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My name is Gondul. I am Rossweisse’s grandmother. Pleased to make your acquaintance.

–Gondul introducing herself to the Occult Research Club, Volume 17, Life.1 Praises During the Training!


Göndul is the grandmother of Rossweisse, a famous Magician and a Valkyrie.


Göndul is an elderly woman who wears a deep blue colored robe. She has a fearless look, appears to be the same height as Rossweisse, has a good posture, and looks to have a slim figure overall.


Göndul is shown to care deeply for her granddaughter, Rossweisse. However, she is constantly pressuring Rossweisse to find a boyfriend. This, however, is mainly out of the concern for Rossweisse to find someone to take care of her so Göndul won't have to worry about her anymore. She seems to be happy with Issei as her granddaughter's lover, even encouraging the two of them to consummate together, much to Rossweisse's embarrassment. She is also not above reprimanding Rosseweisse, as seen when she was upset at Rossweisse for reincarnation into a Devil without telling her, although she did understand the circumstances leading up to the event. Similar to Rossweisse, Göndul also has a tendency to speak using her country's accent when agitated.


Göndul is known as a great magician and Valkyrie in Norse mythology. She was the one to raise her granddaughter Rossweisse in the countryside. Göndul would be the one to teach her grandchild on life lessons, such as warning her not to associate with any bad boys and recklessly lose her chastity to them, though Rossweisse interpreted it as not having any relations before marriage.

Powers & Abilities

Master Magician: Göndul is tremendously skilled in using Norse Magic, to the extent that, she's well known as a famous magic master of the Norse mythology; knowing and wielding rune-style, fairy magic gandol-style and spiritual magic seiz-styles of Norse magic. She was able to battle many strong Stray Magicians during Qlippoth's assault on Auros Academy. Even Rossweisse, a highly talented user of Norse magic herself, believes that her magical abilities are inferior to her grandmother's.

  • Sealing Magic: Gondul was able to alter Euclid's teleportation spell even when greatly weakened as well as seal his Teleportation Magic thus forcing him to run away on foot.


  • (To Rossweisse): "Rose, you left the house of your own accord, you turned into a Devil of your own accord, and you started working as a teacher in this human world of your own accord. ……You sure are a bad granddaughter for worrying me this much." (Volume 17, Life 1)[1]
  • (To Rossweisse): "I’m worried about you. Even though you are good with studies and magic, you are clumsy, so it worries me if you can even take the role of a teacher in a Far East country like this without causing troubles…… That’s why I always told my granddaughter that I would feel safe if she has a boyfriend. Then she said she does have a boyfriend……" (Volume 17, Life 1)[1]
  • (To Devil children): "But I want all of you to remember this first. —No matter what magic it is, it will definitely help the Magician and those around them. There’s no such thing as useless magic in this world." (Volume 17, Life 2)[1]
  • (To Euclid Lucifuge): "My granddaughter……I will have her back!" (Volume 17, Life 4)[1]
  • (To Issei and Rias): "……Sekiryuutei-dono, Princess Rias. ……Please, please save my granddaughter Rossweisse. Please, I beg you." (Volume 17, Life 4)
  • (To Rossweisse): "Rose, the path you have walked and the wisdom you have learned wasn’t wrong even if it was different to our household. See for yourself. These children’s smiles are the results of the path you took. This is something you were able to do because of the current you. Have more pride in yourself. —Rose, you are my granddaughter and I'm proud of you" (Volume 17, New Life)[1]
  • (To Issei): "Mr. Boyfriend, please take care of Rossweisse. I can feel most assured if I leave her to you." (Volume 17, New Life)[1]


  • Göndul comes from Old Norse with two different forms: gandr, meaning 'magic, magic wand' [1] and gǫndul, meaning 'magical animal, werewolf'. This refers to her exceptional magic skills and Valkyrie's common association with wolves.
  • Göndul is the Name of a Valkyrie mentioned in the Darraðarljóð. Her name means "(magic) wand bearer".