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Don’t look down upon the user of [Dimension Lost]!

–Georg while activating his Balance Breaker, True Volume 3, Life 3


Georg is the descendant of Johann Georg Faust, the man who made a pact with the legendary Devil, Mephisto Pheles and the sub-leader of the Hero Faction.
He is the possessor of the Longinus: Dimension Lost.


He's a young man with black hair and spectacles. Like Cao Cao, he wears a combination of a Japanese school uniform (more specifically, the gakuran is worn by Japanese schoolboys in the fall) and wears a mage-style robe over his uniform with a feathered cape. After his defeat against Gasper Vladi in Volume 12, Georg lost an eye, an arm, and his left leg is also damaged and colored in black.


Georg appears to be highly loyal to Cao Cao as he was following his orders and when he saved the latter following his defeat against Issei. Georg mentioned that his ancestor is so great it puts so much pressure on him.

It is shown that Georg can become concerned about the strength of his opponents just like he witnessed Heracles's defeat at the hands of Sairaorg, stating that the Gremory group was growing fast and irregularly. He was shown to be somewhat of a coward when he found out that neither his Sacred Gear or magic couldn't do something against Gasper's darkness and tried to escape as fast as possible.


Georg was a top-class Magician from the Magician association. He was later scouted by Cao Cao sometime before the storyline and left the association to join the Hero Faction.

Powers & Abilities

Georg’s mastery of magic

Master Magician: Georg is said to be a high-level Magician capable of a diverse array of spells. He was able to use Le Fay's swapping teleportation magic technique from seeing it only once. His magic knowledge includes:

Immense Durability: Like Cao Cao, he has a tolerance of pain, able to endure critical injuries without any signs of exhaustion. He was able to endure the loss of his eye, having his arm cut off by Gasper's Balor form and his critical injured leg that came from Saji using Vritra's cursed black flames, as seen in Volume 12 when he alone carries both Cao Cao, and Leonardo.


Georg uses Dimension Lost

Dimension Lost (絶霧(ディメンジョン・ロスト), Dimenshon Rosuto): Georg's Sacred Gear, which is listed among the top four Longinus'. It has the ability to block any attack using the mist that it creates, and transport anything inside the mist to any location the user wishes. Though it has no offensive ability, once the mist reaches sufficient scale, it can transfer an entire country and its people into the Dimensional Gap to be destroyed.

  • Dimension Create

    Dimension Create (霧の中の理想郷(-ディメンション・クリエイト-), Dimenshon Kurieito): Dimension Lost's Balance Breaker, can turn the mist into a barrier that can trap the opponents in a different space and can also create various barrier devices as the user wishes to contain or imprison those within the dimension. The barrier that’s created with that ability could be infused with various effects such a solid feature which can be added to the barrier so that even Primordial Gods or Satan-class Devils couldn’t escape easily. The dimension space created is durable and while it can be entered by those of sufficient strength, it is near impossible to leave as not even Odin, the Chief Norse God, who has a vast understanding of magic and specializes in techniques can destroy it, though the field can be destroyed by destroying the barrier cores which maintain the barrier. Georg is still able to create mist to transport others into the barrier and use the mist to block attacks.


  • Despite being a direct descendant of Johann Georg Faust, Georg isn't a member of his ancestor's Magician association; Grauzauberer.