God of the Bible was the former leader and creator of the Four Great Seraphs, Ten Seraphs, and the Angels. He was also the creator of the Holy Swords and the Sacred Gear System. Despite his death, God’s will resides in the strongest Longinus, True Longinus.



As a Christian god of infinite love and wisdom, God is capable of showing love and forgiveness towards his children, such as the Angels and Humans, doing everything he could to help and protect them such as bestowing Sacred Gears on Humans. Despite this, God can also be wrathful, like the time when Samael tempted Adam and Eve to eat the Fruit of Knowledge and caused him to develop hatred for Dragons and snakes, and punishing Azazel and his friends for having impure thoughts.


In the past, God created the Four Great Seraphs and the Angels in the Heavens. When the first humans Adam and Eve ate the forbidden Fruit of Knowledge because of the temptation of Samael, God became furious by placing a curse on Samael and sealed him in the deepest part of the Underworld, Cocytus. When Azazel and the other Angels had sex with human women, God punished them by casting them out of Heaven, which resulted them becoming Fallen Angels.

Before entering the Great War against the Devils led by the Four Great Satans and the Fallen Angels led by Azazel, God placed thousands of seals on the dangerous beast called Trihexa and sealing it at the "end of the world", this resulted him to enter the Great War in a exhausting state. When the Great War started, God formed a temporary alliance with the Devils and Fallen Angels to deal with the Two Heavenly Dragons after they angered them for interrupting their fight, sealing their souls within the Sacred Gears, Boosted Gear and Divine Dividing. After dealing with dragons, the leaders resumed their war and God and the Four Great Satans were killed in the battle.


The Heroic Oppai DragonEdit

In Volume 12, during the Demonic Beast Riot, Cao Cao of the Hero Faction attempted to use the Truth Idea of his True Longinus in his final battle against Issei Hyoudou, but didn’t activate because God’s will chose Issei’s dream over Cao Cao’s ambition.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Master Magician: God has show to be a master of using various kinds of magic, being noted to be a powerful and skilled user of magic, particularly specializing in sealing magic.

  • Sealing Magic: God was capable of performing immensely powerful sealing magic. He single-handedly placed thousands of forbidden-level seals on the Apocalyptic Beast Trihexa, whose power is on par with Great Red and sealing it at the end of the world. However doing this causes him to be weakened, which lead to his death. He was also capable of sealing various creatures inside the Longinus Sacred Gears, such as the Two Heavenly Dragons, Regulus into Regulus Nemea and Lycaon into Canis Lykaon.

Holy System Control: God's true power, however, comes from the fact that he is the one in control of the system he created to govern miracles and also manages the Sacred Gears that God created for humanity. It is what causes harm to Devils who come into contact with blessed objects, provides miracles, and determines who can be saved. God's control over the system is immensely greater compared to anyone else who would attempt to use it, as see when Archangel Michael attempted to use it and despite his power and being somewhat adept in its use, the number of miracles decreased significantly.

Curse: God can also inflict a curse on others, as he has placed a deadly curse on Samael that allows him to poison and kill Dragons and snakes.

Master Inventor: God was a master inventor as he created the Sacred Gears and the Holy Swords to bestow upon Humans. Azazel, the leading Sacred Gear researcher of the Grigori, complimented God on creating them and revealed while he can make artificial Sacred Gears, they pale in comparison to the true Sacred Gears that God created.



Sacred Gear System: Sacred Gears are God’s items with powerful abilities that he bestowed upon humans and human hybrids.

Holy Swords: Holy Swords are the weapons infused with Holy powers that is ultimate weapons against the Devils, Fallen Angels, and other supernatural beings.

Angels: Angels are God’s creations that serves under him and with powers of Light-based Weapons. After God’s death, the Angels were incapable of being born until the Brave Saints was created to turn humans into Angels.




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