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Apologies for not introducing myself earlier. My name is Doumon Genbu.

–Genbu introducing herself to Rias Gremory, Light Novel DX.5, Restaurant


Genbu Doumon is the current head of the Doumon clan of the Five Principles Clans.


Genbu is a beautiful young girl in her late teens and appeared to dressed in yellow clothing.


Genbu is very polite and kind to others and is shown to not to discriminate supernatural beings. Due to her crush on Vali Lucifer, she gets flustered whenever someone mentions them being on a date.



Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth × White Dragon Emperor of the Morning Star: The True Dragon(s) of the Kuoh Academy

Genbu made her first appearance in Volume 24, where she assisted her fellow clan heads Suzaku Himejima and Seiryuu Kushihashi to aid Team Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth and Team Slash Dog on protecting the Fafnir Stadium from the Grim Reapers led by Thanatos.

Genbu reappeared in Restaurant of Volume DX.5, sitting on a table together with Vali and meets Rias Gremory for the first time and recounter Issei again, who proceeded to thank her for assistance at the Fafnir Stadium. When Issei asked Vali about being on a date with Genbu, she flusteredly loses her composer by explaining that she happened to coincidentally meet Vali at the restaurant.

Powers & Abilities

Water Manipulation: As a member of the Doumon Clan, who've been blessed by the Shinto Gods, she is able to create and manipulate water, which is further enhanced due to her being the host of the Black Tortoise.


Black Tortoise (玄武, Genbu): The Sacred Beast of the Doumon Clan, which has been handed down for several generations to the strongest mystic of the clan who is personally chosen by the Sacred Beast itself, along with its name. Genbu has shown being able to manifest her Sacred Beast in a miniaturized form at all time.


  • Genbu is the first female character to develop a crush on Vali.
  • Her name prior to being changed to Genbu is unknown.
  • Genbu is one of the supporting characters of Slash/Dog to appear on High School DxD.