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Fujimai is a Nekomata from the Nekoshou clan and the mother of Kuroka and Shirone.


According to Nurarihyon, Shirone is noted to resemble her mother, with it being implied that she had white hair like her daughter.[1]


According to Magari, Fujimai was a kind and gentle woman who disliked fighting, as she was a peaceful person. After meeting a human scientist, she fell in love with him and had his children after he vented on her in a fit of lust. Despite that, she remained committed to having their daughters acknowledged by him so they could be family as she assisted in helping his research in hopes of reuniting their family.


Fujimai was a Nekomata born to the Nekoshou clan. At some point in time, she was a member of the East Youkai faction where she became acquainted with Magari and Nurarihyon.[1] While exploring the world, she meet a human scientist and fell in love with him although he had only used her to satisfy his lust as Fujimai gave birth to two daughters as a result of their tyrsts: Kuroka and Shirone. However, her husband didn't acknowledge the daughters as he was too immersed in his research of trying to create Super Devils, with him viewing the daughters as noting more then pet kittens. Fujimai wanted for him to acknowledge their daughters as she continued to help him with his research and experiments. When a particularly risky experiment was about to take place, she entrusted her daughters to the research facility run by the Naberius Clan. Before going to the experiment, she gave her youngest daughter Shirone a hair clipping which contained all of the research notes on the experiment that they had gather. During the experiment, there was a accident which caused an explosion that killed both her and her husband, leaving their daughters orphaned.[2]


Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth × White Dragon Emperor of the Morning Star: The True Dragon(s) of the Kuoh Academy

In Volume 24, her daughters were targeted by the Grim Reapers under Thanatos' command, who were trying to get their hands on the Super Devil research Fujimai and her husband worked on and the notes of which she left in a hair clipping she gave to her daughter Shirone. After the attack, the Occult Research Club considering summoning her soul by using Valerie Tepes's Sephiroth Graal but that idea was given up on due to the Occult Research Club's concern about the negative consequences about overusing Valerie's Sacred Gear.

Powers and Abilities

Senjutsu and Youjutsu Expert: As a Nekoshou, Fujimai was stated to be a expert in both Senjutsu and Youjutsu, with it being noted that she excelled at Senjutsu. However, it was stated that she disliked fighting.


  • The hair clipping that she gave to her daughter Shirone contains the research data on how to artificially produce Super Devils.


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