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You guys are getting peaceful school life because Kaichou and us, the Devil servants of Sitri, are working at daytime. It won’t be bad for you to remember that, you know? By the way, my name is Saji Genshirou. I’m in second year, and I am Kaichou’s “Pawn”.

–Genshirou to Issei Hyoudou and Asia Argento, Volume 3, Life.1 Heat Up Occult Research Club!

Genshirou Saji is a third-year high school student at Kuoh Academy in Class 3-C, being the Academy's Student Council Vice-President and is Sona Sitri's Pawn. He is also in love with her. He is a friend and a rival of Issei Hyoudou.


Saji is a young man with short blond hair and grey eyes. He wears the Kuoh Academy boys' school uniform, albeit without the blazer and his sleeves are rolled up. His height is [168 cm] and body weight is [61 kg].


Saji's initial impression was someone who appeared arrogant and egotistic, as shown when he looked down on Issei and bragged about himself while unaware of Issei's capabilities. Saji has an overall personality similar to Issei's and is his parallel in the Student Council. He looks at Sona with the same lustful eyes which Issei looks at Rias with and he cares deeply for his comrades. Saji is also very loyal to Sona, going as far as to say that Sona's dream is his dream and tries his best to help her fulfill her dream of building a Rating Game School that is open to everyone, regardless of status.

His love and loyalty from Sona stems from her helping him resolved his financial difficulties in raising his siblings after his parents and grandfather passed away. Saji is also extremely caring older brother towards his younger siblings Kaho and Gengo, having become their guardian after his grandfather's death.


Not much is known about Saji's past other than at some point before the series, he was reincarnated into a Devil by Sona, and joined the Student Council in the process not long before Issei also became a Devil.

Powers & Abilities

Demonic Power: Saji has all the powers and abilities common to Devils, including the power to cast spells. Through the use of Promotion, Saji can increase his demonic power. Saji and Student Council were able to create a barrier around Kuoh Academy during Kokabiel's attack.

  • Teleportation: Saji demonstrated the ability to teleport himself to any location.

Immense Strength: Similar to Issei, at the beginning, Saji's strength was considered to be below average when compared to others. Due to his intense training since then, he could get into a proper fist fist against Issei outside and in Balance Breaker without one himself including hauling large objects with his Absorption Line as improvised weapons, although, he was overpowered in the end. In Vritra Promotion, Saji was capable of holding down Loki, Sköll, Hati, and the mass-produced Midgardsormr when using his powers in a berserk state. After training and gaining Balance Breaker, his strength has grown to where his powers matched a Dragon King. In Volume DX.4, he was able to fight with Issei in his Crimson Armor with partial Dragon Deification.

Immense Durability: Saji has proven to had high-level durability and endurance, being able to take attacks from Issei in Scale Mail and continuing despite the pain. Through Promoting into either a Rook or Queen, he is able to strengthen his defenses. Despite not having Vritra, he endured attacks from a gigantic dragon such as Grendel, as well as attacks from Walburga's Incinerate Anthem despite being a Holy Relic and effective weapon against a devil, then continued fighting against in his newly attained Balance Breaker. He can withstand demonic energy attacks from Bedeze despite being injured and exhausted while protecting Magdaran. In Volume DX.4, Saji was able to take many direct hits from Issei in his Crimson Armor and partial Dragon Deification.

Enhanced Speed: Through the use of Promotion, Saji can increase his speed. In Volume 21 Saji shown to be noticeably fast, as he can shrink the distance between Bedeze and himself. In Volume DX.4, Saji was capable of keeping up with Issei who was wearing his Crimson Armor.

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Saji is shown to have considerable skills in brawling, able to hold his own against Issei in his Balance Breaker and Bedeze Abaddon while using Malebolge Vritra Promotion. Saji's fighting style emphasized versaility and improvisation with his Sacred Gears, allowing him to use unorthodox methods to gain an advantage such as knee kicking Issei while swinging himself with the Absorption Line for increased momentum. In DX.4, Saji was able to fight on par with Issei in a fist fight, which causes tremendous shock waves in surroundings in the Rating Game. Saji can also further increase the power of his physical attacks with the cursed Blaze Black Flare.

Skilled Technician: Saji is also a technique type fighter. Saji could use his Vritra's Sacred Gears in different ways neutralize and bind opponents attacks.

Flight: Being a Devil, Saji can fly using his wings


Vritra's Sacred Gears: Saji has a total of four Sacred Gears each resides a part of the spirit of one of the Five Dragon Kings, the Prison Dragon, Vritra. Vritra's consciousness was fully awakened when Saji had collected the remaining Sacred Gears in Volume 7. Each Sacred Gear has it's own unique ability.

