Rook as "way too weak" and only received subtle wounds from a Cardinal Crimson Promotion Ascalon-enhanced Solid Impact Booster, which caused some blood to come from his mouth.[1] He took assaults from Xenovia's Ex-Durandal, Kiba's Demonic Swords, Irina and Azazel's Light Weapons, Akeno's Holy Lightning, and Rossweisse's full-burst magic attacks; only receiving substantial damage from Rias' Extinguished Star, although he survived. Grendel's defense was great enough that it required attacks from both Issei in his Crimson Armor and Sairaorg in Balance Breaker to inflict any sort of significant damage. Grendel also gained enhancements from Sephiroth Graal, the greatest being a resistance to the Dragon-Slayer trait, strong enough that he only took minor damage from even powerful Dragon Slayer weapons, such as Issei's Ascalon-enhanced Crimson Blaster and Kiba's Gram which is the strongest Demon Sword. Rossweisse also theorized that his natural Draconic resistance to magic must have been enhanced, as he was able to shrug off the various attributes of her magic attacks.

Immense Endurance: In addition to having the hardest scales among dragons, he is also tremendously resilient, continuing to move and survive after taking absurd amounts of damage. The most prominent example of this is the fact that he survived Rias' Extinguished Star with nothing more than half his head left, still showing intent to continue fighting, a notable feat considering that most beings of such resilience have regenerative abilities, while he has no such powers.

Immense Speed: Despite his size, Grendel is shown to possess great speed, something Issei also took note of during their fight.[1]

Fire Breath: Like most Dragons, Grendel can also breathe fire,[1] usually released in the form of individual fireballs.

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Grendel is a powerful brawler, relying on savage instinct, raw strength and his abnormal durability to dominate his enemies, as he fight against the entire Gremory Peerage alone several times. As a testament to this, he later fought Issei and Sairaorg, both of which are master hand-to-hand combatants as well.


  • In the Light Novel, Grendel is the only known dragon that stands on two legs. However, in the anime, Tannin not only stands on two legs, he also possesses a form similar to the description of Grendels.
  • Grendel has blue blood.[3]
  • In Volume 18, Ladon mentions that Grendel was the blueprint for the revival of the legendary-class Evil Dragons. Qlippoth was able to create clones of him, but they are vastly inferior to the original because they are still in the process of being tuned.
  • Grendel is a fusion of two creatures in the Beowulf-myth. The original Grendel was a troll- or ogre-like creature rather than a dragon, while the actual dragon in the saga remained nameless. Grendel's ability to stand on two legs may be a reference to the original, humanoid Grendel.
  • Grendel is described by the author to be like Kamen Rider Ouja from Kamen Rider Ryuki.


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