The Gremory Clan is one of the remaining Devil Clans of the 72 Pillars and one of the highest-ranking (ranking at Duke) and famous Devil families. The next head is Rias Gremory, followed up by Millicas Gremory.


The house that produced the current "Lucifer", members of the Gremory Clan are characterized with their red hair color and their powerful Demonic Powers. The Gremory Clan are beings with extraordinary affection among the Devils. As such, they do not discriminate themselves with their servants. The Gremory Clan has a territory that is about the same area of Honshu in Japan, and also has a vast number of castles for its kin. A very rich territory, it also has a developed industry.

In the clan's territory is an area with a well shaded forest and a mountain range filled with high mountains. One of these mountains is taller than the highest mountain in Japan, Mount Fuji, with an elevation extending 4000 metres. There is also a huge lake in this area where Lilitifa Vepar has taken residence.

Underground there is a large training space with a separate training space for Issei, given to him as celebration for becoming a High-Class Devil.

Locations Edit

Gremory Castle Edit

The place of ruling for the Gremory clan. It has an underground treasure storage which is the size of several Tokyo Domes (1,509.81 sq ft or 2,013.08 sq ft), divided into sections that stores the payments of the Gremory group for their Devil's work, as well as treasures handed down by the Gremory ancestors. All the treasures are ranked and are sorted by types. There is also a huge theatre where the entrance has a luxurious, decorated door and inside, a giant screen with a 1st floor and lights. The theatre is used to entertain guests; to present something to the audience but it is only used once every few years.

Gremory Mansion (Anime only) Edit

The layout of the mansion's outside is a quadrangle with a courtyard in the middle. Outside at the entrance is a fountain with a circular flower bed surround it, with many gardens in the surrounding areas. Inside the mansion, they raise a lot of camels due to them being used in events within areas governed by the clan.

Oppai Dragon Stadium Edit

A stadium specializing in events such as "Oppai Dragon" show performances, which was just built in the castle town of Gremory. At the entrance is a huge statue of Issei in his Scale Mail armor and a huge statue of Rias in the costume of Princess Switch.

In True Volume 2, during the third round of the first round of the "Azazel Cup" main tournament, the teams of Team Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth and Team Rias Gremory had a match at the stadium. The stadium was fully packed as it hosted the fight between the famous Oppai Dragon and Switch Princess. All the tickets were sold within a a short period of time as the match was highly anticipated. For those who were unable to see the match live, a large number of hyped fans who weren’t able to get into the stadium had gathered around the stadium where large screens were located to watch the live screening of the match.


The clan symbol of the Gremory consists of a rose encased in a circular shape and is crimson in color.


The youngest members of the Gremory Clan have all inherited the Power of Destruction ability of the Bael family. Because of this, it is presently unknown what magic ability Zeoticus Gremory and their ancestors possessed, but it is known that the Gremory Family are born with powerful Demonic Powers and have superior control of it as shown by Sirzechs who inherited both the Gremory and Bael's traits.



The currently known members of the Gremory Clan are Zeoticus Gremory the current head of the Gremory Clan, his wife, Venelana Gremory who came from the Bael Clan, their children Sirzechs Lucifer and Rias Gremory, as well as Sirzechs' wife, Grayfia Lucifuge, and their son, Millicas Gremory. Issei Hyoudou is viewed as a member of the clan by the staff of the Gremory household and the members of the clan to be a member. There are also Sirzechs and Rias' unknown grandparents who have retired and are quietly living in the Gremory's territory.



  • In demonology, Gremory (also Gemory, Gamory, Gomory) is a strong Duke of Hell who governs 26 legions of demons. He tells all things past, present, and future, about hidden treasures, and procures the love of women, young and old (but especially maidens). He is depicted as appearing in the form of a beautiful woman with the crown of a duchess tied around his waist, and riding a camel.
  • Rias stated that the mountain in which Issei trained with Tannin was going to be called Mt. Issei.
  • The Gremory Clan also have an important ruin that has been passed down from generation to generation called the Ruins of Connection.
  • The females in the Gremory Clan seem to have the habit of pinching their husband/lover's cheek whenever they do something embarrassing or silly. This applies to Rias, Venelana, and Grayfia.
  • The only Gremory males who don't have a harem are Sirzechs, due to being sealed (formerly because of being a Satan), and Millicas, due to his age.
  • The Gremory's have an enterprise called the "Gremory Large Enterprise."
  • The mascot of the Gremory clan is Gomorin, which is based on a camel.
  • In the English dub of season 2 of the anime, Rias says her family's rank is Marquis even though it is actually Duke.
  • In the light novel and manga, the Gremory's live in a castle but in the anime, they live in a mansion.
  • The Gremory territory has the Oppai Dragon Stadium which is one of the stadiums for the Azazel Cup, it has the statues of Issei in his Scale Mail armor and Rias in her Switch Princess costume in honor of the Oppai Dragon show.


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