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Grauzauberer, also known as the Grey Wizards, is one of the leading Magician organizations in the supernatural world. It was created by the Magician; Johann Georg Faust. After his death, his contracted Devil; Mephisto Pheles, took over as acting chairman of the organization.


During some point in the past, Grauzauberer was founded Johann Georg Faust, becoming one of the leading Magician associations in the supernatural world. After Johann Georg Faust's death, his contracted Devil; Mephisto Pheles, took over leadership and remained the acting chairman of the association from that point on.

At some point, some of the magicians of Grauzeber went rogue, founding their own organization and started causing trouble in the human world which forced Grauzauberer to cooperate with the Fallen Angel organization; Grigori, who faced a similar problem.

In Volume 14, the chairman of Grauzauberer; Mephisto Pheles, contacted the Occult Research Club through a magic circle, and handing them the documents of the Magicians that the Gremory Team could make a pact with.

In Volume 21, during the Evil Dragon War, the magicians of Grauzauberer were sent to assist the Three Factions in fighting off the Evil Dragons and Trihexa. The top-magician of the organization and right hand of the chairman; Lavinia Reni also join the battle as the went to the European front to assist the Vali Team and Slash/Dog Team.

In True Volume 1, it is revealed that the entrance that the entrance terms for Grauzauberer have become gentler compared with other magicians organizations, as Aika Kiryuu and Mil-tan joined the organization after being mentored on magic by Lavinia Reni.



Name Information Race Status
Mephisto Pheles A Devil from the Extra Demons and has been active since the time of the previous Four Great Satans. He was the the former contracted devil of Johann Georg Faust up until his death, when he took over the leadership of Grauzauberer from him. Pure-Blood Devil Alive
Johann Georg Faust A German itinerant alchemist, astrologer and magician of the German Renaissance. He was the chairman of Grauzauberer up until his death and the contracted magician of Mephisto Pheles. Human (Magician) Deceased


Name Information Race Status

Lavinia Reni

Lavinia Reni.jpg

A high ranking member of Grauzauberer and Mephisto Pheles' right hand, as well as a member of the Slash/Dog Team, who is nicknamed Demise Girl and Ice Princess. She is the possessor of the Longinus; Absolute Demise. Human (Magician) Alive

Aika Kiryuu

Kiryuu (LN Profile).jpg

A third-year student of Kuoh Academy, who is in the same class as Asia, Issei and all their friends in the same year. She became a Magician after asking Lavinia to teach her about magic as she joined Grauzauberer. Human (Magician) Alive



One of Issei's regular clients, a male bodybuilder who is a huge fan of Magical Girl and wishes to become one. He was taught magic by Lavinia and joined Grauzauberer. Human (Magician) Alive


  • Grauzauberer means "Grey Wizards".
    • Grauzauberer's name may be based on Grey School of Wizard, a school specializing in occult magic, operating primarily online and as a non-profit educational institution in the State of California, albeit named in German to reflect that it was a German Magician the original Johann Georg Faust founded the organization during the German Renaissance.
  • The organization is responsible for publishing the ranking for the Devils who are offering to become contracted Devils for Magicians.[1]
  • Despite being a direct descendant of Johann Georg Faust, Georg isn't a member of the association.
  • Grauzauberer had a long ongoing relationship with the Grigori even prior to the Kuoh Treaty which was kept a secret from the other factions, as they worked together to resolve several incidents.[1] Grauzauberer's top-class magician; Lavinia Reni is also a part of the Grigori's Slash/Dog Team.


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