  • Saji launching a line with Absorption Line

    Absorption Line (黒い龍脈(アブソーブション・ライン), Absōrpushon Rain): Saji's initial Sacred Gear. It takes the form of a small lizard with a deformed face that appears on the user's hand and has the ability to make lines of connections to absorb power from opponents. It can also connect the opponent to another object to transfer their power to that object, and the lines can also be used to swing around. Absorption Line has also demonstrated the ability to drain blood from enemies as well. It can also absorb and convert Saji life-force into Demonic power.
  • Saji releasing flames with Blaze Black Flare

    Blaze Black Flare (邪龍の黒炎(ブレイズ・ブラック・フレア), Bureizu Burakku Furea): One of Vritra's Sacred Gear that he obtains after his training in Grigori. It curses people with Vritra's deadly black flames that will continue to burn no matter how people try to extinguish them even in the event of Saji's death. It is shown that it can be used to create a barrier made of fire to trap his opponents and is also able to use these black flames to shoot out a breath of fire. It shown that he can also change the shape of his black flame into enormous snake and entangled his enemies. Black flames can also be use to negate fire attacks.
  • Delete Field negates Loki's Magic

    Delete Field (漆黒の領域(デリート・フィールド), Derīto Fīrudo): One of Vritra's Sacred Gears and has the ability to take away the opponent's powers.
  • Shadow Prison (龍の牢獄(シャドウ・プリズン), Shadō Purizun): One of Vritra's Sacred Gears that allows Saji to use Vritra's shadowy aura to restrain his opponents.
  • Vritra Promotion

    Vritra Promotion (龍王変化(ヴリトラ・プロモーション), Vuritora Promōshon): A form Saji could enter by using all four of his Sacred Gears in tandem. In this form Saji is covered in black flames that takes the form of the Black Dragon and can use all four abilities of the Sacred Gear at the same time. However, Saji was unable to control this form as it would make him go in a berserker-like state, with Issei being the only one who can maintain his sanity. In Volume DX.4, Saji can transforms his eyes into the Vritra eyes able to sense any danger.
  • Malebolge Vritra Promotion

    Malebolge Vritra Promotion (罪科の獄炎龍王(マーレボルジェ・ヴリトラ・プロモーション), Māreboruje Vuritora Puromōshon): Saji's X Side Balance Breaker which he obtained by fusing with Vritra. It takes the form of a Black Dragon Armor similar to the Scale Mail, with tentacles that absorb an opponent's aura and turns them to ashes, Saji also can eliminated the tentacles physical form to make it unseen to opponents. In Volume DX.4, Saji can attached lines to his comrades to strengthen their various abilities and absorb enemies demonic power to restore his allies depleted demonic power. The black flames have also been enhanced to the point that they are able to counter Incinerate Anthem's Holy Fire. It is said to be a perfect counter for Incinerate Anthem and Saji can now inflict multiple curses onto other beings, as it's noted that it will curse anyone to death if approached carelessly.

Pawn Piece (兵士(ポーン)の駒, Pōn no koma): Due being the possessor of Absorption Line, Saji needed to be reincarnated using four Pawn Pieces, granting him more power than a normal pawn. As a Pawn, he doesn't initially possess any special abilities like the other Evil Pieces but he can use Promotion to gain the abilities of other Evil Pieces.

  • Promotion: Being a Pawn, Saji can use Promotion to temporarily gain the traits of a Queen, Rook, Knight or Bishop.


Light Novel

  • (To Issei Hyoudou): "I want to win against Hyoudou, against the Sekiryuutei one-on-one. Didn’t I tell you? Our dream is serious. We will build a school. We will construct a school without discrimination in the Underworld. And I will become a teacher…That is my dream…This battle is being broadcasted across the entire Underworld. That’s why this has meaning. I, a [Pawn] will win against the same [Pawn], Sekiryuutei Hyoudou Issei!! I will defeat the Sekiryuutei! I’ll win and say it boldly! That I will become a teacher!" (Volume 5, Life 4)[1]
  • "……I wanted to become like Hyoudou.……Hyoudou and I are "Pawns" that became one around the same time…… He's so perverted, indecent, and insanely lecherous……but he's a guy who always give his all and always go ahead for his comrade or someone……I wanted to become a man like Hyoudou who is strong and on whom people would depend. But, even if I get a step closer to him, Hyoudou goes five or ten steps ahead of me. No matter how much I train myself, he continues to surpass me by miles. The moment when I realise it and go "Ah, I won't ever be able to surpass him"……I……become so frustrated in myself."—I can't become Hyoudou. But there's something I can do. I found something that I want to do! I……! I will become a "teacher"! Those children! I'm going to teach the students who would attend that school! I will teach them that there's something only they are capable of doing!" (Volume 17 Life 4)[2]


  • Genshirou's birthday is June 17th.[3]
  • Genshirou was originally supposed to be a delinquent that caused trouble for his parents, only to change his ways after dying to save a child and being reincarnated by Sona.[4]
  • Malebolge Vritra Promotion means "Evil Ditches of the Enveloper Promotion" since Malebolge means "evil ditches" and Vritra means "the enveloper".
  • Saji is the only person to have ever retired Issei from the Rating Game.
  • In Rating Game fighting-types, Saji is considered a Technique-type.
  • Two members of Sona's Peerage, Momo Hanakai and Ruruko Nimura, are stated to be romantically interested in Saji. However, Ruruko has stated to have given up on him in True Volume 3.
  • There is a [G] symbol on Saji's back as proof that he has undergone modification surgery by the Grigori.
  • Upon his promotion to High-class Devil, Saji chose to accept the offer of being granted his own Evil Pieces.
  • In the "DxD" popularity election, he came in 8th in the male character category. In the best bout category, his second confrontation with Issei (Volume DX.4) was selected for 5th place.[5]


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