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Great Red also known as the Apocalypse Dragon, the True Red Dragon God Emperor, True Dragon, and the Dragon of Dragons, was a powerful Dragon that resided in the Dimensional Gap. It was the dragon recorded in the Apocalypse.


Great Red was a massive red Western Dragon with a horn on his snout and has two sets of wings. His overall length measures around 100 meters. He is the third-largest Dragon in the series, after Midgardsormr and Apophis.


Not much could be deduced on Great Red's personality, but Issei compared his personality to that of a biker gang delinquent, claiming that Great Red travelled around the Dimensional Gap doing crazy moves and got aggravated at people that were staring at him.


Similar to Ophis, Great Red was born in the Dimensional Gap, representing the "illusions" of "dream". Not much is known aside from the fact that he soon took refuge there once Ophis left, becoming the counterstone maintaining that space since she changed from interacting with the Human World.

Sometime before the series, Great Red was challenged by the then sixth Dragon King, Tannin, but ignored him.

Powers & Abilities

Dream Manipulation: As the God of Dreams, Great Red represents dreams in the past, present and future.[1] He was able to respond to Issei's strong wish to return home by responding to his dream and appearing before him, as well as reflecting the feelings of the children in the Underworld to Issei in the Dimensional Gap.[1]

Immense Strength: As a Dragon God, Great Red possess tremendous power, making him the most powerful of all dragon-kind alongside Ophis. His strength surpasses that of even the Two Heavenly Dragons, Gods from the various factions such as the Biblical God, even ignoring Tannin, an Ultimate-Class Devil and former Dragon King.[2] A mere portion of his power, which was lent to Issei was enough to eliminate the Jabberwocky, a creature that allied forces led by Diehauser and Sirzechs' Peerage, all of which are considered monsters had trouble with, and erased a portion of the Underworld.[3] Great Red is one of the lone beings who could rival Ophis, the Ouroboros Dragon before losing her powers, being equivalent or superior to Trihexa after getting serious,[4] and a clash between them would destroy the world.[5] Ryuuteimaru, who had manifested a portion of his powers by using AxA has enough strength to destroy an entire planet.[6] Despite losing against him, Great Red proved a suitable challenge in battle against Regalzeva, the Fierce God of Evie Etoulde.[7]

Immense Durability: Like Ophis, being an existence of dreams, it can also be assumed that Great Red was nigh-invulnerable. This was further proven as Ophis herself didn't confront Great Red himself after he took refuge in the Dimensional Gap, then accepted help from the Khaos Brigade consisting of three High-Tier Longinus users and one Mid-Tier Longinus user, while Rizevim; a Super Devil, needed to awaken Trihexa in order to kill him.[8] This doesn't mean that Great Red wasn't unaffected by everything, as a being such as the Dragon Eater could affect him; he, in fact, was effortlessly killed by Regalzeva, the Fierce God of Evie Etoulde.

Body Creation: Great Red could create biological bodies, which are in perfect condition for others to inhabit, such as the case with Issei being given a new body made from his flesh.[1] He was able to fuse with those who were made from his flesh like with Issei, resulting in the "Super Gigantic Balance Breaker", which was used to fight against the Jabberwocky.[3]

Flight: As a Dragon, Great Red could use its colossal wings to fly.


  • "Zoom Zoom Iyaaan. Zoom Zoom Iyaaan." (Volume 12, Life 1)


  • Great Red represented Dreams and Illusions.
  • Great Red was born from the "illusions" of Dreams.[9]
  • One of Great Red's titles, "Dragon of Dragons", is shortened to "D×D", referring to the series itself. This can also refer to Issei's new body, as it was created from Great Red's flesh. Thus, Issei shares the same potential title as Great Red.
  • The Red God of Dreams that is mentioned/said in the chant of the Diabolos Dragon God is referring to none other than Great Red.
  • Great Red, along with Bova, are the only two characters (as well as the only two dragons) who have delinquent personalities.